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  • Title: Welcome to UnderwaterArchaeology.gr - Devoted to Underwater Archaeology in Greece and the Protection of our Underwater Cultural Heritage
    Descriptive info: .. WELCOME.. Welcome to UnderwaterArchaeology.. gr !.. The site was created in order to offer scholars, as well as the general public, an area where to share information about Underwater Archaeology in Greece and around the world.. Please browse through our pages and we hope you will contribute to our effort.. WHAT IS UNDERWATER ARCHAEOLOGY?.. The text below is provided by the Advisory Council of Underwater Archaeology:.. Covering nearly three-quarters of Earth's surface, water is the source of all life on our planet.. Water-borne transportation has allowed exploration of much of the globe and facilitated the rise and fall of great empires.. Beneath the surface of our oceans, lakes, rivers, and wetlands lies a physical record of humankind preserved in prehistoric and historic shorelines, shipwrecks, inundated cities, harbor works, and other traces of our past.. Archaeology is the scientific study of the human past through the investigation of artifacts (the physical remains of material culture), structures, the use of animals and plants, and human remains.. Its goal is greater knowledge about past human cultures and behavior.. Underwater archaeology carries these studies into a specialized environment, one containing numerous challenges and rewards for archaeological investigators.. Please read more.. Why we must not remove artifacts from the seabed!.. Underwater Archaeology in Greece.. The  ...   increased time constraints, the site is only maintained on occasion and therefore the information presented may not be fully current.. Apologies for any errors or ommissions.. THE INTERNET.. UNDERWATER ARCHAEOLOGY.. gr.. NEWS:.. Σεμιν ριο Υποβρ χιας Αρχαιολογ ας.. IENAE.. Header Image © INA Photo by: Don Frey.. government.. nodules.. myst.. rpm.. shalom.. beak.. fallbrook.. sia.. nevis.. vip.. yorkville.. huffman.. decorating.. shel.. fight.. african.. jeopardy.. cursors.. horrible.. elsie.. yachts.. lb.. contractions.. belles.. avion.. neurologist.. elle.. truman.. carpeting.. vocational.. auditor.. simplified.. dinning.. ginger.. reg.. marsh.. workouts.. grabber.. discoveries.. fairing.. ciara.. taylor.. adults.. sheets.. ulm.. bayer.. trip.. gravely.. hints.. tony.. invision.. equations.. antonio.. informatics.. farrier.. jimmie.. cramp.. shake.. dove.. whimsical.. psychiatric.. abatement.. aire.. pantera.. mummies.. aspire.. recepies.. isabelle.. lyle.. online.. poker.. morgantown.. scrapbook.. brothers.. couture.. chihuahua.. fun.. lucerne.. bots.. poisson.. chow.. webshots.. tricked.. cucina.. saber.. competence.. massager.. fibromyalgia.. zap.. wahl.. plateau.. cpt.. shelley.. started.. renters.. october.. maclaren.. moen.. yellowknife.. jenifer.. coloring.. jelly.. provision.. sienna.. expenses.. hoover.. econoline.. siege.. broadcast.. destruction.. learning.. flotation.. submersible.. lowell.. vega.. starts.. woodbridge.. brantford.. pollack.. dessert.. raider.. snails.. pharmacists.. downers.. horror.. shamrock.. wrecker.. hongkong.. wembley.. mb.. tennesse.. overhaul.. lol.. candidate.. yatch.. batterys.. dominic.. hips.. antibodies.. experts.. rbc.. hydra.. secondhand.. secondary.. kingsport.. renovation.. bcbs.. apprenticeship.. lower.. chris.. justin.. deserts.. apostle.. scam.. enrollment.. jenn.. bogota.. error.. bumper.. appendix.. marrage.. practicalities.. conduct.. anglers..

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  • Title: Underwater Archaeology around the World - Academic Programs, Research Institutions, Museums, Societies and Associations
    Descriptive info: UNDERWATER ARCHAEOLOGY AROUND THE WORLD.. ACADEMIC PROGRAMS.. Universities and colleges that offer graduate level degree courses in underwater or maritime archaeology and history.. Bournemouth University - Maritime Archaeology, England, UK.. Bristol University Centre for Historical Archaeology and Maritime Archaeology, England, UK.. East Carolina University - Program in Maritime Studies, North Carolina, USA.. Flinders University - Archaeology School of Cultural Studies, South Australia.. Florida State University - Maritime Archaeology, Florida, USA.. Norwegian University of Science and Technology - Institute of Archaeology, Norway.. Texas A M University - Nautical Archaeology Program, Texas, USA.. University of Edinburgh - The Scottish Trust for Underwater Archaeology, Scotland.. University of Exeter - Center for Maritime Studies, England, UK.. University of Haifa - Department of Maritime Civilizations, Israel.. University of Hawaii at Manoa - Marine Options Program, Hawaii, USA.. University of Portsmouth, England, UK.. University of St.. Andrews - Scottish Institute of Maritime Studies, Scotland, UK.. University of Southampton - Maritime Archaeology Program, England,UK.. University of Southern Denmark - Maritime Archaeology, Denmark.. University of Stockholm - International Graduate Programs, Sweden.. University of Ulster - Centre for Maritime Archaeology, Northern Ireland.. University of West Florida - Maritime Archaeology Program, Florida, USA.. Universities that offer some courses or have the ability to supervise graduate work in underwater archaeology but do not offer a full degree program.. Brown University - Department of Anthropology, Rhode Island, USA.. Indiana University - Underwater Science and Educational Resources, Indiana, USA.. University of Maine - Darling Marine Centre, Maine, USA.. University of South Caroline - Department of Anthropology, South Carolina, USA.. University of Wales, Bangor - Department of Continuing Education, Wales, UK.. Universities in Greece that offer courses or are involved with underwater archaeology.. Εν λια Προ στορικ Αρχαιολογ α.. Ναυσιπλο α, Επικοινων α και θαλ σσιο Εμπ ριο.. Τμ μα Ιστορ ας Αρχαιολογ ας.. University of Ioannina.. Στοιχε α Εν λιας Αρχαιολογ ας.. Τμ μα Ιστορ ας, Αρχαιολογ ας και Κοινωνικ ς Ανθρωπολογ ας.. ,.. University of Thessaly.. Υποβρ χια  ...   