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  • Title: GAD.
    Descriptive info: .. GADmusic.. gr: The Official Website of GAD.. | NEW GAD.. ALBUM IS OUT: END IN TEARS | 2013 GAD.. img/indexbanner1.. png.. img/indexbanner2..

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  • Title: GAD. HOME
    Descriptive info: THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF GAD..

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  • Title: GAD.
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  • Title: GAD. HOME.
    Descriptive info: SINGLE IS OUT: YOUR LOVER TONIGHT | 2012 GAD.. img/homebanner1.. img/homebanner2.. 18 DEC 12.. GAD.. Waves Remixes pt.. 2.. “GAD.. ” have just finished their third album for The Sound Of Everything, due in January 2013.. Before the new album is out we chose great artists from the local scene to revisit “Waves” and create a second pack of remixes Continue reading.. read more.. 26 JUL 12.. Waves Remixes.. ” are now preparing a new album for The Sound Of Everything which is due in late 2012.. First single of the new album is “Your Lover Tonight” which is a worthy follow up to “Waves”.. But before the new Continue  ...   και ταλαντούχα σχήματα της ελληνικής indie σκηνής παρουσιάζουν το πρώτο ολοκαίνουργιο single τους από Continue reading.. 01 JUN 12.. Live Dates Summer 2012.. θα εμφανιστούν την Δευτέρα 2 Ιουλίου, στην σκηνή του RockWave Festival.. Line Up THE PRODIGY IGGY AND THE STOOGES EVERLAST GAD.. MONOVINE ΩΡΑ ΕΜΦΑΝΙΣΗΣ: 17:15 More info: http://www.. rockwavefestival.. gr Επίσης: Oι GAD.. θα εμφανιστούν ζωντανά το Σάββατο 4 Αυγούστου στο Γοργόμυλο Πρεβέζης Continue reading.. More News.. Tweets by @GADgreece.. Tweet.. 16.. NOV.. 13.. KooKoo LiveBar.. NEWS.. :.. BLOG.. SHOWS.. FACEBOOK.. TWITTER.. BAND.. BIO.. PHOTOS.. RELEASES.. ALBUMS.. VIDEOS.. LISTEN.. SOUNDCLOUD.. MYSPACE.. STORE.. BIGCARTEL.. iTUNES.. CONTACT.. EMAIL.. MAILING LIST.. PRIVACY POLICY CUSTOMER SERVICE.. 2012 GAD.. DESIGNED BY.. IAM NOTHE..

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  • Title: GAD. PHOTOS.

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  • Title: GAD. VIDEOS.
    Descriptive info: YOUR LOVER TONIGHT (teaser).. New single.. Directed by Dimitra Babadima.. (c) 2012 The Sound Of Everything.. OVER THE MOON (feat.. K.. BHTA).. Album: The Perfect Crime.. (c) 2010 The Sound Of Everything.. PARALLEL LINES.. WAVES.. Directed by Manos Spiridakis Giannis Tsitsonis.. PRAY.. Album: System May Fall.. Directed by Mixalis Konstantatos.. (c) 2007 Shift Records/Archangel Music.. END OF THE ROAD.. Visit GAD.. 's YouTube channel..

