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  • Title: GLogic S.A. > Home
    Descriptive info: .. Javascript is currently disabled.. This site requires Javascript to function correctly.. Please.. enable Javascript in your browser.. !.. Home.. Software.. Traceid.. TerraERP.. GL FeedFormulation.. GL Elogak.. Terra Retail.. gleye.. Products.. Industrial Terminals.. Dynamic Scales.. Printers.. Industrial Scales.. Our Services.. Company.. Contact us.. Be partner.. News.. TraceID.. Take the control of your business whereever you are.. Innovate E.. R.. P.. system, independent from operating system.. Real cloud, it runs to any pc, laptop, tablet without install it.. Read more.. Take the most economical feed ration in one minute.. Shadow prices, unlimited nutrients, report generator, feed per customer, historical values in solution stage, relationship between nutrients, equations.. e.. t.. c.. Feed Formulation.. Twitter.. Facebook.. Youtube.. system on web.. Take the control of your business whatever you are.. Independent E.. system from operating system platform, run on every pc, laptop, tablet without install it.. More.. Innovate Traceability System.. Manufacturing process management products.. It collect real time all the information  ...   from food, shadow prices e.. Terra Touch.. Software for retail business.. Use it stand alone or connect it with your back office in real time mode.. Connect with scales, easy to use.. GL FeedFormulation at the Agricultural University of Athens.. Posted on.. 2/14/2012.. by.. SuperUser Account.. in.. New technologies of G-Logic for feed and livestock.. Articles.. Integrated Traceability in Meat.. Kostas Kollias.. eu.. Traceability information system for food products, over web, smart phones, mobile devices.. GLEyE.. Track and trace your vehicle in real time mode, wherever you are.. GL Labeler.. Automatic scale system, print and apply labels for food production.. About us.. G-Logic S.. A.. is an innovate software house company.. Our products are state of art in software marker, and has developed with latest tools.. Mitropoulou D.. 19, N.. Iraklio, 14121 Athens, Greece.. Address.. Phone:.. +30 2102723570/571, +30 2102713878.. Phone.. Fax:.. +30 2102718034.. Fax.. Email:.. g-logic@g-logic.. gr.. Email.. Register.. Login.. Copyright © 1999-2013 by G-Logic S..

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  • Title: GLogic S.A. > Home
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  • Title: Κεντρική
    Descriptive info: Κεντρική.. Λογισμικό.. Προϊόντα.. Βιομηχανικά τερματικά.. Αυτόματα ζυγιστικά.. Εκτυπωτές.. Βιομηχανικοί ζυγοί.. Υπηρεσίες.. Εταιρία.. Επικοινωνία.. Γίνε συνεργάτης.. Νέα.. Εχεις τον έλεγχο της επιχειρισής σου όπου κι αν βρίσκεσαι.. Πρωτοποριακό E.. σύστημα, λειτουργεί ανεξάρτητο από το λειτουργικό σύστημα που τρέχει στον υπολογιστή.. Περισσότερα.. Βέλτιστο και οικονομικό σιτηρέσιο με το πάτημα ενός πλήκτρου.. Shadow prices, απεριόριστα θρεπτικά συστατικά, report generator, τροφές ανά πελάτη, σχέσεις μεταξύ των θρεπτικών συστατικών, εξισώσεις, equations κ.. λ.. π.. www.. TraceID.. Μπες στο.. traceid.. και δες πληροφορίες για τα τρόφιμα που αγοράζεις.. Terra E.. σύστημα σε περιβάλλον web.. Έχετε τον έλεγχο της επιχείρησης σας όπου κι αν βρίσκεστε, γρήγορα, εύκολα και αξιόπιστα.. Manufacturing Execution System.. Καταγραφή σε πραγματικό χρόνο όλων των πληροφοριών που αφορούν  ...   GL Feed Formulation είναι ένα απαραίτητο εργαλείο για τον επαγγελματία διότι παρέχει απεριόριστο αριθμό τροφών, θρεπτικών συστατικών, ενημερωμένη βάση δεδομένων με τα συστατικά των τροφών κ.. Λογισμικό διαχείρισης λιανικών πωλήσεων.. Συνδέεται με ζυγαριές, παρακολουθεί πωλήσεις ανά παρτίδα, εύκολο στη χρήση.. ΜΠΑΜΠΑΝΑΣΙΟΣ ΑΘΑΝΑΣΙΟΣ.. 19/4/2013.. Τσικάκης - Γιαννόπουλος Α.. Ε.. 1/8/2012.. Κιαχάκης Ελευθέριος Α.. 23/7/2012.. Πληροφορίες ιχνηλασιμότητας για τα προϊόντα τροφίμων που αγοράζετε.. Online παρακολούθηση οχημάτων.. Αυτόματη ζύγιση και εκτύπωση ετικετών σε προϊόντα τροφίμων.. Η G-Logic S.. είναι μία πρωτοποριακή εταιρία πληροφορικής, η οποία επενδύει στην έρευνα και στην ανάπτυξη νέων προϊόντων, παρέχοντας έτσι στους πελάτες της προϊόντα τεχνολογικής αιχμής.. Δ.. Μητρόπουλου 19, Νέο Ηράκλειο, 14121, Αθήνα.. Διεύθυνση.. Teλέφωνα:.. Τηλέφωνο.. Εγγραφή.. Είσοδος.. Copyright 1999-2013 by G-Logic S..

