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  • Title: Phantom tumor
    Descriptive info: Menu.. Thursday 21 March 2013.. News.. Main Symptoms.. Main Deseases.. Laboratory Τests.. Medications.. Pneumonology Articles.. Medical Articles.. Article Editors.. You ask - We Answer.. Congresses.. Guidelines.. Links.. Books Presentation.. Editorials.. Just another WordPress.. com site.. PNEUMON quarterly medical journal.. HELLENIC THORACIC SOCIETY.. Athens Medical Center.. Read More..  ...   as a pulmonary nodule.. Publication.. :.. Magazine.. "lungs.. ".. , No.. 25-.. n.. 1.. -.. January-March 2012.. , page.. 53.. Nikolaos D.. Chainis.. Go Back.. Contact us.. About Us.. View our videos.. Search.. Articles.. Authors.. Questions - Answers.. Photos.. Homepage.. Authors.. You Ask - We Answer.. Contact.. Info..

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  • Title: BEAUTIFUL PERSON THE SURGERY OF THE NEW SEASON Aesthetic and functional rhinopla
    Descriptive info: BEAUTIFUL PERSON THE SURGERY OF THE NEW SEASON Aesthetic and functional rhinopla.. BEAUTIFUL PERSON.. THE SURGERY OF THE NEW SEASON.. Aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty.. This is the most common and most popular surgery in our country.. Often combined with otoplasty and pogonoplastiki.. As well as simultaneous improvement in the dewlap.. The nose is the center of the face and every change of shape or size can give expression to another person.. What is important in planning surgery is not just choosing a perfect nose, but that of the perfect hand-shaped, but that suits the person.. Thus, the design and use of high 'technology' such as digital simulation are essential tools for selecting both the shape and size.. The digital simulation enables one to see alongside the actual image and image after surgery ("before after").. It is important to the outcome of default by the computer from the very concerned and his family.. For this purpose one of the first appointments to the selection of the final image you would like to have the nose and general profile to avoid postoperative disagreements related to different aesthetic standards.. The doctor gives the interested 4-5 different feasible from a technical standpoint, options, analyzing together before making the final selection.. The virtual simulation is not binding, but guiding, counseling, and aims to help people understand the details of the surgery.. Rhinoplasty also improves or corrects malfunctions, injuries, anatomical malformations.. Rhinoplasty In addition to the best cosmetic result is necessary to improve the functioning of the nose.. Thus, the simultaneous presence of specialized treatment ensures excellent results.. The nasal septum supports the skeleton of the nose and ensure the entry of oxygen through breathing.. It is an anatomical partition that divides the nasal cavity, thereby facilitating the flow of inhaled oxygen.. The unobstructed breathing contributes significantly to the good functioning of the physical and mental health and to have a deep and restful sleep, which promotes physical fitness of the  ...   surgery begins with a special technical process through the nostrils with a small internal incisions that allow entry tools minutes to detach the mucosa and to permit the surgeon to work in ossein or cartilaginous.. frame, the stitches are dissolvable minutes.. The surgery is done after 18 years of age.. The general anesthesia are primarily for small improvements, local.. DURATION.. The procedure takes one hour by an experienced plastic surgeon and a half hour for the operational part of the nasal septum.. If there has been preoperative prediction and simulation results on the computer then the expected time is 2-5 hours.. After surgery located within minutes of the nose pad to be removed the next day.. Also, a thin splint for about a week.. The patient is led to rapid recovery room receive postoperative instructions.. Can the response accordingly to leave his home a few hours or overnight in the hospital.. Instructed metencheiriritikes: for light diet, avoiding smoking.. The day after surgery the swelling can be severe there may be some bruising under the eyes but they leave quickly.. Apogefgoume to wear glasses or blowing your nose, and cleaning that we use Physiomer.. After one week removed the splint and return in one normal activities.. The swelling subsides gradually.. Before surgery the patient should be thoroughly briefed on all aspects of intervention that the person is taken to the operating room to rest is always important for the outcome of any intervention.. Rhinoplasty illustrates the dynamics of the newly refreshed image.. The facial expression, free from unsightly details malformed lines remains unchanged.. The smile becomes another dynamic.. The look is sweeter when you make a wide nose thinner, thus increasing the distance between the eyes, causing the eyes to show their beauty.. The youthful cheeks are most important when a crooked nose ridge has disappeared.. Thus these data further highlight and enhance the sociability of man and his self confidence.. Dr IOANNIS LYRAS.. IOANNIS LYRAS..

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    Descriptive info: WHAT THE SURGEON OUGHT TO BE.. The conditions necessary for the Surgeon are four:.. first, he should be learned;.. second, he should be expert;.. third, he must be ingenious;.. and forth, he should be able to adapt himself.. It is required for the first that the Surgeon should know not only the principles of surgery,.. but also those of medicine in theory and practice.. For the second, that he should have seen others operate.. For the third, that he should be ingenious, of good judgment and memory to recognize  ...   Surgeon be bold in all sure things, and fearful in dangerous things; let him avoid all faulty treatments and practices.. He ought to be gracious to the sick, considerate to his associates, cautious in his prognostications.. Let him be modest, dignified, gentle, pitiful, and merciful; not covetous nor an extortionist of money; but rather let his reward, to the means of the patient, to the quality of the issue, and to his own dignity.. Ars Chirurgica.. Guy de Chauliac, 1300-1370.. Father of Surgery.. Michel Vorgias.. Director of Surgery,Mediterraneo Hospital..

