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    Descriptive info: 2013 Photography workshops by Nikos Economopoulos.. ‘On the Road’.. is a series of photography workshops, combining spontaneous photography with the joy of the journey.. They are organized for a limited number of participants (max.. 12), ranging from professional photographers to curious amateurs, who enjoy exploring places.. The workshops are based on shooting during the day and editing during the evening.. Through the selection and discussion of the best images of the day, the participants will have the opportunity to see their technique and their overall approach improve day by day.. The aim is to guide the participants through technical, theoretical and aesthetic issues towards developing their own photographic style..  ...   days).. Yazd/Esfahan, Iran.. 12-23 May (11 days).. Lisbon, Portugal.. 9-16 Jun (7 days).. Dublin/Belfast, Ireland.. 7-16 Jul (9 days).. NEW.. Balkan expedition ΙΙΙ.. 1-21 Aug (21 days).. 25 Aug-1 Sep (7 days).. Athens, Greece.. 8-15 Sep (7 days).. Zanzibar, Tanzania.. 1-8 Oct (7 days).. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.. 9-16 Oct (7 days).. Varanasi, India.. 3-10 Nov (7 days).. Mumbai, India.. 11-18 Nov (7 days).. Havana, Cuba.. 2-13 Dec (11 days).. Next workshops.. Lisbon, Portugal 9-16 June 2013.. Deadline for booking:.. 25 May 2013.. Dublin/Belfast, Ireland 7-16 July 2013.. 24 June 2013.. Home.. © Nikos Economopoulos/Magnum.. For further details and booking, please contact Marianna:.. ecassistant@gmail.. com.. © Nikos Economopoulos / Magnum..

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    Descriptive info: Black Sea expedition I, Georgia 2011.. Black Sea expedition I, Georgia 2011.. Black Sea expedition I, Turkey 2011.. August 1 (morning): First meeting in Athens, Greece.. August 21 (evening): Return to Athens.. * Traveling with fully equipped 4WD vehicles.. * Starting point: Athens, Greece.. * Limited number of participants (min.. 4, max.. 10).. * Booking deadline:.. 1 June 2013.. Booking deadline: The latest, 2-4 weeks before.. the beginning of each workshop.. For Balkan expedition the latest, 2 months.. before the starting date of the workshop.. The “On the Road” workshops are designed for amateurs and.. professionals alike and there is no portfolio requirement in advance.. Nikos Economopoulos prefers to have a portfolio review with each one of the participants upon the first meeting, as a way of introduction.. This way, and also by discussing with you, he can have a better understanding of your interests and plan the workshop accordingly, so that you can have the maximum benefit.. So in this way, other than the city itself and the local lives of the.. people, the focus is geared to whatever interests you.. The methodology is based on editing.. During the day, the participants are expected to explore the city and shoot what interests them, either on their  ...   another.. The equipment that you would need is a digital camera and a laptop.. Accommodation is up to each participant individually.. We may only suggest the names of hotels so that you also get a sense of the area where you may search yourself for a hotel that suits your needs, or give you the address of the ones where the workshops are going to be held, but do not make particular deals with them, as we cannot undertake the traveling aspect of the workshop.. So if you do not find availability there or if the hotels that we have selected for Mr.. Economopoulos do not match your standards or suit your needs, you may search for an alternative, preferably nearby, for the purpose of convenience.. Whatever changes may occur on the workshops schedule would be due to reasons beyond our control and would not in any way affect confirmed participants without their prior agreement.. Nikos Economopoulos is not responsible for reimbursement of travel expenses in case a workshop is cancelled in case of an emergency.. We recommend that you buy refundable air tickets and/or travel insurance.. Balkan Expedition III, 2013.. (Greece, FYROMacedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania).. 1-21 August 2013.. Booking deadline: 1 June 2013.. Addis Ababa,Ethiopia, 2012..

