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  • Title: RadioActive 91.3 Sifnos
    Descriptive info: .. RadioActive FM.. Tuesday.. , Apr 16th.. Home.. Listen Live.. News.. CHAT.. Shop.. Photos.. Contact Us.. ZONES.. Skip to content.. Previous.. PLAYBACK.. STOP.. PLAY.. Next.. Sifnos (Cycladic Islands), July 1999, first time on the FM Airwaves!!.. Thursday, 28 April 2011 18:35.. Riris.. Tweet.. Ever since Active, 24 hours, 365 days!.. Our music can be heard all over the rest of the Cycladic Islands Mykonos, Syros, Serifos, Tinos, Paros, Naxos, Ios, Amorgos, Sikinos, Folegandros to name a few.. The music is very particular and since we believe that it has no boundaries, the changes between music styles are very  ...   Sifnos) and it utilizes the latest in digital technology with unsurpassed audio quality!.. The signal is transferred via radio links from the studio to the highest mountain top in the island and from there is transmitted to the whole Aegean Sea.. Link, Listen Live and interact socially with us because.. Music Matters.. P.. O.. Box 418 - Artemon, Sifnos Isl.. 84003, GREECE.. Tel.. +30-22840-32320 - Fax +30-22840-28488.. e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. No Iframes.. RadioActive is Social.. You are here:.. Top.. Developed by Centiva Software Solutions.. COMMENTS..

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  • Title: RadioActive 91.3 Sifnos
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  • Title: Latest
    Descriptive info: Latest.. RadioActive Party 2011 - Fan Letter.. Tuesday, 30 August 2011 20:04.. Hits: 485.. Το Full Moon Street Party του RADIOACTIVE αποτέλεσε και φέτος το μουσικό γεγονός του καλοκαιριού στη Σίφνο.. Πρωταγωνίστρια της Βραδιάς η Πανσέληνος του Αυγούστου, επίτιμες προσκεκλημένες η Jose Cuervo και η Carlsberg που στήριξαν το Πάρτυ.. Για μια ακόμη χρονιά οι φίλοι του RadioActive -από όλο τον κόσμο- γέμισαν το στενό και όχι μόνο του Αρτεμώνα για να απολαύσουν το μοναδικό κέφι του Street Party του RADIOACTIVE με ACTIVE τον RIRI ο οποίος για πρώτη φορά έπαιξε έξω από το studio για να αισθάνεται και να διατηρεί ακόμη περισσότερο την ecstasy του κόσμου.. Οι μουσικές επιλογές του μοναδικές, ο παλμός της διασκέδασης στο κόκκινο μέχρι τις πρώτες πρωινές ώρες.. Για τους fans του RADIOACTIVE που δεν κατάφεραν να βρεθούν εκεί (όπως κι εγώ άλλωστε), το party μεταδιδόταν ζωντανά στα FM, στο internet αλλά και μέσω live video stream στο internet με κάμερα!.. Φωτογραφικό υλικό μπορείτε να δείτε στα events του site αλλά και στην σελίδα του σταθμού στο Facebook.. https://www.. facebook.. com/.. Radioactive.. Sifnos.. όπου μπορείτε να επισημανθείτε μέσω tagging.. Του χρόνου δεν το χάνω με τίποτα!.. Κωνσταντίνα.. New Player Features.. Tuesday, 31 May 2011 23:54.. Hits: 490.. The New Player is finally UP and working like a charm!.. Before I say anything else I would like to thank.. Fotis.. ,.. Tatiana.. and.. Haris.. for their individual contributions on this project! You made it happen!.. What we wanted was to create a player that would play on any platform PC or MAC and be compatible with all the browsers.. I believe we did it!.. If by any chance, no sound comes from the player then there is a chance that you have an old and outdated browser, please.. click this link.. and install the plugin and everything will be fine.. Constant Sound! The RadioActive Player now supports 2  ...   the track's video will automatically be posted on your Facebook profile! Go ahead try it!.. Send Us a Message.. ! If you post a message by clicking on the Send Message button you also share your thoughts with everyone, since your message is posted on the Player's scrolling message bar on the bottom! Be kind please ;-) You can also send a Private message to the producer by clicking the tickmark.. (No scrolling for Private messages.. hush-hush!).. Top 5.. ! Click it to see which tracks you and the rest of the listeners prefer.. Options for All Time Favorites, This Month's Top 5, or Last Months.. Don't forget to click on.. Like.. !.. PS.. Our music is quite particular and often not available in YouTube or elsewhere, so if you don't see the track's cover (by clicking.. Cover.. ), or the Facebook Like is not activated if you click.. , don't worry, better luck next time!.. Bottom Cloud Buttons.. F.. is for our RadioActive Facebook Group, if you're ever there, show us how much you really Like us ;-).. T.. is tweets, we're fresh there so do a bit of following please!.. The other two is for our.. site.. (well you're here already.. ) and to send us an.. email.. We're always open to suggestions, so if you have one, do share! Feel free to share this with anyone, spread the word, we need listeners, the more the merrier!.. New Site Features.. Thursday, 05 May 2011 19:42.. Hits: 473.. I personally would like to welcome each and everyone of you to our new home.. The previous site was getting a bit stale!.. Please be patient and bear with us in our efforts to improve and make this even better.. Chat is Open and we want to see you there.. We now have a FORUM.. We want your suggestions, so do tell!!!.. Peace,.. R..

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  • Title: Photos
    Descriptive info: Fan Photos.. (14).. 2012 Winter Masque Party Part 1.. (100).. 2012 Winter Masque Party Part 2.. (70).. 2011 Party.. (105).. 2011 Winter Masque Party.. (85).. 2010 Party.. (52).. 2009 Party.. (24).. 2008 Party.. (20).. 2007 Party.. (15).. Sifnos.. (252).. 2012 Party.. (89).. Powered by.. Phoca.. Gallery..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Full Name (*).. Please type your full name.. E-mail (*).. Invalid email address.. Comments.. Invalid Input.. Captcha Antispam..

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  • Title: Sifnos (Cycladic Islands), July 1999, first time on the FM Airwaves!!
    Descriptive info: Hits: 5681.. Please enable JavaScript to view the.. comments powered by Disqus.. BLOG COMMENTS POWERED BY DISQUS..

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  • Title: LOGIN
    Descriptive info: To access the private area of this site, please log in.. Username.. Password.. Remember me.. Forgot your Password?.. Forgot your Username?.. Register.. LOGIN..

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  • Title: RadioActive 91.3 Sifnos
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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: Current Zone.. The Night Owl.. 23:00 - 23:59..

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  • Title: Listen Live - Silverlight instructions
    Descriptive info: Listen Live - Silverlight instructions.. This option will not work correctly.. Unfortunately, your browser does not support inline frames.. Listen Live - Silverlight instructions..

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  • Title: Radioactive Mini Player
    Descriptive info: This is the NON-Members Player!!! If there is no Audio, you may need the WMA plugin for the browser you 're using.. || Please register and login, to get the Members Player with all its features.. || The Members Only Player TOP 10 features: 1) Artist/Title info.. 2) Option of posting the YouTube video of the track on your FB profile.. 3) Option to add the track into your personal MyTracks List which  ...   Time Top5.. 5) Message Posting so anyone can read your messages in a scrolling text (like the one you're reading now).. 6) Cover of the current track.. 7) Uninterrupted Audio feed with auto switch over to a different stream in case the one you 're listening fails.. 8) Excellent Audio Quality with a 160Kb stream.. 9) Buttons for direct linking to all RadioActivities.. 10) It's Gorgeous!!!.. Your browser does not support the audio element..

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  • Archived pages: 167