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  • Title: Μια ματιά στην Πνευμονολογία
    Descriptive info: Menu.. Thursday 21 March 2013.. News.. Main Symptoms.. Main Deseases.. Laboratory Τests.. Medications.. Pneumonology Articles.. Medical Articles.. Article Editors.. You ask - We Answer.. Congresses.. Guidelines.. Links.. Books Presentation.. Editorials.. Just another WordPress.. com site.. PNEUMON quarterly medical journal.. HELLENIC THORACIC SOCIETY.. Athens Medical Center.. Read More.. A monograph of the lung by Nikos Hainis, covering the layman's lack of literature in.. Pulmonary..  ...   and colleagues employed in rural clinics and health centers.. where they will find a summary.. full statement of symptoms and required differentiation-diagnostic laboratory investigation of.. (from the preface of the book).. Αρθρογράφος.. Go Back.. Contact us.. About Us.. View our videos.. Search.. Articles.. Authors.. Questions - Answers.. Photos.. mia matia stin Pneymonologia.. Homepage.. Authors.. Pneumonological Articles.. You Ask - We Answer.. Contact.. Info..

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  • Title: Σαρκοείδωση
    Descriptive info: An important monograph, which deals with Sarcoidosis in an integrated manner.. (from the preface of the Greek Respiratory Society).. The k.. Kyriakos Hainan is Director of the Pulmonary Clinic of GNNKerkyras.. pneumonologist.. sarcoidosis..

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  • Title: Electronic Cigarette: Position of the Greek Society of Thoracic
    Descriptive info: Electronic Cigarette: Position of the Greek Society of Thoracic.. http://www.. hts.. org.. gr/news/newsid510/74..

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  • Title: FREE e-prescription
    Descriptive info: FREE e-prescription.. δειτε σε μορφή pdf την υπουργική απόφαση.. Files.. συνταγογράφηση υπουργική απόφαση..

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  • Title: Fundamentals of Bronchoscopy
    Descriptive info: ACCP Simulation Center for Advanced Clinical Education.. February 9-10, 2012.. New Orleans, LA.. chestnet.. org/accp/events/fundamentals-bronchoscopy..

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  • Title: Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS)
    Descriptive info: February 11-12, 2012.. org/accp/events/endobronchial-ultrasound-ebus..

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  • Title: ERS HANDS ON COURSES 2012
    Descriptive info: We would like to inform you that registration is now open for CME accredited Hands-on courses specifically focused towards developing practical skills.. Paediatric Flexible Bronchoscopy.. 12-14 March 17-19 September 2012.. (Paris, France).. 50% of the course, participants will work on.. anaesthetised animals in an operating room.. under supervision of international recognised.. tutors.. 17-20 April 20-23 November 2012.. Thoracoscopy and Pleural Techniques.. (Marseille, France).. These courses are aimed at pulmonologists.. and thoracic surgeons who want to train in.. diagnostic and therapeutic interventional.. pulmonology.. Clinical challenges in  ...   COPD wihtin a true clinical environment.. Practical workstations will allow participants to.. focus on co-morbidities of COPD and acute.. exacerbations.. Medical Thoracoscopy.. 13-15 October 2012 (Thessaloniki, Greece).. Two-thirds of the course is devoted to hands-on.. workshops and one-third to the theoretical.. aspects of thoracoscopy.. The participants will.. have the opportunity to practice live.. thoracoscopy (using pigs and sheep).. Register for courses here.. :.. REGISTRATION.. Any enquiries please contact us:.. school@ersnet.. Kind regards,.. ERS team.. For further information on all ERS courses visit:.. www.. ersnet.. org/schoolcourses..

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    Descriptive info: PERCUTANEUS TRACHEOSTOMY.. Percutaneous.. tracheostomy.. in the ICU.. of.. Clinical.. PERISTERI.. the Athens Medical Group.. Advantages.. of percutaneous.. vs.. surgical.. faster.. Better.. cosmetic.. result.. Less.. chance of.. suppuration.. using the.. fiberoptic bronchoscope.. Immediate confirmation.. of the.. entry.. guide,.. needles,.. blades.. Confirm.. the correct.. amount of.. tracheotomy.. Avoiding.. injury.. posterior.. tracheal.. wall.. VIDEO.. pneumonologist.. gr/link.. php?link_id=32 lang=gr.. php?link_id=31 lang=gr.. Nikolaos D.. Chainis.. photo1.. photo2.. photo3.. photo4.. photo5.. photo6..