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    Descriptive info: Participants’ photos.. Click on the photo for a slide show.. Participants’ comments.. After the first meeting with Nikos, I felt my photos and the way I thought about them were too old and ordinary.. Nikos shared some of his hints with me and the other guys, and as a consequence I started to feel more comfortable with my camera while taking pictures in different situations: I thought my images were improving and were becoming more interesting.. Then, after all the reviews I attended, I saw my pictures and suddenly they were old and ordinary again.. I was completely upset.. But now I am realizing that day after day and picture after picture, his advices led me to start finding a new way - my own way - to take photos.. Ok, probably this is just the beginning, but it's a good start.. Thanks Nikos!.. Fabio Berzaghi, Italy.. The Myanmar “on the road” trip was such an enjoyable and memorable experience.. I really enjoyed meeting Nikos, and all the other participants, and have genuinely learnt so much, which is gradually finding it's way into my photography.. Nikos's passion for photography was inspiring.. I found him to be a great teacher, warm, genuine, direct, and generous in sharing his wealth of insight and experience.. Nikos encouraged us to create interesting photographs that went beyond the purely descriptive.. Day by day, through the editing process, the resulting portfolios grew to reflect each participant's personal response to the people and places we encountered along the way.. The experience was made all the more enjoyable by sharing it with a group of interesting, creative people.. I found the workshop challenging but hugely rewarding, and I know that I will continue to apply all that I have learnt, thanks Nikos!.. Christine FitzGerald, Ireland.. This is the second time I joined Nikos workshop and it keeps getting better and better.. What amazes me about Nikos is the joy good images gives him.. He is always excited when we achieve good pictures.. He inspires us to enjoy the search for better images.. Looking at people, faces, expressions, positions, backgrounds, and light becomes more important and somehow different from before.. At the end, everybody is enjoying the challenges of producing interesting images.. Nikos 's workshop is not a commercial course to make people believe that taking good pictures is easy and that being a good photographer is easy too.. This workshop is for people who are passionate about photography and want to develop a personal approach and style.. It is hard because ultimately you realize that you have to find whatever your are looking for by yourself.. At the end it is all worth it and incredible.. rewarding.. I wish I had had Nikos as a teacher 20 years ago.. No body has taught me as much as him in one week.. It is amazing.. Thank you again Nikos for being our photographic inspiration and for sharing.. your knowledge with us.. See you in Iran!.. Graciela Magnoni, Uruguay.. This is my third workshop with Nikos and even though I should know what to expect, it was still such an intense journey from agony, elation through awakening, without any bullshit.. It was like a much needed spiritual cleansing to expel the bad habits for a simple goal to make a better photograph that's visually valid.. Nikos, thank you for pushing me further - I know my next workshops with you will be just as rewarding.. Keng-Fun Loh, Singapore.. I didn't know what to expect when I sign up for this workshop.. As this was a highly recommended workshop by a friend of mine I went for with the hope that it will change my style of photography and help me photograph better and understand the dynamics of what makes a picture different.. I got more than I bargained for as each day was challenging to say the least.. There were days when I struggled with my preconception of what makes a good photos and this prevented me from doing my best.. It was when I was told by Nikos to take photos like a child did it liberate me and improved my style and brought me up to a different level.. For this I am very grateful as it was a very important lesson for me.. To be brought to a different level of understanding and photography and I leave the workshop in appreciation to my fellow photographers who have taught me a few things just by looking at their pictures and to Nikos for his invaluable advice.. Francis Chia, Singapore.. Nikos workshop was by far the event with the most intense and strongest impact on my photographic view.. It was an amazing pleasure to see everyone flourishing under Nikos relaxed and still disciplined guidance.. Initially you might experience some confusion.. You might still carry the diffuse anxious anticipation you built up before the workshop.. Or You might feel even jammed seeing your former photographic concepts going to pieces.. But then: Boooooom - comes the creative explosion within the steep part of the learning curve.. You´ll very soon get more selective, more focused, more careful, more personal and more playful when working with your camera.. Powerful stuff, hard work, lovely people and lots of fun.. Nikos teaches a wonderfully concentrated no-frills approach to photography.. One camera, one fixed focal.. It´s all about the picture, the visual event in the frame and within that rigorous selection of what is interesting and what is not.. Jochen Elfgen, Germany.. Doctors, teachers, students, architects, among others, left their comfort zone and their countries to meet other photographers to go to an unknown part of the world.. 