of Ancient and Mediaeval Alexandrian Studies.. Hellenic Institute of Maritime Archaeology.. Hellenic Maritime Museum.. International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property.. Institute of Maritime History, USA.. Institute of Nautical Archaeology, USA.. Mariner's Museum, USA.. Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (Underwater Archaeology), France.. Musée National de la Marine, France.. Museu Maritim de Barcelona, Spain.. Museum of Underwater Archaeology.. Mystic Seaport Museum, USA.. National Institute of Oceanography, India.. National Maritime Museum, UK.. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Organization, USA.. National Park Service, Submerged Cultural Resources Unit, USA.. Norwegian University of Science and Technology.. Portsmouth Historic Ships and Navy Dockyard, UK.. Ships of Discovery, USA.. Subdirección de Arqueología Subacuática, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia.. Mexico.. The Vasa Museum, Sweden.. Underwater Archaeology, Department of the Navy, USA.. Underwater Archaeology Research Unit, University of Nottingham.. United States Navy Historical Center.. Western Australian Maritime Museum.. SOCIETIES AND ASSOCIATIONS.. Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology.. Asociación de Profesionales en Arqueología Subacuática, Spain.. Association of European Maritime Museums.. Archaeological Institute of America.. Confederation Mondiale des Activities Subaquatics (CMAS).. Council of American Maritime Museums.. DEGUWA - German Society of the Promotion of Underwater Archaeology.. Hellenic Federation for Underwater Activities Sportfishing Finswimming.. International Congress of Maritime Museums.. International Committee on Monuments, Objects and Sites (ICOMOS).. Kyushi and Okinawa Society for Underwater Archaeology (KOWUSA), Japan.. Maritime Archaeology Association of Western Australia.. Maritime Archaeological Association of New Zealand.. Maritime Archaeological and Historical Society, USA.. Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS), England.. PADI Project AWARE - Respect our Wrecks.. Society for Historical Archaeology, USA.. Society for Nautical Research, UK.. Swedish Underwater Archaeology Society.. LINKS.. The Aegean Institute.. Greek Divers.. com.. Ελληνικ Ναυαγοσωστικ Ακαδημ α.. Hellenic Underwater Times.. Limenoscope - Ancient Hellenic Ports.. Maritime History on the Net.. Μουσε α σπογγαλιευτικ ς παρ δοσης.. Nautical Archaeology in Japan.. Nordic Underwater Archaeology Hub.. The Abyss.. gr.. Υποβρ χια Αρχαιολογ α στο Διαδ κτυο - Ιδρυμα Με ζονος Ελληνισμο για τον Πολιτισμ και την Τεχνολογ α..

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  • Title: Underwater Archaeology in Greece - Image Gallery
    Descriptive info: UNDERWATER ARCHAEOLOGY IMAGE GALLERY.. The Kyrenia II Reconstruction.. Thalassa Museum, Ayia Nappa, Cyprus.. The Papyrella Reconstruction.. The Youth of Antikythera (c.. 340 BC).. Archaeological Museum of Athens.. The Boy of Marathon (c.. 325-300 BC).. Zeus or Poseidon of Artemision (c.. 460 BC).. Archaeological Museum of Athens.. The 'Jockey' of Artemision (c.. 140 BC).. Octavian Augustus found off Euboea (end of 1st cen BC).. Bronze Arms.. The philosopher of Antikythera.. (c.. 250-200 BC).. Photographs by: Alexis Catsambis.. Header Image INA Photo by: Don Frey.. -..

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  • Title: Conservation of Underwater Antiquities
    Descriptive info: CONSERVATION OF UNDERWATER CULTURAL HERITAGE.. Underwater archaeology does not always involve excavation, but when material is removed for detailed study, laboratory facilities to preserve the artifacts are essential.. The miraculously well-preserved condition of objects recovered from underwater sites is more apparent than real.. During lengthy immersion, artifacts react chemically with the water and sediments surrounding them.. Sudden removal from the water environment and exposure to air can set off a chain of chemical and physical reactions in the objects which could lead to their total deterioration.. Conservators are specialists who work with archaeologists to preserve artifacts for study and display.. The conservation of objects takes much longer than their actual excavation, and the long-term care of a collection of excavated objects is expensive and time-consuming.. Unless proper facilities and resources are available, it is often best to leave objects in their underwater environment.. Conservators also work with archaeologists and site managers to monitor the condition of sites and artifacts left in place to preserve  ...   Preservation Research Laboratory at Texas A M University.. ONLINE CONSERVATION RESOURCES.. Methods of Conserving Archaeological Material from Underwater Sites.. Conservation Research Laboratory, Texas A M University.. Archaeological Preservation Research Laboratory Reports, Texas A M University.. Preserving my Heritage - Canadian Conservation Institute.. Smithsonian Center for Materials Research and Education.. Society for Historical Archaeology Conservation FAQs and Facts.. The Getty Conservation Institute.. The International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.. The American Institute for Conservation Core Documents.. CONSERVATION OF UNDERWATER ARCHAEOLOGICAL MATERIAL.. RESEARCH AND EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS.. Archaeological Preservation Research Laboratory, Texas A M University.. Canadian Conservation Institute.. Conservation Research Laboratory, Texas A M University.. International Council on Monuments and Sites.. International Council on Museums.. International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.. The American Institute for Conservation.. Τμ μα Συντ ρησης Αρχαιοτ των και 'Εργων Τ χνης - T.. E.. I.. Αθ νας.. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.. Warren Lasch Conservation Center, (.. H.. L.. Hunley).. Wilder 3-Dimensional Imaging Lab..