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  • Title: GAD. RELEASES.
    Descriptive info: END IN TEARS.. Album | 2013 | The Sound Of Everything.. DOWNLOAD FROM iTUNES>>.. READ LYRICS>>.. YOUR LOVER TONIGHT.. Let this night go by, without any plans.. Cigarettes and drinks will make no difference.. Use your imagination, use your fantasy.. Words are useless now, so don’t say anything.. I, I’ll be your lover tonight.. I, I will discover a secret world for you and I.. I’ll be your lover tonight….. Love is never easy, but we both feel so sure.. Blinded by the white lights, half dead on the floor.. Just come close to me….. When everything seems wrong….. And everyone is gone….. Just keep this tune inside your soul….. READ BETWEEN THE LINES.. You, you have to go again inside the rain.. To find your Wonderland.. These flowers will fade.. With every word you say.. The sky will be grey.. As long as you‘re away….. Read between the lines.. And try to understand.. And let me be your man.. You, you have to walk again.. The most dangerous paths.. To find your inner self….. This smile on your face.. Is just another trick.. This love‘s not a waste.. It’s not a theory….. WONDERFUL (feat.. Alexandra McKay).. Let’s make love in the back seat.. And then let’s drive for somewhere.. Don’t know where, don’t know how….. This passion seems so endless.. I only stand here breathless.. Don’t look back, let’s leave now….. You are the one that I want.. You are so wonderful….. Keep your eyes on the road….. There is no destination.. We burn the maps, we are singing all night long.. All night long….. Your moonlight eyes are shining.. You always look so stunning.. Wonderful, wonderful….. Why don’t you understand?.. This night is all we have….. It’s all we have….. PRETENDING.. I need some time to concentrate.. I need some time without you.. I need some room to find my faith.. This place is cold and untrue….. I have accepted all my sins.. I never was a good guy.. Sometimes it seems so hard to sing.. When you feel broken inside.. Nothing is over, until it’s over.. And you know it’s not over….. I am just pretending in every move I make.. I will follow the wind in every step I take.. Some people fight in central squares.. They all seem quite familiar.. I kissed you on the subway stairs.. And now I see things clearer….. And every step I take….. And every step I take is another mistake….. I am just pretending….. TURN THE LIGHTS OFF.. Let’s turn the lights, lets’ turn the lights off.. Let’s turn the lights off.. Let’s close our eyes before the sunrise.. Let’s close them right now.. Let’s close our eyes, let’s say some white lies.. Let’s close our eyes now.. We are partners in crime, we are dead on the dance floor.. So sick inside oh, oh.. We feel so divine, we are not scared because we rule the skies oh, oh.. Let’s turn the lights off, let’s sacrifice our days our nights.. Let’s turn the lights off….. Let’s turn the lights off, let’s fantasize lost passion times.. Painful affairs, painful decisions.. I lost you somehow.. There’s blood on your hands, there’s blood on your pillow.. That’s not a game now….. Painfully here, painfully sincere.. Just like your worst dream.. Fatal effects, this life has no dead ends.. And no turning backs, oh, oh.. CHLOE.. I am your lover, I am your enemy.. But I will never be your friend.. I am not your friend….. Call me angel, call me Lucifer.. Well I am the darkness of your world.. So give me your soul….. Your love, your love is everything to me….. I am your funeral, I am your birthday cake.. This voice that you hear in your sleep.. So don’t go to sleep….. I am your fever, these flowers on your door.. The promises that you never kept.. This gun in your hands….. Like a nightmare, I‘ll stand by your side.. I‘ll stay awake for you every night.. So give up the fight….. Like a lover, like an enemy.. Love me like an unwanted child.. Love me tonight….. END IN TEARS (feat.. Maria X.. Kourmouli).. Where do we go?.. What are we doing?.. Well, it’s going to end in tears.. This feeling inside, is so unusual.. Oh, it's going to end in tears.. I just can't lose you.. because I never had you.. I never really had you.. I can only harm you.. No matter how I want you.. Everything seems complicated.. Loving you is devastating.. Now you have to go.. Tell me why I am always waiting.. When every single kiss is hurting.. TOO LATE (feat.. Aliki Avdelopoulou).. You said you are leaving.. And you are not coming back….. And everything turned black….. Our love is getting old tonight.. Our love is like a joke….. The spirit has died tonight,.. We follow different roads….. And it’s too late, too late to change your mind….. I said I ‘m leaving.. And I am not coming back….. ‘Cause everything is black….. The night is dangerous and wild,.. But time is on my side.. I just don’t put the blame on you.. You know it’s not a crime….. And it’s too late, too late to change my mind….. No one will understand the way we feel tonight….. Tonight we sing alone….. Tonight we die alone….. Tonight….. BIG BROWN EYES.. You can run, but you can’t go far.. Tell me your story, show me your plan.. You may laugh, with all your heart.. I saw your world, make a part.. I love your big brown eyes.. Tonight, I ‘m paralyzed.. If you run into the dark.. I‘ll be the road, I‘ll be your star.. One day, I’ll die into your arms.. The last thing I‘ll see will be your big brown eyes….. I ‘m paralyzed….. I know, I know we‘ll be suffering.. And this is our fate, I know….. I love your big brown eyes,.. Tonight I ‘m paralyzed.. BELONG.. Every night is difficult without you,.. I need you so, I need you so….. I’ve built my castles all around you.. I was so wrong, I was so wrong….. It doesn’t matter what you say,.. I love you anyway….. It doesn’t matter what you do,.. You know that I belong to you….. I belong to you….. I walk with ghosts and talk to devils,.. I sleep with vampires in my room….. My gods always find a way to tell me,.. That I ‘m such a desperate fool….. My love, destroy this lonely soul….. I belong to you….. Digital Single | 2012 | The Sound Of Everything.. WAVES REMIXES PART 2.. Digital EP | 2012 | The Sound Of Everything.. WAVES REMIXES PART 1.. THE PERFECT CRIME.. Album | 2010 | Shift Records.. ORDER FROM STORE>>.. I love the way, the way you move.. The way you walk inside the room.. I want to mess with you tonight.. And see this life from different sides.. I love the way, the way you are.. You always try to reach the stars.. I want to build a brand new world.. Tomorrow's just a useless word.. I love you just the way you are.. I've had my days, but now I'm back.. And I am yours with all my heart.. So work your magic on me now,.. I am ready for the final round.. There are no waves, or any seas.. To stop this love by any means.. We have been waiting for so long,.. The time has come, I can't wait more.. You are the one that I'm waiting for,.. In your waves I feel like home.. The one that I'm waiting for.. Don't ever tell me who you  ...   