12 hours a day taking photos, then editing them to get to enjoy the cherry to the cake, meeting Nikos every evening to share all the results of each productive day.. A whole week of pure pleasure to those passionate about photography.. The guidance received by Nikos after first seeing our portfolio made us be prepared for the days to come.. The feedback received every night not only by him but also by the other photographers, helped us continue to improve our way of photographing.. Exchanging views with the others was a very enriching experience, both personal and professionally.. Nikos' sensibility and the encouragement he gave us made us realize that he is not only a great photographer but also a humble and considerate friend.. I highly recommend this workshop to those lovers of photography and to those seeking to move on or searching for new ways.. I am looking forward to joining more workshops with Nikos in the near future.. Silvia Hagge de Crespin, Argentina.. The best aspect of Nikos workshop for me was to realize that a good photo can be best produce by liberating oneself from codes and rules.. Seeing everyday each participant become visually freer and freer was revealing.. Nikos has a passion for images and this workshop was all about sharing with us this passion.. We were all motivated and thrilled by everybody's images, comments and discussion about what makes an image better than others.. Nikos gave us freedom, feedback and love for photography beyond imagination.. Thank you.. It was truly a unique experience.. The expertise and clear vision of Nikos criticism is the best gift for any photographer attending his workshops.. The last few years I had lost motivation for photography and all i was hoping from this workshop was just to awake my eye and to feel the magic of the photographic process.. The mission was more than accomplished! Until the end of the workshop i felt falling in love with photography again and got the thrill of grabbing my camera and go photograph the action.. Nikos guided me through this process and with his generosity shared precious secrets of big photographers.. The end of the workshop meant a new start to my photographic projects.. I continue photograph the city and feel the influence of this workshop on my work.. THANK YOU!.. I am really looking forward to the next photographic workshop with Nikos!.. Stella Kellari, Greece.. No doubt about it, a workshop with Nikos is an extraordinary experience.. To all potential participants: feelings of incompetence and dread are not uncommon during the first 2 days, no matter your photographic level.. Then the magic happens: Nikos’ unparalleled expertise, judgement, and above all humanity come to the fore - inspiring and fostering better and better work from all participants as the days pass.. The honest and down-to-earth approach which characterizes Nikos simply ensures that, at the end, regardless of level and interests, you will feel and act like a better photographer.. The result: a portfolio to be proud of, a fresh ‘eye’ and energy for all future photographic endeavours, a new group of friends you can learn from, and a profound sense of belonging to a dispersed yet resourceful photographic community that is On the Road workshops.. Marcos Andronicou, Cyprus.. This was my first workshop with Nikos, absolutely a wonderful experience!!! The way the workshop is managed it's a unique opportunity to improve your photographic skills.. At my beginner level, I was looking to improve my visual capacities and tο learn how tο frame my shots: I am definitely more than satisfied, and I will definitely come back to attend more workshops.. This unique experience has then been enriched by a fantastic atmosphere and excellent fellows with sharing a lot of information.. Overall a great experience, definitely worth and to be soon repeated.. Ricardo Ceva, Italy.. Thank you for another great workshop.. During my week in Athens I believe to have again improved my photographic skills and at the same time was able to acquire important knowledge on how to take pictures in difficult situations, i.. e.. in this case taking pictures of people having to live under precarious circumstances and taking to the streets.. Athens during the financial crisis struck me as a city of strong social distinction with poverty becoming strongly visible in the streets of some areas and on the other hand still keeping its friendly, sunny side for which it also stands.. I finally ended up trying to show these contrast in my pictures.. as it seemed to me that focusing on one side only would not show an equitable picture of Athens in the situation of the financial crisis.. There is still positive energy certainly among the young.. I enjoyed the evening sessions with the other students in the workshop as always pleasant and informative.. I am looking forward to the next workshop I will be able to attend.. Monica Trachsel, Switzerland.. I have enjoyed so much the workshop in Athens.. My photography has become more compact and coherent and I have been able to focus on something more specific in photographic terms -there are even some good portraits in my portfolio! New questions arise such as the contradiction between reflecting the misery of the people and have pleasure of taking pictures of it.. I can see a background in my photos of emptiness, artificial spaces, simulation, loneliness, people with strange feelings.. Everybody reflect their own personality in their pictures.. Fernando Retuerto Pineiro, Spain.. With this workshop i finally felt the urge to pay attention to my work, the way to select a photo for a portfolio and harmony between the series of photos in a portfolio.. This is not by force but by the inspiration and motivation that Nikos was emitting.. I feel so lucky to work with him and with all the other great photographers who have attended.. He gave me the direction, inspiration and motivation that I was in need of, now shooting only 35mm and only colour, I feel excitement and joy and cannot wait for another workshop with Nikos to evaluate the improvement (hopefully) together.. Now i see 35mm framelines everywhere i look.. Ozgur Oney, Turkey.. I really had great time in Istanbul and found the workshop every bit as challenging as I had hoped.. The blend of nationalities was great and I think it was a good idea to move the sessions to the middle of the day to allow shooting in better light.. I guess the only thing was that removed the social aspect a little as I guess in the evenings we would have had a meal or some beers afterwards and a chance to talk more on a personal level.. From my personal perspective, I did find the workshop extremely challenging and I do find it a little hard to force shooting and I did struggle to find photographs that express my thinking.. Having said that, this was exactly the reason I came, to be challenged and taken forward in my photographic evolution.. I can safely say that since the workshop I am much more demanding of myself and no longer tolerate shots that are safe or just