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  • Title: Underwater Archaeology in Greece - Reference Material - Tropis Database, SUBARCH LIST-SERV, Conservation of Waterlogged Artifacts, Preserving our Underwater Cultural Heritage, Bibliography
    Descriptive info: REFERENCE MATERIAL.. This section offers some basic references on Underwater Archaeology and Conservation to further explore, both for the scholar and the general public.. TROPIS ONLINE PROCEEDINGS.. ENTER TROPIS PROCEEDINGS.. Search through the Proceedings of TROPIS International Symposium on Ship Construction in Antiquity.. ' Conference Series, hosted by the Institute for the Preservation of Nautical Tradition.. SUBARCH LIST-SERV.. ENTER SUBARCH.. SUBARCH is an extensive international discussion group that covers all aspects of Underwater Archaeology, from professional opportunities, to field-schools, projects, resources, references, conservation, artifacts and specialized questions.. Archives are searchable allowing for the visitor to identify specific areas of interest.. MUSEE IMAGINAIRE DE LA MARINE ANTIQUE.. Lucien Basch.. ENTER ONLINE PUBLICATION.. ΟLD VESSELS OF THE HELLENIC NAVY.. CATALOGUE OF THE HELLENIC NAVY.. Catalogue of older vessels connected with the Hellenic Navy dating back to 1889.. RAISED AIRCRAFT VESSELS BY THE HELLENIC AIR FORCE.. EXHIBIT PAGE OF HELLENIC AIR FORCE ΜUSEUM.. A fairly new branch of underwater archaeology which has turned its attention to the salvaging and conservation of submerged aircraft.. The Museum of the Hellenic Air force has over a decade of experience raising and conserving some of the aircraft in its exhibit.. CONSERVATION OF WATERLOGGED ARTIFACTS.. METHODS OF CONSERVING ARCHAEOLOGICAL MATERIAL.. FROM UNDERWATER SITES.. This online Conservation Manual was first posted on the World Wide Web during the 1998 spring semester for use by the students enrolled in ANTH 605, Conservation of Cultural Resources, at Texas A M University in College Station, Texas.. These files constitute the laboratory manual that is used in conjunction with the course.. The emphasis of the course is on the conservation of material from underwater sites, especially marine sites, but the conservation of material from terrestrial sites  ...   Nautical Archaeology.. Thames Hudson, London.. Dean, Martin, et al.. 1997.. Archaeology Underwater: The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice.. Nautical Archaeology Society, Dorchester.. Delgado, James P.. , editor.. Encyclopedia of Underwater and Maritime Archaeology.. British Museum Press, London.. ENALIA.. , Journal of.. The Hellenic Institute of Maritime Archaeology.. The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology.. Journal of the.. Nautical Archaeology Society.. Green, Jeremy.. 1990.. Maritime Archaeology: A Technical Handbook.. Academic Press, San Diego, CA.. Macaulay, David.. 1993.. Ship.. Houghton Mifflin, Boston, MA.. Mariner's Mirror.. Journal of the Journal of the.. Society for Nautical Research.. Muckelroy, Keith.. 1980.. Archaeology Under Water: Atlas of the World's Submerged Sites.. McGraw-Hill, NY.. Steffy, Richard J.. Wooden Ship Building and the Interpretation of Shipwrecks.. Texas A M University Press, College Station, TX.. Texas A M Online Nautical Bilbiographies.. University of Southampton, History and Archaeology of the Ship Lecture Series.. NAVIS I.. NAVIS II.. ARTICLES.. -.. Ο,τι αδ λωτο ε ναι παρ νομο.. EDITORIALS.. 'Show some respect'.. BECOME AN INA MEMBER.. Become an Institute of Nautical Archaeology member and get discounted prices on nautical archaeology books such as:.. Yassi Ada.. Bass, George F.. The Athlit Ram.. Casson, Lionel Steffy, Richard J.. The Philosophy of Shipbuilding.. Hocker, Frederick M.. Ward, Cheryl A.. The Porticello Wreck.. Eiseman, Cynthia J.. Homeric Seafaring.. Mark, Samuel.. The Development of the Rudder.. Mott, Lawrence V.. Steffy, RIchard J.. Seagoing Ships and Seamanship in the Bronze Age Levant.. Wachsmann, Shelley.. Click Here.. Searching for a particular,.. hard-to-find article regarding.. underwater archaeology and.. do not have access to interlibrary.. loan services?.. Send all available reference.. information to.. alexiscatsambis@underwaterarchaeology.. and I may be able to help.. Centre d'Etudes Alexandrines.. Amphora Volume Calculator.. Development of.. Chian Amphorae.. Development of.. Lesbian Amphorae..

