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    Descriptive info: .. BIOPOLITICS INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION (B.. I.. O.. ).. B.. Google.. Who we are.. About B.. |.. Sponsors.. People and networking.. Biopolicy.. e-Library topics.. Projects.. Progress.. by Year.. by Country.. Campaigns.. Bios Prizes.. World Referendum.. Environmental Olympics.. Education.. IUBE.. e-Learning.. Publications.. Bionews.. Proceedings.. Resolutions.. Textbooks.. CD-Roms.. What is new.. Bio-tourism - Local Communities in Greece and Albania.. benefit from new IPA Cross-Border Program.. Greek.. Español.. Chinese.. Biopolitics International Organisation B.. |.. e-mail :bios@otenet.. gr.. | Follow us on:.. 10 TIM.. VASSOU ST.. ATHENS 11521 | GREECE |.. TEL: (+30) 210 6432419.. FAX: (+30) 210 6428633..

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  • Title: What's BIO
    Descriptive info: Many people believe that humanity lives in an era of decline.. A global shadow of environmental threats shows the approaching dangers that jeopardize our very existence on this planet.. Bios (life) has evolved for billions of years.. As we are standing on the doorstep of a new millennium, we need to awaken our senses and appreciate this precious gift.. Prof.. Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis, B.. President and Founder.. Message from the President (video).. History.. Profile.. Goals.. Countries.. Achievements.. International Support.. Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis.. President and Founder, Biopolitics International Organisation.. In 1985, after having dedicated twenty years to teaching and research in biology, Professor Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis founded the Biopolitics International Organisation (B.. ) to promote international cooperation and education for the environment.. With Greece as its operating basis, B.. has gained wide acclaim by scholars and decision-makers in 165 countries around the world, and has been granted special Consultative Status with the United Nations' Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).. Motivated by the feeling that humanity needs to move at a faster pace in order to prevent destruction and in strong belief that the future of humankind depends on groundbreaking reforms in education, Professor Vlavianos-Arvanitis launched, in 1990, the International University for the Bio-Environment.. In 1992, she proposed the revival of the ancient ideal of cease-fire during the Olympic Games, and the award of Bios Prizes for excellence in environmental protection in all fields.. Her proposal for cease-fire during the Olympic Games was adopted as a United Nations Resolution.. A graduate of Columbia University's Barnard College (B.. A.. ), New York University (M.. S.. ) and the University of Athens (Ph.. D.. ), Professor Vlavianos-Arvanitis, worked as a researcher at the Museum of Natural History, in New York, at the University of California Berkeley, and at the University of Paris.. She taught biology, biochemistry and human genetics at the Friends Seminary in New York, at the American Community Schools Academy in Athens, and at the University of Maryland.. Her professional experience also includes the organisation of numerous international conferences, and the publication of over forty volumes of proceedings, hundreds of articles and monographs, and a plethora of textbooks and educational materials.. Fluent in Greek, English, French and German, she is the author of poetry in Greek and English, which has been translated in French, Russian, Iranian and Japanese.. She is Visiting Professor of Bioethics at Panteion University, Athens, Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science, Honorary Professor of St.. Petersburg State Technological University for Plant Polymers,.. Doctor Honoris Causa.. of Mendeleyev University, Moscow, Active Member of the The Club of Rome, Founder and President of the Hellenic Chapter of the Club of Rome, Corresponding Member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Founding Member of the Middle East Division of Learning Without Borders, Member of the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO, the Balkan Political Club, the Brussels-EU Chapter of the Club of Rome, the International Bioethics Society, the Board of Trustees of the Uganda National Foundation for Research and Development, the Board of the Euro-Arab Cooperation Center, the International Board of the European Generation Foundation, the Scientific Committee of Greenaccord, the Academic Committee of the Regional Interdisciplinary Programme for Bioethics in Latin America, and the Advisory Board of the.. Journal of Cleaner Production.. Moreover, she is Commissioner on The Global Commission to Fund the United Nations, Founding Member of the Balkan Academy of Sciences, New Culture and Sustainable Development, Co-Founder of the International Science Foundation, Scholarship Trustee for the Hellenic Canadian Association, Member of the International Academy of Ecology, Human and Nature Safety Sciences, Transparency International, the Hellenic Philosophical Society, the National Society of Greek Writers, and the Euro-American Women's Council.. She has also served as Vice-President of the International Bioethics Society, Member of the Board of the Alliance for Environmental Education, Co-Founder and President of the Columbia University Alumni Association in Greece, President of the Greek Barnard Alumnae Association, Honorary President of the Association Members and Coordinator for the Mediterranean Region of the "Life in Space" project, and Vice President of the UNESCO-MAB Hellenic National Committee.. She has received many international distinctions, including: the 2004 Biopolicy Award by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences; the election, along with Michael Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela and Maurice Strong as Honorary President for Life by UNA Sri Lanka; Honorary Diploma by the Minister of Emergencies of Ukraine for her contribution to the elimination of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident; the election as an International Patron of Global Co-operation for a Better World; the 2012 Gold Medal for Greece by the American Biographical Institute; the commemorative Gold Medal of Honour for outstanding achievements and dedication to personal and professional goals and the election as 1994 and 2009 Woman of the  ...   