plain nice.. I think the workshop facility and location was superb, and I really enjoyed meeting all the guys.. Maybe some more reviews of local photographers work would have been good as it’s always nice to see a different perspective.. I do hope to make it to some of your future workshops and am even thinking of Istanbul again in December as I love the city so much.. Colin Steel, Scotland.. I attended the workshop in Istanbul.. My photograpic vision and the way of see is changed after this workshop.. Nikos is a great teacher.. I remember his words and comments even now.. His comments are always friendly and honest.. So I will attend another workshop as soon as possible.. Hakan Gokbayrak, Turkey.. It's my fifth workshop and I can't imagine a better mentor for my work combined with a great journey and colleagues.. Once your on the road with Nikos you stay on the road with Nikos.. Jan Gott, Austria.. It's a unique opportunity to push yourself a step further in photography.. Challenge yourself! Leave all you know (or might know) about photography behind you.. Face the reviews in the evenings and go out the next morning and try to do better than the day before.. Thats what I did and since then I know that good photography is more then just colors, lines, structures and shapes.. I look forward going to the next workshop with Nikos and to try to push myself once again a step further.. Alex Wydler, Switzerland.. Thank you for the workshop, overall it was great and I look forward to joining you somewhere else in the future.. In terms of feedback, particularly at my beginner level, I was often seeking more and more direction and information from you and as you probably realise, I would continually ask for more and more information as the days went on.. Apart from that however, it was a great experience and an overall (apart from the food) good trip.. Oliver Bradshaw, Australia.. For me the Istanbul workshop was, above all, a great chance to see how an exceptional photographer such as Nikos looks at, selects and talks about photographs.. Nikos was keen to understand our photographs first and then offered ways to improve them.. While doing so, he was always up-front and honest but never condescending or imposing.. I felt that Nikos’ attitude towards us, the participants, and our photography was similar to the compassion one can see in his own photography; in that, he makes sure that no one is ever stripped off of their dignity.. His comments were not only related to the formal result but also what goes on before and during shooting.. The workshop was, as others have said, intense and demanding, and I enjoyed every minute of it.. Duygu Aytac, Turkey.. Nikos family name has something to do with economics.. But don't be mistaken, he is more the kind of person always happy, without any sense of saving its time, to be involved 200% in its works as a.. what?.. Teacher is an understatement for an attitude towards the rest of the world which helps you in advancing at a fast rate towards the excellency.. Always saying what he thinks, if there is something he does not like, and helpful in finding the good sides to be developed.. Marco Pecci, Italy.. Addis Ababa was my second workshop with Nikos.. I came back for two reasons:.. One, because I know he is a great teacher who brings out the best in you.. He gives you honest and relevant feedback which helps you develop more as a photographer in a week than you would normally in a year.. Two, because he is a great guy also on a personal level, and he really knows how to make a group work together and have fun at the same time.. Plus did I say most of his workshops takes place in exciting and exotic locations, with more motives that your mind can process?.. I am already looking at how soon I can go again.. Terje Abusdal, Norway.. There is a british saying - those who can, do and those who can't, teach - and indeed, judging from my profession the best surgeons are usually unable to transmit their knowledge; insofar as their talent and ingenuity is what drives them, and this cannot be easily transferred.. So, I I did not know what to expect from a Magnum workshop.. I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised ! Nikos kept proving , again and again, how someone who is a (generally accepted) master in his work and has acquired a place as one of the main photographers of the 20th century, can also be a simple and down to earth person:.. His immense patience kept surprising me, day after day: When I thought that he would have had enough going through another bunch of amateur's photos, he manifested kindness coupled with insight while critiquing our photos.. He constantly managed to stay acutely interested, after hours of looking into photos, to adjust his level of critique to different photographer levels, without appearing either patronising or bored.. Every photo would appear to be an opportunity to delve deep into the nature of photography; this is not a course about flashes and lenses and f-stops; indeed, it presupposes you have reached an appropriate technical level, going beyond that, trying to understand the nature of photography, why some photos move us and confuse and grasp us in such a way ; an academic level teaching from someone who at the same time is a real photographer.. Someone who can gravitate at the same time between being the artist and the critic, the producer of art and the academic (a combination that would be normally unthinkable!).. The course is not for the faint hearted ; it is intensive and demanding , not because of Nikos' demands or attitude (on the contrary , he is relaxed as can be) but because you will be surrounded by talented, motivated photographers , everyone of which will be doing his/her best.. This is not a course on sunsets and cute babies - but you will hear intelligent and thought provoking quotes on photography, that most people would have to spend years reading to finding; from the non-descriptive power of photography to the importance of light and to the language and balance of images.. One could keep on talking about the course; what was most interesting was that half of the participants Addis course have followed his previous workshops.. Probably this is the greatest compliment to the workshop.. I am looking forward to my next session with Nikos.. Christos Georgalas, Greece.. The workshop of Nikos changed my photographic vision and belief.. In something I always though was photography but nobody had told me before.. He changed my way of photographing, he make me understand the importance of the frame edges, what to think when you shoot, he brought my photography to a new level, and it took me one year to digest what I've learned in those days.. Nikos is the old  ...   