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  • Title: Underwater Archaeology in Greece - Contribute
    Descriptive info: CONTRIBUTE TO.. UNDERWATERARCHAEOLOGY.. HELP US IMPROVE.. Do you know of News / Projects / Articles that we could post on.. gr ?.. Please contact.. FORUM.. ENTER THE FORUM.. Please click on the link above to enter our forum.. Select the topic you are interested in, and after clicking on it, select 'Add Post' to contribute to the discussion.. Please note that the views or statements expressed in the forum represent only the party that posts them and not necessarily (www.. underwaterarchaeology.. gr).. The administrator retains the right to remove offensive or otherwise questionable content if such is deemed the case..

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  • Title: Underwater Archaeology in Greece - Personal Information Alexis Catsambis - Curriculum Vitae, Resume, Portfolio
    Descriptive info: PERSONAL INFORMATION.. ALEXIS CATSAMBIS.. Doctoral Student.. Nautical Archaeology Program.. Texas A M University.. Email Address:.. Due to the high volume of messages and increased time constraints, please pardon any delay in my reply.. RESUME.. CURRICULUM VITAE.. PORTFOLIO..

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  • Title: Underwater Archaeology in Greece - Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology
    Descriptive info: Are you interested in ships and seafaring, history, early settlement, and archaeology? Explore the world of underwater archaeology as a career, an avocation or purely for enjoyment!.. The majority of underwater archaeologists specialize in maritime archaeology: the study of the construction and operation of all types of prehistoric and historic watercraft.. For these specialists, shipwrecks are the focus of research.. Other types of sites in the underwater archaeologists domain include: ancient land sites inundated after the last ice age; sinkholes or bogs where people placed offerings or buried their dead; cities and harbors now submerged by sea level change or earthquake; and dwelling, agricultural, and industrial sites along rivers, bays, and lakes.. Underwater archaeologists extensively use historical records such as ships plans, logs, and manifests; explorers' accounts; old maps; and legal, business, and tax records.. They also study long-term geologic changes to locate submerged sites.. The practice of underwater archaeology is truly interdisciplinary, combining the methods of various allied fields of study including anthropology, chemistry, ethnography, geology, history, naval architecture, oceanography, and paleography to name only a few.. Although much underwater archaeology is conducted with standard scuba equipment, using simple measuring, mapping, and drawing techniques, archaeologists have borrowed special methods for working in the underwater environment from marine science as well as commercial and military diving.. Technologically sophisticated projects utilize both acoustic and magnetic remote-sensing technology for detecting underwater archaeological sites and a variety of acoustic, optical, infrared, robotic, and diving technologies for site excavation and recording.. Underwater projects range from the exploration of 19th-century shipwrecks below the ice of Canada's Arctic Ocean to surveys of artificial islands in Polynesian Ponape, and from inundated springs in Florida containing some of the oldest physical remains of humans in the New World to Bronze Age lake dwellings in the Swiss Alps.. Because most of the earth's surface is covered in water, and the underwater world until recently has been largely inaccessible, the underwater archaeological repository is vast.. ARCHAEOLOGICAL CONSERVATION.. Sudden removal from their watery environment and exposure to air can set off a chain of chemical and physical reactions in the objects which could lead to their destruction.. PRESERVING A THREATENED RESOURCE.. Underwater archaeologists are typically employed by government agencies, museums, universities, and private consulting firms.. As an exciting career for talented, motivated individuals with a great love for studying and preserving the past, outdoor activity, and  ...   far more destructive.. Whether it be relics from the war of Independence or artifacts from a shipwreck, the clandestine mining of sites results in an irreplaceable loss to the collective heritage of present and future generations.. Simply put, archaeological investigations are the best, most efficient use of a nonrenewable resource a nation's cultural heritage.. A site can be destroyed and its contents dispersed in a moment from salvage, or it may be preserved and studied by scientists and enjoyed by the public in perpetuity.. All people, not just a select few, benefit from preservation.. The study and enjoyment of archaeological resources for science, tourism, recreation, and education not only preserves sites but benefits the economy over a long period of time.. WHAT CAN I DO?.. Individuals from all walks of life can help preserve our archaeological heritage through several vitally important actions.. -Support organizations that study and protect heritage resources including museums, universities, parks, and government agencies.. - Support legislation and funding for the preservation and management of archaeological sites and the enforcement of antiquities laws.. - Do not engage in the sale or purchase of artifacts.. - Make sure that an organization to which you are donating is conducting real archaeological work, not for-profit treasure salvage.. - Do not disturb or remove artifacts from sites.. Even the taking of small inconsequential souvenirs such as potsherds, ballast stones, and nails will eventually leave a site barren of both scientific information and recreational interest.. A seed, a stamp on an amphora sherd, even a shell, or a find that has trapped some pollen, can provide an archaeologist with a means of dating a site or locating home port of a vessel.. An un-identifiable artifact with proper conservation may prove to be a historical treasure or, without it, may disintegrate in a matter of moments.. ABOUT THE ADVISORY COUNCIL OF UNDERWATER ARCHAEOLOGY.. The Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology (ACUA) is affiliated with the Society for Historical Archaeology.. It works to educate and advise scholars, governments, sport divers, and the general public on issues relating to underwater archaeology, conservation, and submerged cultural resource management.. The ACUA assists the SHA Conference Committee in organizing the annual SHA Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology and aids the editor in producing thematic issues devoted to underwater archaeology of the SHA journal, Historical Archaeology.. Visit www.. ACUAonline.. org and www.. SHA.. org..