individual for the benefit of the world and future generations.. In January 1990, B.. launched the.. , with the goal to introduce essential reforms on all educational levels and promote new biocentric curricula in every academic field.. The I.. actions the B.. belief that education is the key to enlightening students and teachers in all academic areas to become environmentally conscious and responsible world citizens.. It is a truly universal initiative encompassing all educational levels set up with an ambitious but happening agenda to act as a catalyst, seeking to infuse institutions and their graduates with biocentric values and to encourage a deeper, internalised environmental awareness.. It is seen as the means by which B.. can vaccinate all existing institutions with a love of bios and impart this message to students and training professionals.. offers bios-centred assistance to other universities and training centres internationally, and to all the disciplines taught within them, rather than traditional diplomas or awards.. Fighting the trend towards over-specialisation, it seeks to open up all areas of study and training to an appreciation of life on our planet, and facilitates the implementation of multidisciplinary environmental concepts in education.. Our times are characterised by rapid scientific and technological progress, but also by serious threats to the environment.. A.. bio-assessment of technology.. would allow for the positive dimensions of progress to prevail over destruction.. In an effort to establish a diachronic search for values, B.. launched an international.. campaign in 1992.. This initiative has been widely supported by prominent politicians, academic institutions, UN organisations and members of the International Olympic Committee.. The campaign emphasises the importance of bio-environmental preservation and proposes the world-wide acknowledgement of accomplishments in this field by special.. , awarded on the occasion of the Olympic Games.. Cease-fire.. during the Olympic Games is a major part of this initiative, and the respective B.. proposal was adopted as a resolution by the UN General Assembly in 1993.. A large part of the current environmental crisis is due to the pursuit of short-term economic prosperity, therefore, the active participation of the business world is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of the aforementioned plans.. , focusing on environmental protection as a viable and profitable business strategy, has been actively promoting the sensitisation of the business world to the fact that economic and environmental profit can be achieved simultaneously and are not mutually exclusive.. As a result, it is necessary to re-evaluate current business concepts, in order to ensure that the economic driving force directly contributes to the preservation and appreciation of bios and the environment.. Threats to the environment do not discriminate along national boundaries, ethnicity or religion.. They can be resolved through multilateral co-operation and through.. bio-diplomacy.. , a global effort in defence of the environment.. Peace can become a reality if the world acknowledges the value of co-operation in environmental protection and joins in.. bio-culture.. , a global appreciation of bios.. Goals of.. International educational reforms.. and an efficient global bio-education through the Internet (e-learning) and the use of satellites and other communication links.. International co-operation.. in environmental protection leading to an era of bio-diplomacy.. A World Referendum.. f.. or the millions of citizens of the planet to affirm their willingness to safeguard the environment and the rights of future generations.. International legislation.. on bios rights and human obligations towards the environment.. A re-evaluation of business and management concepts.. and the development of new economic strategies compatible with environmental preservation.. A Green Salary.. instead of benefits for the unemployed in exchange for a voluntary contribution to environmental protection.. An electronic Bank of Ideas.. in which scientists, scholars and experts, as well as any concerned citizen, may contribute information and create a rich repository of facts and reflections on the environment, promoting a more efficient exchange of know-how.. An international campaign for.. and the award of.. to individuals or institutions that have made an outstanding contribution to the protection and appreciation of the bio-environment.. Cease.. -.. fire during the Olympic Games.. ,.. a B.. proposal adopted as a resolution by the UN General Assembly.. A global bio-assessment of technology.. to ensure technological and economic progress that support the bio-environment and to help bridge the gap between technological progress and societal values.. In reference to the issue of Bios in the New Millennium, experts in respective fields will be asked to present a thesis and antithesis and then create a synthesis of new concepts.. Emphasis will be placed on identifying ways of reducing negative environmental impact so as to truly benefit from the contributions of technological breakthroughs.. has friends and supporters in 165 countries around the world.. (Click here for Details).. Click here.. for some of the things written about us..