change on the way.. Jealousy leads to pain.. I am thirsty for the life you criticize.. You hide the truth, inside your hungry eyes.. I have no plans for reconciliation.. I'm done with words, let's end this conversation.. True love leads to pain.. * composed by Iraklis Anastasiadis, Kostas Antoniadis and Lego Boy,.. lyrics by Iraklis Anastasiadis, Kostas Antoniadis.. DEAD TOWN.. Lazy walks in shopping malls.. Filthy people spreading hopes.. In this dead town.. Pay attention, show respect.. Stop the violence in your head.. My dear friend, oh my dead friend.. Lessons for a better life.. Adding up the pain inside.. With a dead smile.. Driving fast in dead end streets.. Drunk and sick for days and weeks.. Like a dead star, you're a dead star.. You're a dead star.. A never ending funeral.. A scent of blood is in the air.. We walk together free and young.. Inside the kingdom of despair.. Super pills for war machines.. Be the first by any means.. In your dead class.. You feel so good inside your dreams,.. Flying above this dead town hills.. With this sad song, with this sad song.. With this sad song.. A never ending funeral.. Inside the kingdom of despair.. SYSTEM MAY FALL.. Album | 2008 | Shift Records.. DON'T FORGET TO LIVE BEFORE YOU DIE.. Don't say another word.. Don't cry for yesterday.. You know it's not your fault.. You'll find another way.. Don't talk about the past.. You always try to hide.. It's useless to pretend.. Don't forget to live before you die.. Don't forget to play before you lose what you hide.. I want to see you smile.. I want to see you dance.. Why don't you drink some wine.. And give me one more chance?.. I'm only what you see.. Don't look at me that way.. If you have no place to hide.. Why don't you wan to stay?.. I'm still here.. SOMEDAY.. It's never too late.. To change your life in several ways.. You shouldn't be afraid.. The rain will wash away your trace.. I think it's ok.. Sometimes there's no other choice.. If you have to play.. You have to sing with your own voice.. Take the first train - find your brand new truth.. And maybe someday - I will follow you.. And I know someday - I will follow you.. Well I know it hurts.. I know you had different plans.. But you have your chance.. Reach out and take it in your hands.. Take the first train.. It' s never too late.. I will follow you.. Maybe someday I will follow you.. THESE LITTLE THINGS.. I know the consequences.. I know the darkest paths to your soul.. Tonight I'll shoot the mirror.. Tonight I'll lose all sorts of control.. Take your time - take control.. I'll never leave you to lie on the floor.. Don't be foolish - don't say it's wrong.. Tonight let's fly - tonight let's find.. These little things that make these moments alive.. Tonight let's fight for something real.. Don't' say it's a dream - don't leave my wound still unhealed.. You know the deepest reasons.. And this is the hardest part of this role.. Tonight let's drive for this land.. Just close your eyes - don't say any words.. SECOND THOUGHTS.. You know how it goes.. You know how it is.. I can't rely on you.. Your world is not what it seems.. What do you want me to say.. It' s not a secret any more.. So don't ask me toy wait.. Well, I don't' want you here.. I have no second thoughts.. I hope that this is clear.. I have no sympathy for you.. And this is for real.. How can you play the game.. If you don't know the rules.. How can you set the frame.. When you're dealing with fools.. LESLIE.. Tales of love, tales of trust.. Tell me what's your thought, what's your plan.. When you're down, on your own.. I will make you feel like you're home.. Leslie I am watching you.. But your words sound sharp and cruel.. So let me try once again.. Tales of hope, I don't know.. If I wanted to take this road.. Let me read all your dreams.. Let me fall again at your feet.. Tales of hate, but it's late.. Now the city lights seem so fake.. Let me shout, let me run.. Let me fall again on the ground.. WHAT HIDES IN THERE.. And here you just sit.. And you watch it go by.. And baby the dice loaded.. Long before your time.. But if for once you could look.. Straight into my eyes.. Time brings back.. What you let to pass by.. So what hides in there.. Before your time, what hides in there.. And whom should you fight.. Was it there tears.. There' s no room for compassion.. So what hides in there.. And you watch it go by.. THE END OF THE ROAD.. If this is the end of the road.. I have to go.. I don't have to swallow every word.. I don't want to stay here anymore.. La la la la.. I' ll have my time - I'll see the crime.. I'll never let you pass me by.. This world still has the same old shape.. And we still move between love and hate.. Watching now the same old scenes.. I left behind my precious fears.. Let me take this road again.. Let me ride alone my friend.. La la la la la la la.. Let me ride alone my friend.. The end of the road.. NO SONGS FOR HER.. No songs for her now.. I still got the wings to try.. No tears for her crown.. No space for another lie.. No time for shows.. No time to lose.. No songs for her.. No words to spare.. There' s no room for useless games.. I'll stay here all alone.. Nothing seems to change her ways.. Whispering the last goodbye.. Moving back for one more time.. I can see your shadow now.. I can feel the upside down.. Waiting for another day.. Because I feel too tired to pray.. I can hear this noise again.. Oh my love - there's no return.. Waiting for the last goodbye.. No one knows we're here tonight.. Take me back to my old place.. I just don't want to see you change.. Drink my sorrow, drink my tear.. I am so desperate now my dear.. Oh my love there's no return.. No songs for her now.. BOY.. Feel the fire - feel the fire boy.. I remember you oh my little child.. Do you want to leave or do you you want to try?.. I remember you.. Oh my pretty one.. I'll tell you my secrets now.. I think the time has come.. Do you remember me?.. I'm your favorite toy.. Welcome to my show - oh my little boy.. Do you remember how?.. How we used to feel?.. I'll never be your slave.. You'll never be my king.. Feel the fire boy.. My boy.. CAN'T ESCAPE FROM FEAR.. Welcome home - I hope you feel all right.. Welcome home - I hope this is the time.. Don't let me disappear.. Take me back - I can't escape from fear.. Welcome back into this empty place.. Welcome back, I've missed your pretty face.. All I want from you.. Is just a matter of trust.. And I wonder if you.. All you want is me.. I feel the fist in my face.. I'll never be free.. Welcome back - into this empty place.. Let's forget these solitary days.. Welcome back - I've missed your pretty face.. Let's pretend that life is not a race..