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  • Title: Underwater Archaeology in Greece - Why we should not remove artifacts from the seabed
    Descriptive info: WHY WE SHOULD NOT REMOVE ARTIFACTS FROM THE SEABED.. Removing artifacts from archaeological sites results in the loss of valuable evidence that could lead to new knowledge of the past and destroys cultural and touristic resources that belong to all.. Such vandalism ruins the sites for everyone – recreational divers, dive clubs, and the general public.. Where will you go when the wreck sites are destroyed, where will you take your divers? What knowledge and understanding of our history, and our heritage will be lost to us and future generations?.. By bringing an artifact up to the surface, you are compromising its integrity.. Many artifacts that have been underwater for a prolonged period of time have lost a significant portion of their internal supporting matrix.. When they dry out, they shrink and distort.. Their compromised internal structure is not be able to support its own weight and, whether within minutes or after a few years, the artifact disintegrates.. Furthermore, all artifacts retrieved from the sea have absorbed salts and chlorides.. Without proper conservation, these with crystallize and expand once the object has dried out, breaking the artifact apart from within.. Hence, not only is the site destroyed, but ultimately so also is the artifact.. Everything.. on a wreck site reaches a balance with its environment.. Once this balance is disturbed – when something is moved or taken – other artifacts are brought out of balance and their degradation is expedited as well.. Archaeologists only have one attempt at excavating a wreck properly.. – once something is moved or taken, its context is destroyed, both for the artifact that is removed and for the artifacts that are left behind.. A piece of the puzzle is removed and, as a result, a theory may not be provable, or plausible or even ever come to mind.. Not all artifacts are diagnostic, however, many are one-of-a-kind.. – an untrained person cannot tell which the important ones may be, even if they could, concretions may cover diagnostic features.. Even archaeologists often take years before fully undertanding the importance of paticular arttifacts.. The.. shipwreck at Tektas Burnu.. carried 213 amphorae.. “Why not take one? Do archaeologists need them all?”.. Consider this – of the 213 amphorae, only one carried a stamp with an “Epsilon” on it.. This lead to the identification of the vessel as Erythraen and established a new series of amphorae assigned to Erythrae..  ...   wreck from a spore of pollen on the interior of an amphora; can provenience a wreck from sea-shells recovered from the site; can identify the contents of amphoras that have been underwater for thousands of years; can trace the metal of an object to the very mine it came from? Science has advanced to amazing levels and will continue to do so in the future.. This means that in the future we may develop new ways of gathering information that we cannot even imagine today: artifacts have to be able to be examined and re-examined, analyzed and re-analyzed.. Even if objects are reported to the authorities, nothing happens and the artifacts are not retrieved.. ”.. It is not always in the best interest of an artifact to be recovered.. This has been determined by the international community through the.. Once an artifact reaches a balance with its environment, its speed of degradation is significantly decreased and hence, left untouched, it will continue to be preserved underwater.. Archaeologists only remove artifacts from the sea-floor if the necessary researchers, funds, equipment, supplies, and expertise are available in order to properly conserve, research, display and store the artifacts.. At the same time, however, a site may be studied, mapped, and interpreted in order to contribute to our knowledge, without necessarily moving or removing any of the artifacts.. The Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities of Greece maintains a database of approximately 1,000 reported sites, of which 300 have already been recorded.. Most artifacts are rarely valuable on the illegal antiquities market, but their historical value may be inestimable.. A basic premise of archaeology is to share that historical knowledge that is recovered for artifacts and inspire the general public about their past.. An individual has no right to remove anything from a site, as it does not belong to him or her.. Our underwater cultural heritage belongs to everyone.. – it should be protected for all people, for Greece, for the sake of our heritage.. It forms part fo where you came from, who you are, your identity and your pride.. Disturbing an underwater archaeological site, and/or removing artifacts is highly illegal and punishable with steep fines and up to 10 years in prison.. (see Section Nine of.. Law on the Protection of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage.. ).. RELATED LINKS.. What is Underwater Archaeology?.. Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeoogy.. Dr.. Visit our page devoted to..