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  • Title: Sponsors
    Descriptive info: 2012.. Kitty P.. Kyriacopoulos.. Hellenic Aluminium Industry S.. Alpha Bank.. Hellenic Petroleum S.. Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation (OTE).. 2011.. European Commission - Leonardo da Vinci.. Public Power Corporation (Δ.. Ε.. Η.. ALPHA BANK.. KLEOS S.. Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation (OTE.. ).. 2010.. Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.. Hellenic Aid.. General Secretariat for Youth.. Greek Ministry of Labour and Social Security.. European Commission.. Leonardo da Vinci Programme.. USER Corporation.. DOCUSYS S.. – XEROX PREMIER PARTNER.. Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation.. 2009.. Kyriacopoulos.. 2008.. Hellenic Aid Department YDAS.. – XEROX Premier Partner.. 2007.. 2006.. General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad.. Ministry of Culture.. OTE.. OTEnet.. Hellas-on-Line.. Xerox Hellas S.. 2005.. A.. G.. Leventis Foundation.. DHL International.. Hotel Herodion.. Irene Vassilopoulou.. Hewlett-Packard Hellas.. 2004.. Coca-Cola.. National Bank of Greece.. 2003.. Hellenic Ministry of Environment Physical Planning.. and Public Works.. T.. he Michael Marks Charitable Trust.. Ioannis Vassiliou.. Action Link/Action Synergy S.. Maramenos Pateras.. 2002.. International Development Co-operation Department - Hellenic Aid.. The Michael Marks Charitable Trust.. Greek Ministry of Culture.. The A.. Lonza Ltd.. George Pantelis.. 2001.. E.. uropean Commission.. Nicos J.. Vardinoyannis Foundation.. Pyrros N.. Vardinoyannis.. Prefecture of the Dodecanese.. Mandylas S.. ELAIS S.. G.. and M.. Molfesis.. Phoenix General Insurance S.. Mi-Thita Group of Enterprises.. Tsafos Pleasure Cruises.. 2000.. System International Foundation.. OPAP.. Zeneca Hellas S.. 1999.. N.. J.. Commercial Bank of Greece.. Ministry of Foreign Affairs - General Secretariat of Greeks Abroad.. Action Synergy S.. Prefecture of Ileia.. Local Union of  ...   Hellenic National Tourism Organisation (EOT).. Epirotiki Sea Lines S.. Municipality of Athens.. Evgenidion Foundation.. Themis Hatzigianni.. EKO S.. Inform Lykos S.. Energiaki Techniki S.. Virgin Atlantic Airways.. Dow Hellas S.. Hellenic Industrial Development Bank.. Austrian Airlines.. Tombros.. Kraft General Foods Hellas.. Zuri-Invest A.. KALAS S.. Eltron S.. Darex S.. M.. 1993.. INTRACOM S.. Hellenic National Tourism Organisation.. MAVIKO S.. H.. Benroubi Son S.. Hellenic Industrial Development Bank S.. Friesland Hellas S.. Greek Ministry of Culture and Sciences.. Interamerican S.. ICAP S.. Eleusis Shipyards.. Billinder Marine Co.. Playmobil Hellas S.. Triaina Travel Agency.. Infoware.. Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce.. 1992.. Ministry of Foreign Affairs.. American College of Greece.. Bank of Greece.. Demakos.. Phoenix General Insurance Co.. Alusuisse Lonza Holding Ltd.. ICI Hellas S.. Olympic Airways.. Cleanburn.. Colgate-Palmolive Hellas.. Cris-Pan S.. ICAP Hellas S.. Kougioufas S.. 1991.. Frangos.. Gatzonis.. The British Council.. Electra Hotel.. Barclays Bank Plc.. D.. Kourtakis.. Goulandris.. Potamianos.. G Demakos.. Sun Alliance Insurance Hellas S.. Cibar Software Technologies.. Europe S.. Meton S.. AEGEK S.. Veitsiluoto Oy Finland.. Vianex S.. Economidis.. 1990.. Angelos.. 1989.. Petzetakis S.. Hellenic Plastic and Rubber Industry.. Thrace Paper Mills (DIANA),Hellenic Industrial Development Bank.. American Express Bank.. 1988.. Ministry of Foreign Affairs.. Council of Europe European Public Campaign on North-South Interdependence and Solidarity.. National Tourism Organisation.. Interamerican.. Thrace Paper Mills (DIANA).. Petsalis.. Hadji-Dai.. Agricultural Bank of Greece.. Martinou.. Kouvaras.. General Bank of Greece.. 1987.. G Leventis Foundation.. Cipico.. Martinos.. Pateras.. Vivechrom.. Rank Xerox..