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  • Title: Opening left main bronchus with diathermy
    Descriptive info: Opening left main bronchus with diathermy.. Πρόκειται για ασθενή , ηλικίας 43 ετών, καπνιστή, ο οποίος υπεβλήθη προ έτους σε δεξιά πνευμονεκτομή λόγω αδενοκαρκινώματος.. Ο ασθενής παρουσίασε μετεγχειρητικά τραχειο-οισοφαγικό συρίγγιο, για την αντιμετώπιση του οποίου, τοποθετήθηκαν εν σειρά , οισοφάγειο κι εν συνεχεία ενδοβρογχικό.. stent.. Κατά τη μετεγχειρητική πορεία ο ασθενής παρουσίασε έντονη δύσπνοια.. Η α/α θώρακος έδειξε σχεδόν πλήρη ατελεκτασία  ...   οποία πρόβαλλε δια μέσου του ενδοβρογχικού.. και απόφρασσε σχεδόν πλήρως.. τον αριστερό στελεχιαίο βρόγχο.. Αντιμετωπίσθηκε με διαθερμία όπου επιτύχαμε πλήρη διάνοιξη του στελεχιαίου βρόγχου.. ΕΙΚ.. 1 Όγκος προβάλλων διαμέσου του.. στον αριστερό στελεχιαίο , προκαλώντας σχεδόν πλήρη απόφραξη αυτού.. 2 Σημαντική αιμορραγία με τους χειρισμούς.. 3 Κατά την αφαρμογή της διαθερμίας.. 4 Τελικό αποτέλεσμα : πλήρης διάνοιξη του.. στελεχιαίου βρόγχου.. pdf..

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  • Title: foreign body aspiration and complete atelectasis
    Descriptive info: foreign body aspiration and complete atelectasis.. Radiological and bronchoscopy images of a patient who has aspirated a foreign body (especially peach) and has caused complete atelectasis of the left lung.. broncho 1.. photo 1.. broncho 2.. photo 2.. broncho 3..

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    Descriptive info: TREATMENT OF DISEASE AIMORROIDIC WITH ULTRASOUND SYSTEM.. TREATMENT OF DISEASE AIMORROIDIC WITH ULTRASOUND SYSTEM, AND EFFECTIVE ANODYNA.. The haemorrhoids can significantly affect the quality of life and the "good life" of those who suffer from the annoying presence of hemorrhoids.. One in three people of the world population will be troubled sometime this excruciating problem because the disease does to a body area for which the public often feels uncomfortable to discuss or even seriously interested in the patient with hemorrhoids reaches the.. doctor slowly, with advanced symptoms, without proper diagnosis and, sometimes with incomplete treatment.. Any discomfort in the anal area should not be attributed to "hemorrhoids.. ".. Other diseases (fissures, fistulas around the anus, abscesses, etc.. ) can be presented similarly.. The diagnosis of disease is aimorroidikis by a specialist rather than the patient or someone known to him.. In societies with so-called 'Western' lifestyle, the fickle way of eating the meat-eating, sedentary lifestyle, decreased exercise and daily stress contributes to the exacerbation of constipation, which leads to the occurrence of haemorrhoids in people who have a predisposition.. Pruritus (itching) in periproktiki area, bleeding during or after bowel movements, pain and discomfort affecting daily activities are symptoms of aimorroidikis disease.. Any symptom or discomfort in the anal area should make anyone to seek medical help without fear or inhibitions.. The initial treatment of hemorrhoids  ...   development of an innovative minimally invasive method with excellent results and minimal postoperative pain.. The ultrasound-guided ligation of hemorrhoids arteries is a modern, minimally invasive method for painless treatment of hemorrhoids.. A special tool proktoskopiko identify aimorroidikes arteries using the built-in ultrasound Doppler.. Already tracked apolinonontai arteries using special sutures and thus stopping blood circulation, hemorrhoids are no longer supplied, atrophy and shrink.. Not required incision or rectal mucosa with a scalpel or other cutting tool (eg laser).. H using general anesthesia is not necessary.. The average turnaround time of surgery is about half an hour.. The pain is minimal or nonexistent after surgery.. The patient can return home the same day and the daily chores of the day.. It needs special care or medication pre-and postoperatively.. Especially for hemorrhoids that bleed the results are immediate.. Apart from the symptomatic and bleeding hemorrhoids ultrasonic method is recommended for all degrees of hemorrhoids that are causing problems.. The method has been implemented in Europe and America and has relieved thousands aimorroidopatheis.. Although the surgical treatment of haemorrhoids has been maligned as too painful for the patient, careful implementation of new methods by a specialist surgeon, offers excellent and lasting therapeutic effects, with rapid return of the patient in everyday life and, more importantly, without the agonizing.. presence of hemorrhoids.. Anastasios Xiarchos.. General Surgeon.. Speusippus 26-28, Kolonaki.. 210 7296584..

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    Archived pages: 321