You treated us with your admirable respect in every human being and your humanity which let me felt comfortable in every situation of the course.. Thank you for answering all my questions with so much patience.. I learned so much from you - professionally and personally.. The only thing i'm angry about is that you did not let me pay the taxi to the airport ;-).. I hope to see you again.. I came to the workshop feeling dissatisified with what I was doing with my photography and hoped that the workshop would help me find a more definite direction.. I was particularly impressed with your ability to look at the work of the members of the workshop group, assess where we were up to photographically and individually give us feedback and suggestions based on this and on the work we did progressively throughout the workshop.. The practical information you gave us (eg about 'visual impact', about taking care with all elements that fill the frame of a photograph - not just the main subject, etc), I also found useful.. As well, I enjoyed the 'journey' of the workshop itself - seeing everyone's work each evening and hearing about our different explorations of Istanbul (particularly those to areas away from the tourist hordes).. However, the main overall impact of the workshop for me was that it made me realise and accept that, if I am to continue seriously with my photography, I do need to change my focus.. Doing things the same old way is no longer an option.. It will take me some time to properly work out what this should be, but the workshop has given me the impetus to make a start, as well as some constructive ideas.. I am very grateful for that.. Michael Fuery, Australia.. All along this workshop, I've learnt and understood many many things, photographically and personally.. My vision of photography has considerably changed.. After these eight days, I feel really motivated to carry on learning, practicing and enjoying photography.. This experience was very fruitful and positive.. Moreover, I appreciated that you give a chance to every person.. Thank you for all that !.. Cecile Barou, France.. Thank you again for that week in Istanbul.. I had a realy good time.. All was great, the workshop and the city.. At the beginning, when you saw my previous work, i received a bucket of cold water on my head.. And that was exactly what i needed.. My aproach to photograhy has changed totally.. The way I look at photography now is more mature.. During a week spent at the workshop i feel i achieved something I'm proud of.. The only bad thing is i start loving this city and now I'm planing to go back there and do some more work.. Once more big thanks for all.. Jacek Piaseczny, Poland.. My sincere thanks for the exciting workshop in Istanbul.. I really enjoyed the time with you and the other participants.. It opened my eyes for things I have been looking for (getting away from boring pictures).. I certainly have lots to think about and practicing to do for some months now and I am sure I will produce better pictures in the end.. Leif Sandberg, Sweden.. (…) For me personally, it was a very strong photographic experience.. Upon my return to Cyprus, I have caught myself turning away from previous photographic preferences and looking for something different, with more depth(…).. Marios CHristofi, Cyprus.. I wanted to thank you so much for your dedication and for offering all help possible for all the participants.. I can't forget that you stayed up one class time until 2 a.. m.. reviewing editing my work.. The workshop was one of the best hands on learning experience that I had since I took interest in photography.. Mainly because we watched you daily critique and edit every participant's work right after a full day of shooting.. This process has pushed me to think seriously about my work and the changes needed to make in order to improve.. It allowed me to compare my work with others and this gave me new ideas for future projects and ways to improve.. Not only that, we had discussions on equipment and why some of us use certain cameras or laptops.. Which was really useful for someone like me who never cared for the technical side of photography.. It was hard to go back to work and my usual routine because I will not be photographing as much as I did during the workshop even though one of my main tasks at my work is photography.. Photography as full time job is not the same as the photography we did during the workshop which is the kind of photography I dream of pursuing one day.. As a result of this workshop, I am more focused about my personal photography goals inside Kuwait and I am planning to commit myself to planning photography trips outside Kuwait.. I am trying to commit myself more to my personal photography.. I forgot how much joy that used to bring me and that workshop was a great reminder.. Thank you especially for being tough on me! I didn't come all the way to hear what I would like to hear.. I wanted someone to push or dare me for a change and you did! Honestly I haven't put my 24mm on the side.. But I am crazy over the 35 mm.. And that is a great start.. My experience in Beirut, participating in a photography workshop with Nikos was not only BRILLIANT and AMAZING, it was something more!.. The daily editing sessions were key to learning more.. not just about my own work and what direction it might take, but I learn’t so much from everyone else too and what you taught us in those sessions.. I now look at a photograph with critical eyes and less emotion, I want the photo to tell me a story, in and of itself.. I compose differently, I use my camera more.. effectively (I think hope) everywhere I look I am trying to compose a photograph, not just when.. I feel it intuitively but when it might not be the ideal situation photographically.. I am more patient with myself and the elements around me.. But something that I took away from the workshop