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  • Title: Padi diving Greece resort in Lefkas
    Descriptive info: .. Our Club.. Courses.. Certified divers.. Beginners.. Prices.. Our team.. Dive sites.. Photos.. Video footage.. Our dive equipment.. Our Boats.. Job Opportunities.. Equipment bazaar.. News Board.. Liability Medical Form.. Home.. HOW TO GET THERE.. Contact.. Welcome to Nautilus 5* padi diving resort.. Our 5* resort can be found on the Greek Island of Lefkas.. Nautilus Diving Club has been operating since 2002.. Each year we try to expand and create a better service for our clients.. Nautilus diving club is all about;.. Training, Safety and having Fun.. Behind our operation we have a  ...   have a great time during both diving and training.. We offer dive courses from Discover Scuba up to the Pro level of Instructor (OWSI).. Diving in.. Greece.. is a great experience for everyone.. We are open from 15/04 - 10/10.. Check our.. 2013 dive packages.. inc.. accommodation.. NEW!.. !! TEC REC COURSES AVAILABLE NOW.. ???ß??? µe?a??te??? ???t?.. Header photo by Kostas Milonakis.. © Copyright Nautilus Diving club 2005.. All rights reserved.. Lefkada - Λευκ ς - Λευκ δα - Lefkas - Lefkada - Λευκ ς - Λευκ δα.. Sea kayak Holidays in Greece..

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  • Title: Padi diving Courses
    Descriptive info: Video footages.. Our dive equipments.. Equipment bazzar.. Liability Medical Forms.. COURSES.. Our Company is a registered Padi Resort; No S-32488 and follows all Padi standards within our courses.. The courses we offer are:.. Bubble Maker.. (for Kids).. Discover Scuba Diving.. (An experience program).. Scuba Diver.. (The first level  ...   diving course).. Advance Diver.. EFR.. (Medic First Aid non diving course).. Rescue Diver.. (Self rescue and rescue techniques).. Dive Master course.. (Professional level).. Specialities.. NEW.. !!!.. Tec-Rec.. (Techincal Courses).. Greece Diving- Lefkada - Λευκ ς - Λευκ δα - Lefkas - Lefkada - Λευκ ς - Λευκ δα..

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  • Title: Certified divers
    Descriptive info: Course.. s.. Our 2010 team.. CERTIFIED DIVERS.. We are offering guided dive trips for certified divers every day.. Our usual schedule includes a morning dive and an afternoon dive.. For the morning dive we meet at 10.. 00 am at the dive center.. We do the paper work sort out the equipment and listen to the dive briefing before setting off.. The dive site is arranged the day before, depending on the weather  ...   14.. 00 if its a double dive.. The afternoon dive starts at 15.. 00 and return at 17.. 30.. We recommend the morning dives as the sea is calmer due to there being no wind.. If you would like to dive with us its compulsory to arrange your dive at least a day prior.. For prices and dive packages click.. here.. Our working day is from 10.. 00 am - 18.. 30 daily..

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  • Title: Beginners dive, Discover scuba diving, Open water course
    Descriptive info: BEGINNERS.. If you have never dived before there are 3 different programs that could be suitable for you.. -.. DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING.. This is a 3 hour program and is an introductory course for scuba diving.. This program is combined with a small theory section, a confined water practice with some skills and an open water dive on the Americano reef.. If you enjoy this program you can carry on with the first Padi course as described below.. The Discover scuba diving program can credited in sessions or in money  ...   of the full open water course.. It is combined with 3 confined water sessions and 2 open water dives.. This course will allow you to dive up to 12 m but only with a professional present.. OPEN WATER COURSE.. The Open Water course is the most important course within diving, you will learn all the basic safety issues that will make you feel comfortable and safe underwater.. In order to complete the course you must first complete 5 confined water sessions, 4 open water dives, quizzes and final exams.. More..

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  • Title: Price list
    Descriptive info: PRICE LIST.. Discover Scuba dive.. Price per Dive.. Theory + Pool.. 35.. 00.. Dives Includes tank and weights.. Theory + Dive.. 50.. 1 -2.. 40.. 3 -5.. Prices below includes all equipment, boat trips, certification fees ,exams and.. PADI Publications.. 6-9.. 30.. Scuba diver.. 260.. 10-19.. 25.. Open water diver.. 390.. 20+.. 23.. Advance diver.. 290.. 2 dives per trip.. 70.. EFR(Non Diving).. 130.. Dives with full equipment.. Rescue diver.. 370..  ...   250.. 2 dives per trip.. 75.. Peak Performance Buoyancy.. Extra person in the boat.. 10.. Underwater Photography.. Nitrox Air.. + 7.. Dry suit.. Technical Courses.. Night Diver.. Discover Tec.. Request.. TecRec 40.. TecRec 45.. TecRec 50.. TecRec 65.. Trimix Diver.. Gas blender (Nitrox).. Gas blender (Trimix).. Check our 2013 packages.. Great offers.. Greece Diving- Lefkada - Λε κας - Λευκ δα - Lefkas - Lefkada - Λευκ ς - Λευκ δα..

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  • Title: Our staff
    Descriptive info: Diving Course.. Power boat Courses.. OUR 2013 TEAM.. GEORGE.. George is the founder of NDC.. QUALIFICATIONS.. Master Instructor.. Gregory S.. Long.. Greg is working as a free lance in our dive center and he is running all the technical courses.. Trimix Instructor.. Vassilis Stavropoulos.. Vassilis is our main Instructor with a lot of experience in teaching.. Staff Instructor.. EFR Instructor.. Elena.. She is a dive master and adminstrator.. Rob.. Rania.. Rania is our office support.. She is doing a Dive master intreship program in NDC..