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  • Title: Pneumonologist.gr
    Descriptive info: contact us.. Contact Form.. Message Type.. General information.. Patient questions.. Interested in working with us ?.. Name.. Email.. Tel.. Message.. Code.. Copy the safety code displayed in the following picture..

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  • Title: Pneumonologist.gr
    Descriptive info: Greek medical website.. This website mainly appeals to ordinary citizens who are interested in learning about the main diseases of the lungs, events,, which are the main laboratory tests required for diagnosis and of course how to deal with all these.. On page ¨.. medicines.. ¨, a list of all forms of inhaled drugs of all pharmaceutical companies and How to use them properly.. you ask-we answer.. ¨-named answers will be published concerning your own questions and queries which will be submitted to the address : rotate_apantame@pneumonologist.. authors.. ¨ there will be information about personal data of all the authors (name, specialty, address, phone, e-mail,etc).. Furtherone, many pulmonary articles will be hosted as well as articles of other specializations.. links.. ¨ we going to inform you about various relevant sites and of course we are gladly looking forward to your own suggestions.. CAUTION.. ALL INFORMATION IS ON THEORETICAL MEDICAL BASE AND DATA AND BY NO MEANS IT CAN REPLACE CLINICAL EXAMINATION AND YOUR PHYSICIAN'S INSTRUCTIONS.. EDITORIAL ARTICLE.. Finally, fully upgraded,  ...   have the main medical links.. Also outside of the links on the first page in the section ¨ ¨ and topical articles under the title ¨ GREEK INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL SITES ¨ will find almost all INTERNATIONAL SITES on the Pulmonary.. Among its pages you will find topics related to core symptoms, laboratory tests main, main pulmonary diseases and their treatment.. For any issue that concerns you are ready to help you to find the appropriate answer.. We should note that:.. ALL MEDICAL INFORMATION IS FACT AND CHARACTER IN NO EVENT MAY REPLACE THE CLINICAL EXAMINATION AND THE INSTRUCTIONS OF YOUR DOCTOR THERAPONTOS.. Colleagues Pulmonologists will find the site useful because they can publish their own articles to learn about science articles from other colleagues, to learn about the guidelines of scientific societies of Greek and International, for conferences and news regarding the specificity of.. Pulmonary.. Anyone from colleagues wishing to work with us can contact us at: info@pneumonologist.. Thank you and we can achieve the purpose for which created this site..

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  • Title: Pneumonologist.gr
    Descriptive info: Video.. Percutaneous tracheostomy with the help of flexible bronchoscopy1.. Percutaneous tracheostomy with the help of flexible bronchoscopy2.. bronchoscopy1..

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    Descriptive info: Standardisation of spirometry.. http://chestjournal.. chestpubs.. org/search?fulltext=Standardisation+of+spirometry submit=yes x=9 y=13.. pneumonologist..

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  • Title: ERS : Guidelines against tubercolosis
    Descriptive info: ERS : Guidelines against tubercolosis.. Tuberculosis management in Europe.. Recommendations of a Task Force of the European Respiratory Society (ERS), the.. World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Union against.. Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (IUATLD) Europe Region.. Task Force of ERS, WHO and the Europe Region of IUATLD.. Files.. Tuberculosis management in Europe (ERS)..

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  • Title: Greek Guidelines against influenza virus A/H1-N1
    Descriptive info: Greek Guidelines against influenza virus A/H1-N1.. Guidelines against influenza virus A/H1-N1..

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  • Title: The history of Pneumology in Cyprus
    Descriptive info: The history of Pneumology in Cyprus.. This.. publication describes.. the.. development effort.. of.. Pneumology.. in Cyprus.. from antiquity until.. today,.. the establishment.. of the.. first.. anti-TB.. sanatoria.. and.. clinics.. , by.. operation of the.. pulmonary.. clinic in.. lefkosia.. Episis.. vividly.. described.. the parallel.. evolution.. of the specialty.. Tuberculosis.. in modern.. Pulmonology.. this.. development.. specialist.. (from.. the preface.. of the book.. by.. prof.. N.. Siafakas.. ).. Author.. Tonia.. Adamidis.. , MD, MSc,.. Pnefmonlogos.. ,.. Assistant.. Director of.. Respiratory Medicine.. Nicosia General Hospital.. book cover..

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  • Title: Therapeutic Guidelines for respiratory diseases
    Descriptive info: Therapeutic Guidelines for respiratory diseases.. By decision.. of the EOF.. (.. National Agency for Medicines).. was.. a.. three-member committee.. consisting of prof.. k.. K.. Gourgouliani.. as chairman.. Lazaros.. Sichletidis.. assistant prof.. Panagiotis.. Behrakis.. , the.. writers.. treatment protocols.. for.. respiratory diseases.. (.. of the book).. The distribution.. was part of the.. 20th.. Panhellenic.. Conference.. , from.. the Greek.. Lung Association..

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  • Archived pages: 321