in Beirut, you said it a number of times but especially towards the end of the week.. You said “Take pleasure.. in what you photograph” and that is exactly what I am doing more so than ever and I am loving every moment of this new enlighten journey I am embarking.. on with my camera!.. Aisling Murray, Ireland-USA.. (…) This sounds so cliché (…), but this.. workshop has changed my life!.. The 35mm has not left my camera and I am really enjoying composing in a way that is more interesting.. (…) A few things that you said about my photography really shocked me but shocked me more to realise that you were right.. still amazes me that you have made an observation that was so right from looking at my photos alone.. Thanks.. In terms of feedback, I think the workshops in the evening were really enjoyable, especially being to learn from other participants' work and your comments of them.. Your help with interesting things to do prior to the workshop was also very helpful.. The only thing that I would ask is for you to be even harder with your critiques and provide perhaps some sort of direction as to where each one of us could go.. through each evening discussion as well as at the end of the workshop.. I think your guidance to each of us is very valuable and we could do with more of it, well I could at least.. (…) Not sure where photography is heading for me, but I have been loving every moment of it so far!.. I have learnt more in Beirut than I have in the last 2 years!.. Liz Loh-Taylor, Singapore-Australia.. I've been thinking the past two weeks, trying to re-evaluate my photos with a better, more critical eye.. Seeing how you evaluate each photo, examining each element, their relation to each other, and how they come together to make a photograph changed the way I look at photographs now.. And I think this is what I gained most from the workshop: I can already see that your comments were pretty much spot on about the portfolio I presented, but I'm still a long ways from being a decent editor.. I've already started heavily studying the works of other photographers and I'll probably do a re-edit of that portfolio in six months to see how much I've progressed.. The other benefit from the workshop was that I'm more focused in shooting.. You saw this change during the course of the week, so I don't think I need to elaborate more.. Now I just need to work harder to make good photos.. (…) Completely changing my photography in a week is almost impossible, but I think you've pointed me in the right direction.. The real.. benefits of the workshop will come months from now if I follow through on two things:.. 1.. learn to recognize a good photo and.. 2.. put what makes those good photos good into my photos (but not in a way that I'm copying).. It was a fun and helpful week.. I'll work to make better photos now!.. James Wellence, USA.. I would like to say how much I enjoyed the Istanbul workshop, from all the photographic advice and guidance that you gave me to the pleasure of exploring the city and walking through areas that I might not have visited on a normal 'city break' trip.. The maps and descriptions of the various neighbourhoods proved very useful and it gave me a focus on how to structure the day.. I always looked forward to the editing sessions in the evening and all the feedback you were able to give.. Each day I tried to refine my photography, taking into account what you had said the previous evening.. By the end of the workshop I could see my technique improving and I was very happy with the final edited sequence.. I feel that the experience was very positive and the effect it has had on my photography is that I have the confidence to get closer to the subject and also to dig a little deeper and not just take the obvious 'tourist' type of photograph.. Andrew Fraser, United Kingdom.. …The workshop in Istanbul has been a great experience for me.. Some points I got from it are the following:.. I trust myself a little bit more and now I think my personal view is as valid as any other to describe a city or a place.. I have to work much on this subject: What do objetivity and subjetivity mean in photography?.. Moreover, Istanbul is a fantastic city to make oneself questions such as: What do contemporaneity mean?.. I have become more motivated to go through the work of different photographers….. The workshop was great.. The city, the reviews and your advice helped me out to feel more confident and find a different approach to photography.. Roc Herms Pont, Spain.. I work as a photographer for the United Nations, my perception of photography and photographic style has been somewhat different to the one of Nikos Economopoulos.. The workshop was amazing, it provided me with a new, fresh look.. My way of seeing has changed significantly since then.. The organization was great and Nikos has been an excellent teacher and mentor (and hopefully a friend).. His comments throughout the workshop encouraged us to try harder and not only to reach our limits but also go beyond them, to take photographic risks and try and see the world around us differently.. We were encouraged to go beyond the simple record of places, people and moment.. At the end of the day, you do not usually get a MAGNUM photographer to spend a week with you and your photos, and seriously help you develop your way of seeing, but Nikos did exactly that.. The number of participants was the ideal one, not too small and not unmanageably big.. Interaction and comments were encouraged and indeed helped us all to see our own photos in a different way.. Nerris Markogiannis, Greece-Sudan.. The workshop with Nikos was a great experience and a wonderful event.. The evening reviews were inspiring as Nikos proved to be not only a gifted photographer but also a patient teacher and reviewer.. He truly possesses the didactical skills to explain what elements are required in building up a good photograph.. Naturally the workshop was frustrating at the same time as one comes to realize what skills are required in order to perform photography at this level.. Nonetheless, it is definitely learning process that I want to experience again, so I’m studying my agenda and Nikos’ website to try to decide when I can sign up again.. Margreeth Vroom, Netherlands.. (…) During this workshop, (the) edition pointed