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  • Title: Underwater Archaeology in Greece - News & Projects - Η Ενάλια Αρχαιολογία στην Ελλάδα - Νέα & Έρευνες
    Descriptive info: Ο ΚΛΑΔΟΣ ΣΗΜΕΡΑ - THE FIELD TODAY.. ΕΡΕΥΝΕΣ - PROJECTS.. ΕΡΕΥΝΕΣ ΣΕ ΕΞΕΛΙΞΗ - ONGOING PROJECTS.. Ancient Alexandria Harbour.. - Argolikos.. /.. Έρευνα Αργολικού.. Έρευνα Σαλαμίνας.. Aρχαίο Λιμάνι της Κύθνου.. - Pagasitikos.. Έρευνα Παγασητικού.. Zea Harbour.. ΠΡΟΗΓΟΥΜΕΝΣ ΕΡΕΥΝΕΣ - PAST PROJECTS.. Άβδηρα (λιμενικές εγκαταστάσεις).. Aegean and Black Sea 2006.. - Alonnesos.. /.. Αλόννησος.. Ανέλκυση JUNKERS-52/3m (Π.. Α.. ).. - Dokos.. Δοκός.. - History Brief of Trireme 'Olympias' / Ιστορικό Τριήρους «ΟΛΥΜΠΙΑΣ.. ».. - Greek- Norwegian Deep Water Archaeological Survey.. - Iria.. Ίρια.. - Kythera.. Κύθηρα.. 'La Therese'.. - Μεθώνη (καταποντισμένος οικισμός).. Ναυάγιο στις Βόρειες Σποράδες.. Persian War Shipwreck Survey.. Project PHAEDRA 2006.. Σάμος (κλειστός πολεμικός λιμένας).. SeaBED AUV survey of Classical Greek wreck.. Τορώνη.. Ναυάγιο στην Ζάκυνθο.. - Οι Πρώτες Έρευνες του ΙΕΝΑΕ.. - Πρακτικά της Αρχαιολογικής Εταιρίας Αθηνών 1884 - Η πρώτη υποβρύχια αρχαιολογική έρευνα στην Ελλάδα.. H ΕΝΑΛΙΑ ΑΡΧΑΙΟΛΟΓΙΑ ΣΤΑ ΝΕΑ -.. UNDERWATER ARCHAEOLOGY NEWS.. - (06/05/2007).. «Βυθίζεται» στα προβλήματα.. - (26/04/2007).. Βουτιές σε χρυσάφι.. (18/04/2007).. Καταρρέει το κάστρο.. (15/04/2007).. Απόπειρα για αγοραπωλησία της νήσου Δοκού.. - (14/04/2007).. Τα λάφυρα του Σύλλα και ο έφηβος του Μαραθώνα.. - (04/04/2007).. Θηραϊκή γη έφτασε ώς την έρημο του Σινά;.. - (09/02/2007).. Προβληματίζει η νέα πλωτή εξέδρα στη Σαλαμίνα.. (09/02/2007).. Διπλασιάζονται αντί ν' απομακρυνθούν.. (17/01/2007).. Μια καλή χρονιά για την ενάλια έρευνα.. (08/12/2006).. Και παράθυρο περιήγησης στα αρχαία λιμάνια.. (30/11/2006).. In search of lost time.. - (29/11/2006).. Ancient Moon 'computer' revisited.. (22/11/2006).. Ο Ηρόδοτος είχε δίκιο.. (16/10/2006).. Πέντε άγνωστα ναυάγια.. - (13/10/2006).. Στη Βουλή ο «Σαλαμινομάχος».. (16/09/2006).. Στα ίχνη αρχαίου λιμανιού.. (17/08/2006).. Tα «τσουνάμια» καταστρέφουν τον αρχαίο δίολκο.. (16/08/2006).. «Πάγωσαν» τα αρχαία ναυάγια.. Iστορία 42 αιώνων από τους ελληνικούς βυθούς σε έκθεση.. (03/08/2006).. Θέλουν την «Κόρη της Καλύμνου».. - (26/07/2006).. Ψάχνουν για μινωικό ξύλ.. ο!.. - (16/07/2006).. Ο αστρονομικός μηχανισμός των Αντικυθήρων.. - (09/07/2006).. Υποβρύχια «ΔΙΑΣΤΗΜΟΠΛΟΙΑ».. - (02/07/2006).. Η Κύπρος επενδύει σε πολιτισμό και τουρισμό.. - (30/06/2006).. Εγκαινιάζεται την 1η Ιουλίου το Μουσείο Ναυτικής Παράδοσης και Σπογγαλιείας.. - (27/06/2006).. Κουταλιανή Ναυτοσύνη.. - (18/06/2006).. Το Αιγαίο του κ.. Μπάλαρντ.. - (17/06/2006).. Mακροβούτια στα άγνωστα ναυάγια.. (07/06/2006).. Το άφησαν ξέφραγο το αμπέλι.. (06/06/2006).. Από το «Χόρα» στον Μπάλαρντ.. - (12/05/2006).. Έλληνες ερευνητές βρήκαν το Mαυσωλείο της Kλεοπάτρας.. «Βρήκαμε το μαυσωλείο της Κλεοπάτρας».. - (09/05/2006).. Ευρήματα στην Κάλυμνο.. - (08/05/2006).. Fisherman Nets Ancient Statue in Greece.. - (30/04/2006).. Τα «μακροβούτια» του YEN.. - (27/04/2006) Στο φως το μαυσωλείο της Κλεοπάτρας (Ελεύθερος Τύπος).. - (23/04/2006).. Jason's 'Argo' to be recreated in Greece.. - (14/04/2006).. Δυσμενείς μεταθέσεις αρχαιολόγων.. - (12/03/2006).. Ενάλιες Αρχαιότητες- Λεηλατούνται τα βάθη της Ιστορίας.. Υποβρύχια μάχη για τις ενάλιες αρχαιότητες.. - (02/03/2006).. Δεν δηλώνω ξερόλας».. Ο κ.. Γιώργος Βουλγαράκης είχε χθες μια χαλαρή πρώτη συνάντηση με τον Τύπο.. (28/02/2006).. Παραλίγο «σκραπ» κανόνια 5 αιώνων.. (20/02/2006).. Ορίζοντες - email.. - «Άλλος με τη βάρκα μας;».. (06/02/2006).. Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Maps Ancient Greek Shipwreck.. - (06/02/2006).. AUV Maps Ancient Greek Shipwreck.. Deep-sea robot photographs ancient Greek shipwreck.. 7.. 000 εικόνες σε χρόνο ρεκόρ.. - (26/01/2006).. Βρήκαν το πρώτο λιμάνι της Πόλης.. - (08/01/2006).. Ο Ιντιάνα Τζόουνς στο Αιγαίο.. (03/01/2006).. Tο Aιγαίο «βγάζει» ακόμη θησαυρούς.. (20/12/2005).. Δημιουργία του πρώτου καταδυτικού πάρκου στην θαλάσσια περιοχή της νήσου Μακρονήσου.. - (06/12/2005).. Greece's Seas: the looters' next destination.. New law opens Greece to scuba looters.. - (21/11/2005).. Ορίζοντες - email «Ένα υποβρύχιο θα το πάρετε, δεν μπορεί.. »..  ...   - (24/08/2004).. Αρχαία ναυάγια: εντοπίζονται αλλά παραμένουν ανεξερεύνητα.. Kαλό κρασί χιλιάδων ετών στον βυθό της Σάμου!.. - (23/08/2004).. Καταδύσεις με το νόμο.. - (23/07/2004).. Tο λιμάνι της Zέας αλλάζει τα δεδομένα για την αρχαία τριήρη.. - (22/06/2004).. Τα απομεινάρια μιας ναυμαχίας.. - (13/06/2004).. Ανοίγει πάλι το Μουσείο Γαλαξιδίου.. - (06/06/2004).. Στο βυθό του πολιτισμού.. - (27/05/2004).. Το δίκιο του αυτοδύτη.. - (21/04/2004).. Ψάχνουν τους Πέρσες στον βυθό.. - (04/04/2004).. Λεηλατούνται τα βάθη των αιώνων.. - (17/03/2004).. Σκαρί - αίνιγμα ξέβρασε η θάλασσα.. - (08/02/2004).. Τα ναυάγια σπάνε τη σιωπή τους.. (29/01/2004).. Aλλάζει.. μήκος η τριήρης!.. Μια πλωτή μαρίνα στο λιμάνι Ζέας.. - (13/01/2004).. Γιάννης Σακελλαράκης «Θησαυροί είναι οι ιδέες, όχι τα υλικά».. - (22/12/2003).. Aίγλη από τον βυθό.. - (13/11/2003).. Eπί τα ίχνη του στόλου του Mαρδονίου, στον Aθω.. - (18/08/2003).. Kαι οι αρχαιολόγοι έχουν τα γκάτζετ τους.. - (06/06/2003).. Η Νίσυρος αποκτά μουσείο.. - (16/05/2003).. Κλειστός θησαυρός σε αρχαίο ναυάγιο.. - (20/04/2003).. Mια σύγχρονη ακαδημαϊκή πρόταση.. - (16/04/2003).. Μεθαύριο η Διεθνής Ημέρα Μνημείων.. - (12/02/2003).. Καναδοί εναντίων Περσών.. - (22/12/2002).. Ο Κάραβος βουλιάζει στην.. ανάπτυξη.. - (11/12/2002).. «Εφυγε» ξαφνικά ο Ν.. Τσούχλος.. Nίκος Tσούχλος, μία μορφή της ενάλιας αρχαιολογίας.. - (10/12/2002).. Αναζητώντας τον περσικό στόλο!.. - (11/10/2002).. Βουτιά στη γραφειοκρατία.. - (06/10/2002).. Τσιμέντο σε αρχαίο ναυάγιο.. - (30/10/2002).. «Εξαναγκάζονται σε δυσμενείς μετακινήσεις».. - (17/10/2002).. Και οι δύτες;.. - (28/09/2002).. «Ελεύθερες θάλασσες» ζητούν οι αυτοδύτες.. - (01/08/2002).. Οι καταδύσεις στο Καστελλόριζο.. Τι γίνεται με τις άδειες για καταδύσεις;.. - (28/07/2002).. Σε ποιες περιοχές επιτρέπεται η κατάδυση.. - (19/07/2002).. Διπλάσιες οι εφορείες.. - (26/06/2002).. Δεν αλλάζει το καθεστώς για τις καταδύσεις.. - (14/06/2002).. Σε μπλόκο οι αυτοδύτες.. - (13/06/2002).. Βουτιά στις αρχαιότητες.. - (12/06/2002).. Ζητούν πιο ελεύθερη κατάδυση.. - (18/05/2002).. Γιατί άραγε;.. - (26/04/2002).. Αντί για σφουγγάρια.. θησαυρός.. - (12/04/2002).. Aρχαία βιοτεχνική μονάδα στη Σαλαμίνα.. - (08/04/2002).. Η βυθισμένη πολιτεία.. - (12/05/2001).. Ηλεκτρονικά μάτια ψάχνουν για ναυάγια.. - (30/03/2001).. Καταδίκη για το ιχθυοτροφείο.. - (14/12/2000).. Βυθισμένες πολιτείες.. (12/09/2000).. Στην ουρά επί χρόνια για εύρετρα εκατομμυρίων.. (09/08/2000).. «Θησαυρό» έπιασε στα δίχτυα του ο ψαράς.. - (08/08/2000).. Η «Οδύσσεια» ενός βυθισμένου θησαυρού.. - (29/07/2000).. 6.. 000 χρόνια ιστορίας στον Δοκό.. - (06/05/2000).. Ελάχιστα μέρη για κατάδυση σε μια χώρα με 13.. 