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    Descriptive info: has an extensive network of supporters and affiliates (leading representatives, academics,.. diplomats, civic and business leaders, and institutions) in 165 countries around the world.. Afghanistan.. National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan Central Council - United Nations and International Conferences Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.. Albania.. V.. Agoras.. , Actor, Director, National Theater of Agioi Saranta.. Angjeli.. , Economist, Member of Parliament Ambassador.. Cabej.. P.. Ciruna.. , International Relations, Albanian Telecom.. Cuci.. , Member of the General Leading Committee, Former Minister of the Economy.. R.. Dhimitri.. , Executive Director, Albanian Civil Society Foundation.. Imami.. , Member of Parliament, General Secretary, Democratic Alliance Party.. Kamberi.. , Architect, Member BioAlba.. Kamberi,.. Member BioAlba.. Nesho.. , Director, Albanian Foundation for European Affairs.. Z.. Pilika.. Pogaci.. , Journalist, Radio Tirana.. Rexha.. , Mechanical Engineer.. , Member, BioAlba.. Salilari,.. Selfo.. , Chairman, Committee of Environmental Protection Ambassador.. Zeneli.. , International Secretary, Vice-Chairman, Foreign Policy Committee of the Parliament.. Albanian Atlantic Association - Albanian Civil Society Foundation - Albanian Foundation for European Affairs - Albanian Institute for International Studies - Albanian Labour Force Development Agency, National Employment Force - Albanian Telecom - BIO ALBA - Council of Ministers, Government of Albania - Foundation for the Development of Culture - General Policy Directorate, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy - Institute for Democracy and Mediation - Laboratory of Sedimentology, Faculty of Geology, University of Tirana - Ministry of Environment - Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Women - National Agency of Energy, Renewable Energies Department - National Commission for UNESCO - National Theater of Agioi Saranta - Presidency of the Republic of Albania - Press Office of the Albanian Parliament - Professional and Business Women Association - Shkodra Municipality.. Algeria.. Ambassador.. M.. Louhibi.. ADPE Association pour le Developpement et la Rromotion de l' Enterprise - Faculty of Sciences, University of Oran Es Senia - International Olympic Committee.. Andorra.. Andorran National Commission for UNESCO.. Angola.. Marques.. , Manager, Sinform.. Sinform - Universidade Catolica de Angola.. Argentina.. Abramides.. , Adviser, World Council of Churches Professor.. Maiorana.. , Dean, Faculty of Humanities and the Arts, Universidad Nacional de Rosario.. Martin Saravia.. , Councillor and Charge d' Affaires, Embassy of Argentina -.. L.. Mondino.. , Geologist, Environmental Educator Professor.. F.. Parenti.. , Director, Regional Bioethics Programme, Universidad Nacional de Rosario -.. Pigretti.. , Lawyer, President, SADARN.. Academia Nacional de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas y Naturales Argenitina - Asociacion pro Naciones Unidas de Argentina - Biblioteca Nacional de la Republica Argentina - Faculty of Humanities and the Arts, Universidad Nacional de Rosario - Instituto de Bioetica, Revista "Vida y Etica" - Ponitificia Universidad Catolica Argentina - President SADARN Pigretti Abogados - Secretaria de Recursos Naturales y Desarrollo Sustentable - UNHCR Regional Office for South America - World Council of Churches.. Armenia.. Kirakossian.. European Union Chamber of Commerce in Armenia - Faculty of Biology, Yerevan State University - Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia - National Academy of Sciences of Armenia - National Commission for UNESCO.. Aruba.. International Olympic Committee.. Australia.. Professor.. Boyden.. , Australian National University.. Hume N.. Kaiyan Dr.. C.. McNaught.. , EPI Group.. Pantelis,.. Stone Mason.. Reeve.. , Principal Consultant, Environmental Protection Authority.. Dr.. Rich.. , Writer, Psychologist Dr.. K.. Suter.. , Writer, University of Sydney.. Wensly.. , Ambassador for the Environment, International Organisations and Legal Division.. ANU WildCountry Research and Policy Hub, School of Resources, Environment and Society, Australian National University College of Science - Athena Foundation - Australia Academy of Science - Australia International Olympic Committee - Department of Philosophy, The University of Western Australia - Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourne - Fortian Productions Pty.. Ltd.. - Institute of Neurological Sciences, Prince of Wales Hospital - Murdock Institute - National Library of Australia - Panarcadian Federation of Australia - Planet Ark Environmental Foundation - School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Murdoch University, Perth - Show Ads Interactive - T.. Menounos & Associates, Solicitors & Attorneys - United Nations Association of Australia - University of Sydney - WOODTECH.. Austria.. W.. Blenk.. , Chairman, Science and Research Committee, Austrian Parliament Professor.. H.. Botterweg.. , Danube PCU Dr.. J.. Leibetseder.. , Dean, Veterinary University of Vienna Rev.. Masar.. -Professor.. Moser.. , Institut fur Biotechnologie.. Joseph Rostamian.. Turcan.. , Technical Assistant, Danube PCU Dr.. Unger.. , President, European Academy of Arts and Sciences.. Austrian Academy of Sciences - Austrian Chapter of the Club of Rome - Austrian National Library - Austrian Arab Chamber - Austro Energy Services GmbH - BCS - Business Culture Sport - Bundesamt Fur Wasserwirtschaft - Centre for Peace Studies, European University - Cercle Diplomatique Kg - Danube PCU, Vienna International Centre - Eco4Ward - Energy Community Secretariat (ECS) - European Academy of Sciences and Arts - European Support Centre of The Club of Rome - Federal Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry - Federal Ministry of Environment, Youth and Family Affairs - Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection - Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP - Gelbes Kreuz International - IMABE Institut fur medizinische Anthropologie und Bioethik - Institut fur Burgerlishers Recht, Universitet Graz - Institute for Statistics and Informatics, University of Vienna - International Institute for Applied System Analysis, Technical University Austria - InterVega Reisen - Lansky Ganzger & Partners - Lehner Executive Partners - MEC Management Energy Consulting - MIDO Gesellschaft m.. b.. H - Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Water Management - NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH - Oekosozialen Forum Osterreich / Europa - OkoBusinessPlan Wien - OMV Gas & PowerGmbH - OSCE - Osterreichiesche Elektrizitatswirtschafts AG/VT/ - Seri - Sustainable Europe Research Institute - Siemens AG Osterreich Energy Sector CEE - Southeast European Cooperative Initiative - United Nations Association of Austria - United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Vienna International Center - University of Vienna - Verbund International GmbH - Veterinary University of Vienna - Vienna Economic Forum - Wincos Beratungs und Beteiligungs GmbH.. Azerbaijan.. Center for Political Technologies - Commission for International Relations, Parliament of Azerbaijan - Department of International Public Law, Baku State University - East West Research Centre - The Association of Social Problems Research - TURAN - YUS SERVIS.. Bahamas.. Hogg.. , Lecturer, The College of the Bahamas.. Department of Environmental Health Services - The College of the Bahamas - The College of the Bahamas Library.. Bahrain.. Buzizi.. , Chief Executive, Bahrain Hotels Company.. College of Graduate Studies, Arabian Gulf University.. Bangladesh.. Ahsan.. , University of Chittagong Professor.. Hashemi.. , Project Director, Grameen Trust, Grameen Bank.. Asia Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists (APFEJ) - Forum of Environmental Journalists of Bangladesh - Grameen Trust - Southern University Bangladesh - United Nations Association of Bangladesh - University of Chittagong.. Barbados.. Broomes.. , Permanent Secretary Representative, Ministry of Labour and Environment.. International Olympic Committee - Ministry of Labour and Environment Marine House - United Nations Association of Barbados.. Belarus.. Evorovsky.. , Graduate, School for Social Research Dr.. N.. Ivanov.. , President, United Nations Association.. Nikolayevna.. , Chair.. , Permanent Committee on Ecological Problems.. "Joint Projects" International Association - Academic Scientific and Technical Complex "Sosny" - B.. Stepanov Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences - Belarus State Polytechnic Academy - Belarusian State University - Division of Optical Problems of Informatics, National Academy