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  • Title: Βάλβης Ειδικές Κατασκευές Αλουμινίου
    Descriptive info: .. Aρχικη.. Εταιρεια.. Προϊοντα.. Ειδικές Κατασκευές.. Κουφώματα.. Αίθρια.. Υαλοπετάσματα.. Ρολά.. Σίτες.. Πτυσσόμενα Κάγκελα.. Τεχνικα Θεματα.. Επικοινωνια.. Βάλβης - Ειδικές Κατασκευές Αλουμινίου - Τοξωτά Κουφώματα Βάλβης.. Λύσεις.. Η εξυπηρέτηση, η ικανοποίηση του πελάτη, το καλύτερο δυνατό αποτέλεσμα στις απαιτητικές εργασίες αποτελούν σταθερές αξίες για την εταιρεία ΒΑΛΒΗΣ.. διαβάστε περισσότερα.. After Sales Service.. Η ολοκληρωμένη εξυπηρέτηση μετά την πώληση αποτελεί.. σταθερή.. πολιτική και παροχή της εταιρείας.. Χρόνοι Παράδοσης.. Η εταιρεία δεσμεύεται απέναντι στους πελάτες με χρόνους παράδοσης τους οποίους και τηρεί.. Αρχική.. Όροι Χρήσης.. Δήλωση Απορρήτου.. Επικοινωνία.. Κατασκευή ιστοσελίδων.. webandart.. gr..

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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: Home.. Company.. Products.. Special Constructions.. Frames.. Atriums.. Curtain Walls.. Rolling.. Screens.. Folding Barriers.. Technical Issues.. Contact.. Valvis - Special Construction Aluminum - Arched Frames Valvis.. Special Structures.. Solutions.. Our constant values are the customer service and satisfaction along with the creation of the best possible product , especially in demanding projects.. read more.. After Sales Service.. The comprehensive after-sales service cannot be an incidental or occasional promotion.. It is vital part of the organization of each company.. Delivery Times.. Our company is committed toward its clients and complies with the agreed delivery schedule.. Terms of use.. Privacy Statement..

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  • Title: Company
    Descriptive info: The Valvis Company was founded in 1966 by Michael Valvis.. The objective of the company was the creation of metallic structures.. The main characteristic of our production is the emphasis which is put on details and the minimization of details.. The Valvis Company operates according to the international standard of ISO 9001.. The main characteristic of our company is the ability to create rare and unique structures.. The.. Valvis company creates.. unique solutions for arched constructions, pleated openings, special aluminum structures , curved window frame able both to open and recline.. Our constant effort to improve our products leads in the acquisition of expertise in this field leading in the.. creation of complex and demanding structures.. The main characteristic of our company is the ability to create rare and unique structures , offering solution to any demanding and difficult situation.. History.. Valvis Company was founded.. in 1966 by Michael Valvis.. The objective of the company was the creation of.. metallic structures.. , which , in time,  ...   has given us the.. qualification.. to create rare and unique structures.. Facilities.. The construction, administration and exhibition sectors of our company are all located in Megara in our privately owned facilities.. The Valvis Company has incorporated in its production line.. , any kind of special aluminum structure.. Quality Standards.. The Valvis Company has acquired the.. Q System Trademark.. which ensures and guarantees the high quality of the end product that the costumer receives.. Each product is created according to the customer’s specifications and meets all the.. quality requirements.. , that our company sets.. The incorporation of special structures in our production line has been effective since it allows us to comply with the agreed delivery dates of your order.. We have managed to offer our products in reasonable prices by investing in the reduction of the production cost thanks to our special equipment and our expertise in special structures.. The company.. VALVIS ANTONIOS CO.. applies a.. Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.. , certified by.. TÜV Rheinland Hellas..

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  • Title: Products
    Descriptive info: Having.. security.. , high.. quality materials.. and equipment along with.. excellent construction.. and.. installment.. of our products as our main principles we have been able to create high quality aluminum products.. While taking advantage of the benefits aluminum has to offer in any structure, such as insulation, durability and functionality, we also contribute in the.. preservation of the environment.. and the.. saving of energy.. Choose Category..

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  • Title: Special Constructions
    Descriptive info: Special structures.. Circular / Arched / Pleated Openings / Office Partitions.. The arched structures are the field in which the Valvis Company, which creates a wide range of window frames and circular shaped structures, specializes in.. A fixed or rotating circular window, arched windows with tilting, decorative arched shapes under or on top of the window, circular or eye-shaped dormer windows and many circular ideas for window structures are implemented with.. integrity.. and unique.. aesthetic..

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  • Title: Frames
    Descriptive info: Sustainable Windows.. thermal break.. constitutes the main advantage of aluminum frames since it.. protects the product from temperature variations.. , it prevents the wetting of the metal, it.. provides insulation.. and it prevents the flow of water and combined with double glazed windows it offers ultimate insulation.. In order to achieve high thermal and sound insulation, we use.. polyamide.. which increases the protection from both heat and cold while maintaining the.. ideal temperature indoors.. The Valvis company offers aluminum frames with german-specification thermal break, in a.. unique quality -price relation.. Opening frames.. The opening frames offer security and have a wide variety of designs which make them quite popular..  ...   many other specifications for.. quality construction.. consist the basis of our company.. In the case of renovations and replacement of your old frames, the openable windows that the Valvis Compamy offer provide a reliable solution which combines durability and a long lifespan.. Sliding aluminium windows.. Sliding aluminum windows offer unique.. comfort.. functionality.. The area in front of the window is free, thus rendering the sliding window.. perfect solution.. The application of sealants provides unique waterproofing, airtightness and insulation.. Entrance Doors.. Aluminium panel.. Safety locks.. Modern design.. Double glazing.. Exceptional heat and sound insulation coefficient.. Fused glazing with Inox for extra resistance and high aesthetics (sandblasting, decorative, stained glass and mirror)..