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  • Title: GAD. THE BAND.
    Descriptive info: The whole story began in 2005, when Iraklis Anastasiadis and Kostas Antoniadis decided to compose a track for the ‘Greek Electro Vol.. 2’ compilation.. Their friendship and mutual respect for each other’s work, led to the birth of ‘GAD.. ’.. In 2005, and while they were recording their debut album, Antonis Antoniadis (Guitar) and Spyros Papakotsis (Drums) joined the group, and ‘GAD.. ’ started to perform in various stages and festivals.. ‘System May Fall’ was finally released in 2007 by ‘Shift Records’ and Mike Semertzoglou (Bass) joined the band to complete the puzzle.. Their debut album instantly became a success and the single “The End  ...   album, ‘The Perfect Crime’, adding a darker and more vibrant feel to their music.. ‘GAD.. ’ gained massive airplay with their single ‘Waves’ and started to enjoy sold out gigs, as they undoubtedly became the most popular indie Greek Band.. During the past few years they have opened for bands like Chicane, Nouvelle Vague and Puressence and they have participated in Rock Wave Festival 2012 and in River Party 2012.. At the beginning of 2013, GAD.. released their third album named “End In Tears”.. THE BAND:.. Kostas Antoniadis Vocals.. Iraklis Anastasiadis Keyboards.. Antonis Antoniadis Guitars.. Spiros Papakotsis Drums.. Mike Semertzoglou Bass.. Band photo by Thodoris Markou..

