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  • Title: Yanni Souvatzoglou - Greek Bronze Sculptures
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About Yanni.. Sculptures.. Paintings.. Exhibitions.. Commissioned By.. Gallery.. Contact.. Copyright Yanni Sougatzoglou - Greek Bronze Sculptures - Voulis 44, Athens, Greece, +30-2103229207.. Greek Internet Marketing..

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  • Title: About Yanni Souvatzoglou
    Descriptive info: Greek from abroad (Constantinople) and son of a cotton merchant, he inherited his talent from his mother, a portrait painter.. Yanni Souvatzoglou experimented from a very young age on fabric paintings, moved into graphic design where he was introduced to industrial photographic reproductions developing almost three dimentional images.. His skill graphic arts served as a platform for his sculptural structures.. At the same time Yanni attends art studies in Athens under the supervision of Prof.. P.. Tetsis.. Influenced mainly from the Minoan and Cycladic era, he manages often to evoke those images in his concepts.. Since 1980 he maintains an atelier for multiple techniques and art applications however he has not abandoned commercial however he has not abandoned commercial design many corporation have trusted his creative imagination with various manifestation.. His art is collected worldwide.. He has enjoyed major shows and been awarded prizes for several pieces of his work and many galleries across the world sell his art.. with various manifestation.. AWARDS.. In 1981, Yanni Souvatzoglou took pat in the national exhibition where he won a prize awarded by the Greek Ministry of Culture, for his piece "Eros".. In 1982, he took part in the national exhibition and once again he won a prize.. He is a member of:.. The Hellenic Chamber Of Arts.. The Hellenic Sculptures Union.. The Hellenic Potters Union.. Kelly's Notes.. Although my visit felt like a series of coincidences and unusual events, I couldn’t help but feel that the happenings on the evening of my visit with Yianni were not unusual at all.. I spent a few hours with Yianni discussing the evolution of his culture, art, business, family, and ethical ideas.. Throughout our conversation, he was attentive, grateful, generous, informative, excited, and passionate.. It was easy for me to envision a customer in his store becoming excited right along with him as he spoke about the inspirations and meanings behind his works.. There is always a meaning, and usually a very honest one; one that we can all relate to.. After about an hour, a group of previous customers had stopped by to say good-bye to Yianni and purchase a few more items they hadn’t been able to shake from their minds.. I was amazed to see such an interested group.. They were all vocal about their own passion for his work and made many unsolicited offers to tell friends and family back home about Yianni.. I captured a few photos of them in the store.. One of which is  ...   thought in making the sculpture.. If you ever get a chance to email through the description it would be very much appreciated.. Regards,.. Penny Stansfield, Australia.. Hello Yannis,.. We have returned to the states after a wonderful stay at our home in Faliro for the first half of summer.. We are already enjoying the "dancers" on display in our home.. Catherine Hatzigeorgiou, USA.. Hi Yannis,.. Thank you very much for your nice Friendship statue.. It is now standing at my desk at the office.. Understand from my parents that you are doing well.. Kind regards.. Debbie van der Klaauw, The Netherlands.. Dear Yanni,.. I had the pleasure of meeting your daughter and yourself when in Sept 2008.. I was traveling with my parents that were from New Zealand.. All of us bought a sculpture.. I am lucky enough to be returning to Athens from this Saturday 20th to Tues 23rd Jun 09.. I still keep thinking about a piece that your son designed.. I think it was called 'The Lovers'.. Two sculptors laying down, embracing each other.. I am hoping to make it back to your shop on either the Monday or Tuesday.. Lizzie Chapman, New Zealand.. Yanni – the canvas arrived only 5 days after we got home.. Thanks SO MUCH.. It will be such a great gift for my husband!.. Thanks Yanni – see you next year we hope.. Sue Sayegh, Virginia.. Dear Yannis and Teresa,.. It was a pleasure getting to know you last Wednesday during my short visit to Athens!.. I was truely impressed by your work and many of the sculptures seem to follow me and play on my mind.. I would be really interested in getting the description to the sculpture 'Elevated' that I bought.. I just unpacked it and placed it onto a nice spot in my Brussels appartment and I absolutely love it.. Margit Brandl.. Yannis your fantastic results on the trumpeter sculpture.. It certainly was worth the wait.. And THANKS so much from the bottom of our hearts.. Our son a professor of Classical and Jazz Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) USA and Worldwide Crossover Trumpeter Soloist performer (Google "Rex Richardson") will cherish this artistic master peace.. We also will enjoy the "Tree Of Life" sculpture you son assisted us to re- configure representing us with our 4 children.. You and your beautiful family have a wonderful summer and God willing we will see you this next September.. Best Regards,.. Antonia (Tsopanoglou) and Bill Richardson, USA..

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  • Title: Sculptures - Yanni Souvatzoglou
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  • Title: Paintings - Yanni Souvatzoglou
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  • Title: Exhibitions - Yanni Souvatzoglou
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  • Title: Commissions - Yanni Souvatzoglou
    Descriptive info: Our Sculptures Are Also Given As Awards.. Many of our sculptures have been given as awards to famous people as a recognition for their excellence in sports, politics, business and other areas of life..

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  • Title: Gallery - Yanni Souvatzoglou
    Descriptive info: Despite his well-earned popularity, Yianni remains as modest and approachable as his quaint little corner shop in Plaka.. Surely, you will find yourself near his shop or visiting one of the many galleries which display his works.. Remember his name.. If you would like to meet Yianni in person, you will find him in his own gallery on Voulis St.. after 7pm in the evening.. He welcomes your questions,  ...   his modesty, Yianni has kept his prices unexpectedly affordable and takes great pleasure in his satisfied customers.. It is a truly a privilege to take home one of his works.. Each one is signed and comes complete with his certificate of authenticity.. Yanni Souvatzoglou's gallery is located in Plaka, Athens (44 Voulis Str).. You can find us easily with.. this map.. You can also contact us using this.. contact form..

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  • Title: Contact - Yanni Souvatzoglou
    Descriptive info: Yanni Souvatzoglou.. 44 Voulis Str.. Athens (Plaka).. Greece.. +30-2103229207.. Enter your Name:.. E-mail address:.. Message Subject:.. Enter your Message:.. E-mail a copy of this message to your own address.. Send..

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  • Title: Sofitel
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  • Title: Hellenic Heritage Foundation
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  • Title: Olympia
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