clearly that the kind of connection I establish with people and the environment while photographing them reflects on the kind of photography i make.. Thus through photography I got an interesting connection with istanbullus, with the city and with myself.. In that intense week I went hardly into the search for the purest photographic substance in Istanbul, photographing street scenes the whole days in different neighborhoods with a fixed 35mm in hands and no specific subject or assignment, but the mission to get very few shots, among hundreds, of these very dynamic moments in which things get right in the frame at the right time.. At the end of the days, I think the editions had very high standards and at the same time were didatic, with helpful comments and good discussing with the participants - a very stimulating group, with people I really enjoyed meeting.. After the workshop, I'm satisfied with the portfolio I made.. And feel inspired to keep producing my personal work.. Besides, with your edition and coordination the photography workshop potencialized the warm experience I had at my first time in Istanbul.. (…) They've been very helpful and showed me a different path to follow in my photographic work.. Luis Ushirobira, Brazil.. I'll never forget that week.. It was like a revolution for me.. Nikos and his point of view really impressed me and that workshop opened my eyes and showed me new worlds and possibilities.. Words can't express how great everything was.. I felt so much free in Istanbul and I was so close to people who I didn't know very well.. It was much more about changing my ideals than my photographic view.. Mehri Jamshidi, Iran.. My name is Seungwoo Chae.. I'm working as a photographer for a newspaper in Korea.. I was feeling that something was missing in my photography.. I wanted to know what I needed.. Consequently, it was great idea to participate to Nikos' workshop.. He told me and showed me what was 'photographic'.. I felt to return to beginning.. I think I could start again.. Seungwoo Chae, Korea.. I've learnt loads of things and I met very nice people who hopefully i'll see again.. I improved my way to get close to the city people, who allowed me to capture intimate moments.. This workshop also helped me in how to become honest to myself taking pictures and how to capture the humanity of the moment.. Anyway, my conclusion is that I knew less than I thought, which motivates me a lot.. Now I see how to work.. Thank you for show me things that its no possible to find in books and to guide me in the road of my way of life, photography.. Carolina Santos, Spain.. Two words about something I don’t understand.. About something that has been in me for over a decade.. A tale that I had made up in my mind (…) In September 2009, I packed two changes of clothes and two cameras and came to Istanbul.. Expectations? Countless.. Reservations? Even more.. ‘Fairy-tales do not exist’ I said to myself.. But what I experienced in a week was more than I ever expected or even imagined.. (…) I have been in a photographic frenzy ever since.. I carry my camera with me all the time, everywhere.. (…) Can no longer do otherwise.. Giorgos Savakis, Greece.. I liked very much not only the editing process but the general discussions we had about photography, and the way you challenged everyone and frankly shared your opinions.. In my opinion, the more opinionated, the better.. (…) I liked the way you emphasized the idea of creating the portfolio from pictures with a similar approach.. I feel I am on the way to developing a style.. Matt Kamholtz, USA.. The workshop was a great experience for me and I indeed agree that it brought together people who otherwise probably would have never met.. And for me, that is what life is all about!.. (…) The number of people participating in the workshop was perfect.. I think the small group is essential to having the opportunity to sit together and give enough time to each person to evaluate and discuss his or her photos.. I liked the right mix of freedom and direction.. (…) I really feel that I got to know the many faces of the city with its many diverse photographic opportunities.. I think presenting other photographers’ work and meeting local photographers contributed to the quality of the workshop.. Your honesty and way of critique was constructive and helpful.. I feel that I walked away from the workshop with specific ‘phrases’ that I will think about in the future when photographing.. (…).. Overall, while it might be quite obvious, I learned that photography is very hard work and that you have to take many pictures to have only a few good ones.. In the past, I think that taking lots of crappy pictures often discouraged me to go on.. This workshop taught me what to look for and what elements in a shot make a good photograph.. I also think that I became more comfortable to connect to people through photography.. Before this workshop I sometimes felt that I was in a way ‘stealing’ pictures, but when you share a cup of tea with some fishermen and they let you photograph them it feels that our paths have crossed and both sides gave something to the moment/experience.. I was inspired to learn more about photography and then focus on a specific project where I can photograph with a specific aim.. Josie Bicanic, Bosnia.. I guess the first thing I would like to say is that I really enjoyed the whole experience.. I liked the relaxed structure of the workshop, it was flexible and we were free to make our own plans for the day and to shoot pretty much whatever we chose.. (…) In terms of the effect it had on my work, I feel I learned a lot and I feel more confident in my photography as a result.. I don’t show many people my work, but all my friends and family have seen my Istanbul folio.. Lisa Gilby, Australia.. I sometimes felt like a first year violin player in a master class.. I do not mind feeling a bit stupid at times and think I profit a lot by learning of the best.. I have learned a lot and will continue to do so for quite some time.. And hopefully, I will be able to join other workshops (.. I liked the approach very much - giving advice on the one hand and letting the participants find their own way on the other.. And then, of course, the voyage was marvellous, extraordinary in the purest sense of the word..