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  • Title: G-Logic S.A.
    Descriptive info: Site.. Web.. Search.. G.. Logic invests in research and new technology, providing customers with products in technology.. The new line of software products developed based on the platform created an environment web, thereby enabling users to access their information wherever they are.. The new software platform is independent of the operating system that "runs on your PC.. Control your business where ever you are, easy and safely.. Manage the production process of products.. Give your product identity.. Retail information system..

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  • Title: Manufacture Execution System
    Descriptive info: /.. Manufacture Execution System.. is an innovative computer system that allows users to monitor and control in real time all the information output from a single information system.. TraceID adjusted according to the characteristics of each company.. Information on batches produced, recorded in the database in real time, allowing users monitoring all aspects of production including yields per lot, quality analysis, etc.. A wide range of reports providing details of the production process and traceability for any given lot.. is a.. manufacture execution system.. , which capture in real time all the information flow of the product, the site  ...   to PLC, printers, scales, belt conveyors etc.. to collecting data without interfering the human factor.. Compatibility.. Has been certified by Microsoft for compatibility with the windows 7 operating system.. Touch Screen.. TraceID is designed to work with touch screens, which makes it easy for operators.. Benefits.. Complete details, derived products, raw materials and production wastage, Odds workers.. Sign in with any E.. , support processes ISO / Haccp.. Efective management of potential crises.. Application of TraceID.. Dairy / Milk.. Oil Mills.. Processed Olives.. Meat Industry.. De Boding.. Meat Process.. Slaughter.. Feed Production Companies.. Packaging Fruits / Vegetables.. Bakery Companies..

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  • Title: Take the control of your company
    Descriptive info: Take the control of your company.. T.. erraERP allows you to have the information when you need it.. It is truly a cloud application, relieve you of the facilities and upgrades to each terminal.. Any central facility for the operation you need to have the terminals is an internet browser.. Operates independently of the operating system.. TerraERP is independent of the operating system.. All you need to leitourgisei is one of the known internet browsers (chrome, safari, firefox, internet explorer), meaning you can run the software environment and windows, linux, ios.. Internet Intranet.. Define an interface for each group of users  ...   Give the chance to be your partners may have directly with the information you want, without bridges,without using third-party software.. O.. M.. TerraERP uses O.. tools for communicating with the database in this way enables you to use any database (oracle, ms sqlserver, mysql, etc).. Customize interface.. Report Generator.. Display references grids, cubes, graphs, (bar charts, pie charts, etc).. No updates bridges between subsystems.. Ratios for the direct monitoring of the performance of entity.. Costing production with all methodothous (FiFo, LiFo, Mean, of balances, etc.. ).. Special configuration for meat productions companies.. Automatic communication with TraceID (production system and product tracking)..