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  • Title: Atriums
    Descriptive info: The combination of security and the sense of freedom that the aesthetics of atriums provide make these structures.. very popular.. The atriums which the Valvis Company manufactures aim on the.. luminance.. of the place and its connection to the outdoors space while they successfully provide.. safety.. insulation.. Our company creates waterproof structures with.. particular.. strength.. while.. taking advantage.. of the natural light.. We provide atriums of.. unique.. quality.. which guarantee.. absolute.. waterproofness.. , high strength, unlimited plans and the combination with other types of doors..

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  • Title: Curtain Walls
    Descriptive info: Domal Mirror.. We undertake the construction of panels from aluminum alloy with flashings of polyamide.. reinforced with fiberglass.. for.. excellent thermal insulation.. waterproofing.. Curtain walls are mainly used in.. buildings.. but also in.. private homes.. , covering small or large surfaces..

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  • Title: Rolling
    Descriptive info: Rolling aluminum.. , polyurethane shutters with simple frames as well as insulating, manual or electrical factions.. The motors we use come with a.. 5-year warranty.. of excellent functioning..

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  • Title: Screens
    Descriptive info: Vertical Insect Screen.. Vertical insect screen is the.. ideal protection system.. for windows.. Although the operation of this system is manual, it becomes semi-automatic thanks to a spring device.. A brake mechanism is available for smoother insect screen retraction.. The insect screen is made of.. fiberglass.. and is available in grey.. Mesh lock is available for areas with extreme weather conditions, like strong winds.. Horizontal Insect Screen.. Horizontal insect screens are mostly used in balcony doors.. Their operation is manual and it becomes semi-automatic thanks to a spring device.. These systems have a joint in the lower guide which facilitates its lifting for unobstructed passing.. It can be closed either magnetically or with the use of a hook.. Hinged Insect Screen Door.. The opening hinged insect screen door is ideal for main entrance and kitchen doors.. There are three different net types available for opening insect screen doors: fiberglass, pet screen (in case you have a pet) and aluminum.. The doors can be closed either with a hinge or with a spring.. Plisse Single Leaf.. Plisse single leaf is the classic version of plisse with a lower guide.. The product reaches 3m in width and 2,4m in height and  ...   brackets.. It is available with pleated polypropylene net in black or grey colour and it bares the same features as the Plisse Single Leaf.. Luna Grande plisse.. Since there is a necessity for covering bigger dimensions in width Luna Grande is the solution as it can reach up to 6m in width.. Luna Grande Plisse is actually 2 Luna Maxi combined with a central closure with magnets and which have a latch or a magnet wall post for the left and.. right side closure.. The maximum height is 2,61m and it is available with pleated polypropylene net in black or grey colour.. Motorized Insect Screen.. The automated insect screen is a technologically advanced vertical insect screen suitable for door and windows of big dimensions.. Its main characteristic is the Zip system (zipper) applied on the edges of the net in order to keep it firmly within the lateral guides and allow unlimited visibility even under windy conditions.. It can be manufactured with either Fiberglass net or Super screen.. Moreover, if requested shading fabric or gelatin can be used.. The motors used can be either wired or wireless, which can be wirelessly controlled and automated for specific sun and wind conditions..

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  • Title: Folding Barriers
    Descriptive info: Fully framed retractable safety rails that have their own unique reticular design.. Made from galvanized steel and laminated, shaped by rolling a groove-shaped U and its edges are folded 180 degrees.. The uprights are mounted vertically in opposite pairs, which rigidly are coupled together by connecting elements individually designed.. The horizontal links of trellis are similar in construction and they are intersecting at least three pairs of pillars to maintain proportional spacing anytime.. Depending on the height, the number of rows of these links varies from one series in small constructions to 5 rows in large constructions.. All our security barriers are manufactured according to rigorous quality control standards of ISO 9002.. Advantages.. Galvanized steel.. Electrostatic painting (various colours RAL).. Folder 180 degrees for strap.. Minimum friction.. Smooth.. Protection against rusting.. Minimum maintance.. Unique safety lock.. Three-year warranty.. Manufactured in order to best fit the opening.. Posted on the upper guide.. Profile molded by rolling.. Dual uprights.. Rivets of stainless steel.. Stable structure of three uprights.. Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.. The design of a resident driver prevents the accumulation of dust and water with special sinks.. Why do we need them?.. As time passes by, the more you use them the more you will appreciate the advantages  ...   more obstacles are put in the way of a burglar, the less attractive is the prospect of burglary for him and the higher the risk he will put himself at.. In tall buildings, they can play a very important role for parents, preventing young children from falling off windows or balconies.. They allow the owner to lock his house and leave knowing that his valuable investment is well protected.. Technical Characteristics.. Synthetic Ruli located on the upper guide, hold the railing and ensure easy operation.. Peripheral frame with opening tightly bound to the surface s for greater durability.. Specially reinforced rivets are 4 times stronger than normal blind rivets, ensuring greater security.. Made of galvanized steel which has had chemical processing and has been electrostatically painted in different colors in order to ensure greater protection.. The lock has been developed and patented resulting in the following unique features:.. It secures in 2 locations with a simple turn of the key.. Application of clamps in specific projections over and down the cylinder, which ensures absolute lock.. BOTTOM GUIDE ALUMINUM.. Figure 1.. The lower driver is made of anodized aluminum, extruded in a unique T – shape which secures the whole system.. Natural anodized to 25 micron.. Width: 35mm, Height: 15mm..

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