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  • Title: Economopoulos, photographer Benaki Museum, Athens 2004 http://www.benaki.gr Metaixmio editions, Athens 2002 http://www.metaixmio.gr It was 1976 or perhaps 1977 when, quite by chance, I came across a little book with photos by Cartier Bresson. I had never before considered that a series of black and white photos could produce something so significant, so brilliant, so fascinating. It was this same little book which opened a new window for me onto the world which at that time I was trying to discover through travel, reading, music and love. During the next few years, books of photography came to occupy more and more space on my bookshelves till, inevitably, I began taking my own photographs in 1979. In the years that followed, photography became an ever more important and ever greater part of my daily life. I wasn’t concerned at all as to whether or not I would become a professional photographer, or exhibit, or make money, or become "famous". I remember vividly, however, the nights that would give way to a day of photographic work and my fantasies concerning space, people’s movements and those moments when I would have to deal with the harmonious relationship between form and content. Such nights are painful but, fortunately, they end in mornings full of euphoria. When the photographic workday begins, I always feel relaxed, bright, happy. Sometimes this happiness results in good photos, at other times it’s not enough. Yet in the end, this is not so important. In writing this brief note, I asked myself what these last twenty years or more of photography mean to me. I think the most important thing is that they provided me with this innate happiness that in no way decreases as the years pass. The good photos are always few in number, perhaps no more than five to ten each year. The number no longer concerns me as it did in the past. Now, I savour even more that inexplicable happiness, and there will always be good photos around me. I know that in the future, too, I will share some of these with those I love. Nikos Economopoulos, Athens 2002
    Descriptive info: Economopoulos, photographer.. Benaki Museum, Athens 2004.. http://www.. benaki.. gr.. Metaixmio editions, Athens 2002.. metaixmio.. gr.. It was 1976 or perhaps 1977 when, quite by chance, I came across a little book with photos by Cartier Bresson.. I had never before considered that a series of black and white photos could produce something so significant, so brilliant, so fascinating.. It was this same little book which opened a new window for me onto the world which at that time I was trying to discover through travel, reading, music and love.. During the next few years, books of photography came to occupy more and more space on my bookshelves till, inevitably, I began taking my own photographs in 1979.. In the years that followed, photography became an ever more important and ever greater part of my daily life.. I wasn’t concerned at all as to whether or not I would become a professional photographer,  ...   but, fortunately, they end in mornings full of euphoria.. When the photographic workday begins, I always feel relaxed, bright, happy.. Sometimes this happiness results in good photos, at other times it’s not enough.. Yet in the end, this is not so important.. In writing this brief note, I asked myself what these last twenty years or more of photography mean to me.. I think the most important thing is that they provided me with this innate happiness that in no way decreases as the years pass.. The good photos are always few in number, perhaps no more than five to ten each year.. The number no longer concerns me as it did in the past.. Now, I savour even more that inexplicable happiness, and there will always be good photos around me.. I know that in the future, too, I will share some of these with those I love.. Nikos Economopoulos, Athens 2002..

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  • Title: contact
    Descriptive info: Nikos Economopoulos.. MAGNUM PHOTOS.. 19 rue Hégésippe Moreau.. 75018.. Paris, France.. Tel : +33 1 53 42 50 11.. Email:.. Work:.. www.. magnumphotos.. For workshop information and booking, please contact.. Marianna.. :..

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  • Title: workshops-Thailand
    Descriptive info: Dates:.. 3-10 Feb 2013 (7 days).. Deadline for booking:.. 2 weeks before the starting date of the workshop.. Workshop location:.. To be announced.. Accommodation info:.. © Jan Gott, Bangkok 2013.. Bangkok, Thailand.. (7 days).. Balkan expedition III.. Mumbai, India..

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  • Title: workshops-Myanmar
    Descriptive info: 11-22 Feb 2013 (11 days).. 4 weeks before the starting date of the workshop.. © Nikos Baroutis, Inle lake 2013.. Yangon/Bagan/Inle lake, Myanmar.. (11 days)..

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  • Title: workshops-Istanbul
    Descriptive info: 15-22 Apr 2013 (7 days).. 25 Aug-1 Sep 2013 (7 days).. The workshops will be taking place at the.. Fotografevi.. Gallery.. , near Taksim square, Beyoglu.. Istanbul, Turkey..

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  • Title: workshops-Iran
    Descriptive info: 12-23 May 2013 (11 days).. Info for visas:.. irantravelingcenter.. com/travel_agent_agency_iran.. htm.. © Paolo Pellegrin/Magnum.. Yazd/Esfahan, Iran..

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  • Title: workshops-Lisbon
    Descriptive info: 9-16 Jun 2013 (7 days).. Lisbon, Portugal..

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