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  • Title: Most economical mix
    Descriptive info: Most economical mix.. F.. eedFormulation is aimed at anyone involved in animal nutrition.. It is a complete nutritional program used for the preparation and processing of animal feeds.. Minimizes the cost of rations, the method of linear programming, but can be analyzed and prepared diets.. FeedFormulation can process:.. rations for all animals.. feed blends.. crude blends with concentrated feed.. premixes, concentrates.. Optimal use of ingredients..  ...   components, nutrient premixes, rations and reviews, reports, labels.. Connecting to the production system and product tracking TraceID.. Reporting.. It can store feed per customer.. Sygkisi two or more feed.. Display data in bar charts, pies etc.. Print labels with analysis componentsfor hanging on the products.. Applications.. Industries for feed productions.. Industries for fish feed production.. Industries for premixes.. Industries for pet feed.. Breeding farms.. Agriculturists- veterinary..

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  • Title: for slaughter
    Descriptive info: for slaughter.. E.. logak software is suitable for slaughter house.. Monitoring the massacres and printing labels with data from the slaughter, ready to be posted on the carcasses.. Only for.. 50.. Daily report.. Print labels with carcasses detail.. More information..

    Original link path: /en-us/software/glelogak.aspx
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  • Title: POS System
    Descriptive info: POS System.. erra Retail is a software which the user can fully manage at all levels of a retailer.. Specifically, the user has the ability to monitor data customers and suppliers, to have quick reports on sales, stocks, etc.. The Terra Retail POS system is for retail sale.. It is designed to operate with touch screen (touch  ...   store, warehouse monitoring, sales statistics between years, statistics from vendors, operators, etc.. Connect with weighing machines, sending items to scales, sending different items per scale.. Queue management fund Quickly species, category and photo.. Multiple payment methods (cash, credit cards, checks, bills, etc.. ).. Management of discount coupons.. Suitable for.. Super Markets.. Mini Markets.. Βutchers.. Clothing - Footwear stores..

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  • Title: find your vehicle real time
    Descriptive info: find your vehicle real time.. g.. leye is a software that monitors in real time, the path of an object (gps device) over the map.. This device can easily be put on any vehicle (car, motorcycle, boat, etc) or to have with us.. Real-time monitoring.. provide all the information on your vehicles in real time as routing, maximum speed, stops etc.. Operation.. The operation of the gl eye is easy, and is described by the following steps.. Installing the device on the vehicle  ...   to you.. In each account you can track multiple vehicles.. For demo use go to.. gleye.. The price included.. 300.. GPS / GPRS Device.. 1 year subscription tracking in real time.. Routing.. Αdvantages.. real - time monitoring.. Historical archive routing 10 years.. Attitudes, maximum speed, summoning emergency.. Notify a mobile phone if the vehicle is moved from its position.. Current position of vehicles with automatic display on the map.. Ability to routing.. Save the positions of each vehicle as a point of interest..

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  • Title: Industrial terminals,Scales,Printers
    Descriptive info: Industrial terminals,Scales,Printers.. since 2004 has the exclusive distribution in Greece from the French company.. IPO.. IPO.. is an innovative company, which invests in research and product design, providing advanced technology products.. ipo-sa.. com.. in 2006 designed and produce an automatic weighing machine and printing labels.. , on food products.. The implementation of this production,  ...   The novelty of.. GL Labeler.. against other relevant machinery that can operate as a single channel system for production management and traceability system, to derive automatically the identity of the Lot from the rest of the system, without having type a single operator, thus minimizing the mistakes.. You can manage the machine remotely also..

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