of Sciences - Institute for Problems of Natural Resources Use and Ecology, National Academy of Sciences - Institute of Applied Optics, National Academy of Sciences - Institute of Biochemistry, National Academy of Sciences - Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences - Institute of Electronics, National Academy of Sciences - Institute of Genetics and Cytology, National Academy of Sciences - Institute of History, National Academy of Sciences - Institute of Mathematics, National Academy of Sciences - Institute of Molecular and Atomic Physics, National Academy of Sciences - Institute of Philosophy and Law, National Academy of Sciences - Institute of Physiology, National Academy of Sciences - Institute of Solid State and Semiconductor Physics, National Academy of Sciences - Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Sciences - National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Sciences - National Commission for UNESCO - National Library of Belarus - Permanent Committee on Ecological Problems, National Academy of Sciences - Research Centre on Resource Saving, National Academy of Sciences - Research Centre on Resource Savings of the Belarus National Academy of Sciences - Scientific Research Assoc.. "Cybernetics" - United Nations Association of Belarus.. Belgium.. W.. Blackmer.. , Partner, Wilmer, Cutler Pickering.. Cartalis.. , President, Administration des Societes Professor.. Feltz.. , Catholic University of Louvain Dr.. Hanquet.. , Senator Dr.. Klein.. , President, SIRMCE.. Kremlis.. , Head of Judicial and Legislative Affairs, Community Law, European Commission DG XI Professor.. Lints.. , Catholic University of Louvain.. Luyckx,.. Director Vision 2020.. Rassenfosse.. , SmithKline Biologicals.. Strongylis.. , Astrophysicist, Commission of the European Communities DG XI Professor.. Susanne.. , Dean, Faculty of Sciences, VRIJE University.. van Donkelaar.. , GreenTech Research Dr.. van Essche.. , Director, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, European Commission.. "Vision 2020" - Administration des Societes - Amilar asbl - ANPED Northern Alliance for Sustainability - Association des Etats Generaux des Etudiants de l'Europe - B.. P.. - Bio Pharma Logistics - Bellona Europa - The Bellona Foundation - Boell Stiftung - Brussels Office, University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership - Bulletin Athena - Bureau of European Policy Advisors, European Commission - Catholic University of Louvain - Center for Human Genetics, University of Leuven - Central Library of the European Commission - Cross Communication sprl - Cross Border Ecosystem Management & Restoration - D.. Ens.. Sup.. & Recherche Scientifique - Dexia Asset Management - DHL - Directorate General for Committees and Delegations, European Parliament - Directorate General for Communication - European Commission - Dokters van de Wereld - EESC Press Office - EFTA - ENEL Office in Brussels - EPAA The European Partneship - Eufores - European AIDS Treatment Group - European Commission Directorate General for Research & Innovation - European Commission / EuropeAid Cooperation Office, ACP EU Water Facility Group - European Commission Directorate for Industrial Technologies - European Commission Directorate General XII Science, Research and Development - European Commission, Environment Directorate General - European Communities Biologists Association - European Defence Agency - European Economic and Social Committee - European Economic and Social Committee, "Sustainable Development Observatory," Specialised Section for Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment - European Economic and Social Committee, External Relations, Agriculture, Rural Development, Environment, Transport, Energy, Sustainable Development - European Food Information Council EUFIC - European Institute of Bioethics - European Partners for the Environment - European Recovery & Recycling Association - European Renewable Energy Council - European Women's Lobby - Euroshareholders int.. associates - EuroVisioning.. org - Faculty of Sciences, VRIJE Universiteit Brussel - FEDARENE - Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Public Health and Environment - Flanders Interuniversity Institute for Biotechnology - Friends of the Earth Europe - Front Partners - Global Crop Protection Federation - Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment - Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) - GreenFacts Foundation - Greenloop - Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance - Humanitarian Affairs Review - IES - Institut d' Etudes Europeennes, Universite catholique de Louvain - Institut de Mathematique de l'Universite de Liege - Institute for Environmental Security - Institute for European Environmental Policy - International Alert - International Coal Letter - International Crisis Group - International Society of City and Regional Planners, Foundation for the Urban Environment - Laboratory for Ecotoxicology, Free University of Brussels - MHV - Mondo - Multilateral and Regional Affairs Section - NATO Political Affairs Division - N.. V.. Bekaert S.. A - Natuurpunt - NEREUS - NEW EUROPE, The European Weekly - Ninety Degrees bvba - NXP Semiconductors - People to People International - Phoenix Inc.. - Pol.. Descamps & Partners V.. F - Politique Internationale et Developpement Economique Durable, AETS - Procter and Gamble Services Company NV/SA - Royal Library of Belgium - Siemens SA Industry, Industry Solutions, Pulp & Paper Industry - Societe Royale des Sciences de Liege - The American European Community Association AECA - The Brussels EU Chapter of the Club of Rome - The Conference Board Europe - The European Finance Convention - The Group of Lisbon - The Lisbon Council - The Prince of Wale's EU Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change - The World Bank, European Affairs - United Nations, Regional Information Centre for Western Europe - Universite Libre de Bruxelles - Universite Libre Internationale - Vereniging voor de Verenigde Naties - VITO Flemish Institute for Technological Research - VUB Centrum voor UNO Recht - Whirlpool Europe - World Academy of Art and Science - World Federation of Advertisers WWF European Policy Office.. Belize.. Oluwafemi Babatunde Ojo.. , Lecturer, University of Belize, Belize.. Benin.. Adjanohoun.. , Universite Nationale du Benin.. Tevoedjre.. , President, Panafrican Center of Social Prospective.. Cabinet d' avocats Alao et associes - Centre Panafricain de Prospective Sociale - Universite Nationale du Benin.. Bermuda.. Knap.. , Director, Bermuda Biological Station for Research.. Bermuda Biological Station for Research, Inc.. Bhutan.. Ministry of Foreign Affairs - United Nations Association of Bhutan.. Bolivia.. Claudia Ayala.. Bosnia-Herzegovina.. Agic.. , GEA Group of Environmental Activities.. Jaganjac.. , Director, Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports Ambassador.. Ljubojevic.. Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Republic of Srpska - CMS Reich Rohrwig Hainz - Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, University of Sarajevo - Foreign Affairs Committee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Group for Environmental Activities - HQ EUFOR - Independent Bureau for Humanitarian Issues - Ministry of Physical Planning and Environment - State University of Banja Luka - University of Sarajevo.. Botswana.. The Honorable.. K.. Kedikilwe.. , Minister of Commerce and Industry.. Moat.. e, Assistant Secretary General, National Commission for UNESCO.. Sephuma.. , Deputy Permanent Secretary,Chairman, UNESCO National Commission Botswana Dr.. Torto.. , Department of Chemistry, University of Botswana.. Department of Chemistry, University of Botswana - Ministry of Education, Environmental Education, Curriculum Development - National Commission for UNESCO - University of Botswana.. Brazil.. Freitas.. Jaguaribe de Mattos.. , Dean, Institute of Political and Social Studies.. Major.. , State University of Ceara.. C.. Moura.. , Psychologist, President, Institute for Political and Social Studies.. Abet Open University - Akwan Information Technologies - Biology Department, Biological Sciences Center, State University of Londrina - BIOSFERA Brazilian Institute for the Environment - Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC) - Brazilian National Academy of Medicine - Brazilian Society of Bioethics - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro UFRJ, EcoDesign & Environmental Impacts - Institute of Political and Social Studies - Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicacoes - International Olympic Committee - Journal da CNPL - National Library of Brazil - Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo - Producoes Sustentaveis - PUC / RJ - Pyramid Construction