000 χιλιόμετρα ακτές.. (04/04/2000).. Οστά από ελέφαντα σε υποθαλάσσιο σπήλαιο της Κρήτης.. (17/02/2000).. Υποθαλάσσια αρχαιολογική έρευνα στην Κάλυμνο.. (08/02/2000).. Στα ίχνη του μεγαλύτερου δωρικού ναού του Αιγαίου.. (05/02/2000).. Μεγάλος αρχαίος ναός αναδύεται στο λιμάνι της Πάρου!.. (04/11/1999).. Βρέθηκε το Φετίχ της.. ιστορίας.. (25/08/1999).. Επί νήα θοήν.. - (24/08/1999).. Συνέδριο στην Πύλο: Η ενάλια αρχαιολογία στην.. επιφάνεια.. (20/08/1999).. Ιστορία γραμμένη στον βυθό.. (13/07/1999).. Ίχνη ναυαγίων στην Αλεξάνδρεια εντοπίστηκαν από ελληνοαιγυπτιακή αποστολή.. (13/05/1999).. Αλλάζει μορφή ο όρμος του Ναυαρίνου.. (15/04/1999).. Μετακόμισε η Χάλκινη Κόρη της Καλύμνου.. (22/09/1998).. Μίνι.. «Τιτανικός» του 1200 π.. Χ.. (02/09/1998).. Στα χνάρια του Κουστό.. - (05/03/1998).. Ξεθάβουν την αρχαία Αλεξάνδρεια.. - (22/02/1998).. Οι θαλασσινοί δρόμοι της προϊστορίας.. - (11/01/1998).. Το λίφτινγκ της αναδυομένης.. - (27/09/1997).. Προϊστορικός οικισμός στον βυθό.. - (21/07/1997).. Βουτιές στην Ιστορία.. - (27/10/1996).. Ο φάρος της Αλεξάνδρειας και τι φέρνει στην επιφάνεια η αρχαιολογική έρευνα.. - (15/09/1996).. Τα ηρωικά χρόνια της αρχαιολογίας.. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PAGE IS NOT MAINTAINED ON A REGULAR BASIS AND THUS MAY NOT BE CURRENT.. Spread the word and help preserve our Underwater Cultural Heritage.. !.. Φωτογραφία Κεφαλίδας © INΑ (Don Frey)..

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  • Title: Underwater Archaeology in Greece - Institutions, History, Legislature
    Descriptive info: THE UNDERWATER ARCHAEOLOGY FRAMEWORK IN GREECE.. INSTITUTIONS.. SUPERVISORY DEPARTMENT.. Dept.. of Underwater Antiquities.. Ministry of Culture.. INSTITUTES.. Hellenic Institute of Marine Archaeology.. Hellenic Centre for Marine Research.. Hellenic Institute for the Preservation of Nautical Tradition.. Hellenic Institute of Ancient and Medieaval Alexandrian Studies.. Institute of History,.. Ministry of Merchant Marine.. Aegean Maritime Museum.. Nautical Museum of Andros.. Nautical Museum of Crete.. Nautical Museum of Oia, Santorini.. Maritime Museum of Galaxidi.. Nautical Museum of Symi.. ACADEMIA.. Φιλοσοφικ Σχολ , Πανεπιστ μιο Ιωανν νων - University of Ioannina.. Πανεπιστ μιο Θεσσαλ ας - University of Thessaly.. Πανεπιστ μιο Θεσσαλ ας.. Εν λια Αρχαιολογ α (Μ θημα Επιλογ ς) Εργαστ ριο Εν λιας Αρχαιολογ ας (Υποδομ ) Τμ μα Ιστορ ας, Αρχαιολογ ας, και.. Δ.. ιαχε ρισης Πολιτισμικ ν Αγαθ ν.. Πανεπιστ μιο Πελοπονν σου - University of the Peloponnese.. Δελλαπ ρτα, K.. Π.. ' Το ργον της Εφορε ας Εναλ ων Αρχαιοτ των (Χρονικ 1976 1999)',.. ΤΡΟΠΙΣ VII.. , σ.. 903.. ' Το ργον της Εφορε ας Εναλ ων Αρχαιοτ  ...   Underwater Archaeology in Greece.. B.. A.. Dissertation.. The Pursuit of Underwater Archaeology in Greece: Past, Present and Future.. University of Birmingham, Institute for Archaeology and Antiquity, 2003.. For information regarding underwater surveys and excavations in Greece, please follow this link.. Relevant Laws.. Law on the Protection of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage.. June 28, 2002.. Law on Recreational Diving.. October 18, 2005.. Recreational Diving Bill Press Release.. Official Translation in English.. Amendment (1).. Amendment (2).. Amendment (3).. Law on the Seashore and Coastline.. December 19, 2001.. Law on the Foundation of the Departments of Antiquities.. August 10, 1976.. Articles on the Legislature.. Ενημερωτικ Δελτ ο Υπουργε ου Εμπορικ ς Ναυτιλ ας περ Καταδ σεων Αναψυχ ς.. Δελλαπ ρτα, Κατερ να.. Υποβρ χια Αρχαιολογικ Κληρονομι στην Ελλ δα: Νομικ Προστασ α και Διαχε ρηση.. (Νο μβριος 2005).. Underwater Archaeology in Greece: The Legal Framework.. ' in.. ENALIA VIII,.. Journal of the Hellenic Institute of Marine Archaeology.. Athens, (2004).. Pg 108-114.. Recreational Diving - Site of the Ministry of Merchant Marine..

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