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  • Title: Dive sites
    Descriptive info: DIVE SITES.. DIVE SITE.. DESCRIPRION.. MAX.. DEPTH.. MIN DIVES.. LEVEL.. Americano.. Reef dive.. 14m.. 0.. All levels.. Noes arc.. Rocky dive.. 7m.. Kids, Beginners.. Poseidon's gate.. 16m.. 4.. Open Water.. Canyon.. Wall, Cavern dive.. 34m.. 30+.. Advance+.. Kastri.. 18m.. Open water.. Beach.. 25m.. Caves.. Caverns.. 22m.. South Wall.. Wall dive.. 20+.. Advance.. Light House.. Wall, Reef.. 40m.. 50+.. Island.. Reef.. 30m.. 10+.. Fishnet Wall.. Wall.. BC.. Wreck.. Video of Americano.. Video of the Light house.. The Wall.. The Canyon..

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  • Title: Nautiluswebalbum
    Descriptive info: Nautilus web album.. Nautilus Diving Club web album.. 1.. ">.. MG 0013.. " data-modified="15528" data-size="3,00 MB" data-width="900" data-height="600">.. 2.. MG 0068.. 3.. MG 0131.. MG 0220.. " data-modified="15529" data-size="5,00 MB" data-width="400" data-height="600">.. 5.. MG 0224.. 6.. MG 0280.. " data-modified="15529" data-size="3,00 MB" data-width="900" data-height="600">.. 7.. MG 0297.. " data-modified="15529" data-size="5,00 MB" data-width="900" data-height="600">.. 8.. MG 0327.. " data-modified="15529" data-size="4,00 MB" data-width="400" data-height="600">.. 9.. 021.. " data-modified="15310" data-size="682,00 kB" data-width="419" data-height="600">.. DSC 0001.. " data-modified="15181" data-size="4,00 MB" data-width="896" data-height="600">.. 11.. DSC 0003.. 12.. DSC 0004.. " data-modified="15167" data-size="3,00 MB" data-width="896" data-height="600">.. 13.. DSC 0007.. " data-modified="15094" data-size="4,00 MB" data-width="896" data-height="600">.. 14.. DSC 0009.. " data-modified="15134" data-size="2,00 MB" data-width="418" data-height="600">.. 15.. DSC 0016.. " data-modified="15132" data-size="3,00 MB" data-width="896" data-height="600">.. 16.. DSC 0017.. " data-modified="15169" data-size="3,00 MB" data-width="402" data-height="600">.. 17.. DSC 0021.. " data-modified="15132" data-size="4,00 MB" data-width="896"  ...   data-width="896" data-height="600">.. 24.. DSC 0062.. " data-modified="15174" data-size="4,00 MB" data-width="896" data-height="600">.. DSC 0112.. " data-modified="15202" data-size="4,00 MB" data-width="896" data-height="600">.. 26.. DSC 0145.. " data-modified="15210" data-size="4,00 MB" data-width="896" data-height="600">.. 27.. DSC02662.. " data-modified="12982" data-size="4,00 MB" data-width="450" data-height="600">.. 28.. DSC03170.. " data-modified="13355" data-size="1,00 MB" data-width="800" data-height="600">.. 29.. DSC09175.. " data-modified="15310" data-size="987,00 kB" data-width="900" data-height="582">.. DSC09449.. " data-modified="15511" data-size="1,00 MB" data-width="848" data-height="600">.. 31.. DSC09494.. " data-modified="15511" data-size="3,00 MB" data-width="800" data-height="600">.. 32.. DSCF7595.. " data-modified="15580" data-size="4,00 MB" data-width="800" data-height="600">.. 33.. eal2.. " data-modified="13673" data-size="432,00 kB" data-width="795" data-height="541">.. 34.. egg.. " data-modified="14862" data-size="3,00 MB" data-width="798" data-height="600">.. LSPHOTO192.. " data-modified="14503" data-size="5,00 MB" data-width="900" data-height="600">.. 36.. P7060159.. " data-modified="13335" data-size="1,00 MB" data-width="449" data-height="600">.. 37.. swim-throw.. " data-modified="14873" data-size="1,00 MB" data-width="450" data-height="600">.. 38.. the-wall.. " data-modified="14753" data-size="691,00 kB" data-width="800" data-height="600">.. 39.. Untitled-2.. " data-modified="15533" data-size="2,00 MB" data-width="435" data-height="600">.. Back to main page..

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  • Title: Diving Videos
    Descriptive info: VIDEO FOOTAGES..

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  • Title: Dive Equipment
    Descriptive info: OUR EQUIPMENTS.. Regulators : Tusa - Aqualung - Poseidon (din system).. BCD's : Tusa.. Fins : Open type Tusa.. Maks : Tusa - Poseidon - Mares.. Wet suits : Cressi.. Lights : Kowalski, Cressi.. Steel Tanks : 6lt , 10 lt, 12lt , 15 lt.. Compressor: 13 qft Paramina.. Oxygen : Portable 2 lt free flow - 6 lt Demand Free flow..

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  • Title: Diving and snorkeling boats
    Descriptive info: OUR BOATS.. Our Company Owns 3 boats for Diving and Snorkeling.. Anemos: 5.. 7m RIB with 75 HP Evinrude outboard.. A perfect boat for courses such as Discover scuba diving and snorkelling trips.. Astrapi: 7.. 5m RIB with 230 HP Diesel Yanmar engine.. Very powerful with a lot of space.. Good boat for long dive trips and snorkelling trips.. Our new RIB is an 8m Rib Eye with 250 HP Yamaha 4 stroke.. Very fast and comfortable.. This boat is used mainly for our snorkelling trips..

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  • Archived pages: 42