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  • Title: GAD. CONTACT.
    Descriptive info: NAME*.. EMAIL*.. TELEPHONE.. MESSAGE*.. *Required.. Thank you for contacting us.. We will get back to you as soon as possible.. In.. We Trust.. There were errors with your request:.. BACK.. CONTACT THE BAND.. gadtheband [at] yahoo [dot] gr.. IS MANAGED BY.. ALEX ELSABAG.. alex [at] live2 [dot] gr.. FOLLOW GAD.. EVERYWHERE..

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    Descriptive info: BACK TO SITE.. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MAILING LIST.. Email.. Preferred format for emails:.. Text.. HTML.. Unsubscribe.. phpList limited.. powered by: [.. PHP.. ] [.. mySQL.. ]..

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    Descriptive info: ABOUT PRIVACY.. will always treat your email and private information with respect.. We would never sell, rent, give or otherwise share your information, with anyone, for any reason other than those directly related to sharing info about GAD.. with you.. If you subscribe to our mailing list, you will receive our news from time to time, but definately not too often.. If you wish to unsubscribe, follow the "unsubscribe" link in the emails that you will receive from us.. If you have any questions or concerns please.. contact us.. Customer's billing and shipping information will only be used for those purposes, and providing customer service.. We use Paypal  ...   Paypal.. Even if you don't have a Paypal account, you can use a debit, credit card or electronic check to complete your purchase.. International shipping charges will be added in Paypal checkout.. Please double check the shipping address you provide through Paypal before placing your order.. Thank you for supporting GAD.. SHIPPING.. We ship orders out every week, this is a DIY operation.. We ship via ELTA (registered mail always).. If you are an international customer, the shipping time can take considerably longer, given customs and other issues out of our control.. Allow 6 weeks for delivery.. If you have additional questions or concerns regarding your order please..

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