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  • Title: Civitas A.E - Καλωσήρθατε στη Civitas
    Descriptive info: .. Civitas A.. E.. Αρχική.. Η εταιρεία.. Τι πιστεύουμε.. Γιατί να επιλέξετε τη CIVITAS.. Σχέσεις εμπιστοσύνης.. Στρατηγικές Συνεργασίες.. Συμμετοχή σε Ενώσεις.. Εξειδικεύσεις.. Πελάτες.. Brand Clients.. Εταιρικοί Πελάτες.. Οι άνθρωποι.. Τμήμα Εξυπηρέτησης Πελατών.. Τμήμα Οργάνωσης Διοίκησης.. Δημιουργικό Τμήμα.. Ketchum.. Διακρίσεις.. Think Tank.. Επικοινωνία.. CIVITAS Blog.. H συμμετοχή σας είναι πολύτιμη!.. Καλό ταξείδι Αρτέμη!.. ΞΑΝΑΦΤΙΑΧΝΟΝΤΑΣ ΤΗΝ ΕΙΚΟΝΑ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΑΣ.. Σύνδεσμοι.. Περιεχόμενα.. Top.. Skip to content.. Copyright © 2011 Civitas A.. All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: Civitas A.E - Welcome to Civitas A.E
    Descriptive info: Home.. Our Company.. Our Values.. Why choose CIVITAS.. Long-term relationships based on trust.. Strategic Partnerships.. Professional Affiliations.. Specialization.. Our Clients.. Corporate Clients.. Our People.. Client Service Department.. Internal Operations Department.. Creative Department.. Distinctions.. Contact us.. Links.. Sitemap..

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  • Title: Civitas A.E - CIVITAS at a glance
    Descriptive info: CIVITAS at a glance.. decrease font size.. increase font size.. CIVITAS provides specialized consultancy services in the areas of strategy, communications and public affairs to corporations and organizations of the private and the public sector in Greece and Southeastern Europe.. Since its inception, in 1994, until today, CIVITAS has collaborated with some of the biggest Greek and multinational companies.. Our ideas have helped our clients seize business opportunities, successfully address corporate challenges and achieve outstanding results.. Recognized with more Accolades than any other communication agency of our region, and a tally of  ...   approach and our strong commitment towards results.. CIVITAS has an exclusive partnership with Ketchum for Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, and the other countries of SE Europe.. Practice Areas.. :.. CIVITAS offers consultancy and services on the following major disciplines of Public Relations and Communication:.. Corporate Communications.. Technology Communications.. Brand marketing.. Digital Communication.. Crisis Issues Management.. Energy Industry Communication.. Institutional Communication.. Food Drinks Communications.. Healthcare Communications.. CSR Green Communications.. Internal Communications Change Management.. Media Spokesperson Training.. Leisure Communications.. Research.. Creative Services.. Public Affairs.. Political Communication Public Campaigns.. Financial Investor Communications.. Tweet.. back to top..

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  • Title: Civitas A.E - Our philosophy
    Descriptive info: Our philosophy.. In.. CIVITAS.. we aim at breaking new ground to get to the top and we set new market standards that keep us in the forefront of our industry.. We aspire to being the best Greek and one of the top European PR Communications agency.. Leverage on our international networking capabilities and bring to the market innovative.. know-how, deep expertise and efficient tools.. Help our clients achieve their business goals by maximizing their potential,.. See  ...   year-end results which ensure the long-term prospects of our agency and reflect.. a fair compensation for our efforts.. employs people who are committed to business excellence and embrace our core values of integrity, creativity and innovation; people who anticipate future trends and stay one step ahead of the game.. In every project we follow a five-step approach: i).. , ii).. Target priorities.. , iii).. Strategic Planning.. , iv).. Implementation.. , v).. Measurement and Evaluation of Results..

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  • Title: Civitas A.E - Why choose CIVITAS
    Descriptive info: Why choose CIVITAS.. Four top reasons.. to choose.. for communication services:.. 1.. Its deep insight and understanding of business, political and social environments.. Prior to devising a strategy that suits each client’s needs, CIVITAS people study, analyze and evaluate carefully all the interacting components that shape the current political, financial, business, social and media scene.. Furthermore, our collaboration with well-known Research Agencies provides us with valuable and relevant information on a continuous basis.. 2.. Its wide sector/industry knowledge.. CIVITAS executives leverage on their extensive know-how and their valuable expertise to offer services that span over a broad spectrum of industries, from Mergers Acquisitions and  ...   systematic and meticulous processes this knowledge base is codified on a per-sector basis and is shared by all CIVITAS employees.. 3.. Its professional experience.. Our people bring many years of experience in devising and implementing multi-faceted and complex communication strategies for various clients.. Combined with its diverse range of clients, CIVITAS experience ensures deliverables of the highest professional standards, perfectly tailored to the needs of our clientele.. 4.. Its human capital.. CIVITAS team consists of seasoned professionals who cover different specialty areas and combine a long and successful career with a sound academic background in various fields (Law, Business Administration, Political Sciences, Marketing and Advertising)..

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  • Title: Civitas A.E - Long-term relationships based on trust
    Descriptive info: Long-term relationships based on trust.. Our clients recognize.. as a trusted and reliable communications consultant.. Our strategic rigor, our deep insight into a wide range of disciplines and industries, as well as our award-winning performance have convinced even the most demanding clients of how effective our communications services are.. is passionate about the success of its clients’ business, as highlighted by our strong bonds and our long-standing collaboration with top accounts..

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  • Title: Civitas A.E - Strategic Partnerships
    Descriptive info: Strategic Partnerships.. CIVITAS has a broad network of renowned strategic partners in areas such as research, business consulting, human resource management, technology, communications and campaign production, which cover every communications need both in Greece and abroad.. In collaboration with our partners, we develop innovative tools, state-of-the art methodology and know-how, ensuring the delivery of top-notch communications services..

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  • Title: Civitas A.E - Professional Affiliations
    Descriptive info: Professional Affiliations.. is an active member of various unions and organizations which play a critical role in drafting Greece’s financial and business agenda.. Please see below the professional affiliations and partnerships of.. :.. Federation of Greek Industries.. Greek Association of Advertising Communications Companies.. Athens Chamber of Commerce Industry.. Communications Institute of the Greek Association of Advertising Communications Companies..

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  • Title: Civitas A.E - Areas of Specialization
    Descriptive info: Areas of Specialization.. Οι περιοχές εξειδίκευσης της.. περιλαμβάνουν:.. Corporate.. Communications.. Technology.. Digital.. Communication.. Energy Industry.. Institutional.. CSR and Green.. Brand.. Marketing.. Food Drinks.. Healthcare.. Leisure.. Creative.. Services.. Crisis Issues.. Management.. Internal Communications.. and Change Management.. Media Spokesperson.. Training.. Public.. Affairs.. Political Communication.. and Public Campaigns.. Financial Investor.. More in this category:.. Corporate Communications..

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  • Title: Civitas A.E - Brand Clients
    Descriptive info: Brand Clients.. CIVITAS has worked with a large number of national and international clients covering a broad spectrum of practice areas and sectors such as manufacturing, defense industry, financials, insurance, information technology, telecommunications, consumer goods, public companies, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations..

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  • Title: Civitas A.E - Corporate Clients
    Descriptive info: Corporate Clients..

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