and Environment Repairing - Secretariat of State for the Environment of Sao Paolo - Secretariat of State for the Environment and Urban Development of Rio de Janeiro - Socieda de Brasileira de Insrucao - State University of Ceara - United Nations University - Universidade Estadual de Maringa - World Union of Professions.. Bulgaria.. Chapkanova.. , Faculty of Chemistry, University of Sofia Professor.. Gersaimov Tsvetkov.. , Institute of Zoology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Dr.. Guoerguiev.. , Secretary General, National Commission for UNESCO Dr.. Koteva.. , Economist, E.. , Delegation in Sofia.. Maneva.. , Minister of the Environment and Waters Dr.. Mateva-Dontcheva.. , Scientific Research and Technological Institute D.. Petkov.. , Deputy Director, Institute for Social and Political Sciences Professor.. Sendov.. , President, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.. Slavkov.. , President, Bulgarian Olympic Committee Ambassador.. Stoyanov.. Zakhariev.. , President, Slavyani Foundation Dr.. Zakharieva.. , President, Association of Bulgarian Women.. "Ecozone" Agency for Sustainable Development and Euro integration - "Queen Giovana" University Hospital - Academy of Balkan Civilization - Agricultural University - AgroBioInstitute - ASPECTI, Investment Building Group - Aspolly Carrass International - Agency for Business and Consulting Activities Ltd.. - Association of Bulgarian Women - Association of Philosophers from South Eastern Europe - Balkan Academy of Sciences & Culture - Balkan Political Club - BG NES - Biodrinks Ltd.. - BlueLink, Information Network - Bulgaria Economic Forum - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - Bulgarian International Business Association - Bulgarian International Law Association - Bulgarian News Agency, BTA National Press Club - Bulgarian Nongovernment Organizations - Bulgarian Olympic Committee - Bulgarian Parliamentary Assembly - Bulgarian Stock Exchange Sofia - Bulgarian Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Bulgarian Industrial Association, Business Advisory Council - CEE CO Bulgaria - Centre Culturel et de Cooperation, "Institut Francais" - Deloitte Bulgaria Ltd.. - Department for OSCE and Regional Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Department of Forestry Economy, University of Forestry - Elprom Zem - Energy Efficiency Agency, Ministry of Energy and Energy Resources - European Management Center - Faculty of Chemistry, University of Sofia - Forum for Sustainable Development FOCUS - Friedrich Naumann Stiftung - George C.. Marshall Association Bulgaria - ICT Cluster Bulgaria - Institut de la Francophonie pour l'Administration et la gestion - Institute for Social and Political Sciences - Institute of Economics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - ISI Emerging Markets, Internet Securities Bulgaria - Jugoimport SDPR J.. - KLC Bulgaria Law Firm - Ministry of Economy and Energy, Energy Efficiency Agency - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works - Ministry of the Environment and Waters - National Assembly Committee on Energy and Recourses - National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria - National Association of Small and Medium Business - National Commission for UNESCO - Ned Star - New Bulgarian University - NMSS Headquarters - Overgas Inc.. AD - POLIMERI PLC - PR, Utilities Ltd.. - Regional Center of Euro Atlantic Initiatives - Royal Automobile Club de Bulgarie - Scientific Research and Technological Institute - Southern Caucasus, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty - Technical University Sofia - The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria - The Balkan Academy of Sciences - The National Assembly - The Slavyani Foundation - Transwagon Commerce Holding Ad - United Nations Association of Bulgaria - University of Food Technologies - Vacuum Technology Solutions Ltd.. - ViaExpo, Organisers of Professional Exhibitions.. Burkina Faso.. Baadhio.. , Secretary General, UNA -.. Etienne Bah.. , Medical Director, Centre of Medical Research - Professor.. Kabore.. , Director, Paul VI Medical Center - Dr.. Ouoba.. , President, Ethics Committee for Health Research.. Alterpharma - Centre d'Etudes pour le Developpement African - Health Research Ethics Committee of Burkina Faso - Paul VI Medical Centre - University of Ouagadougou.. Burundi.. Radio Bonesha Studio Ijambo.. Cambodia.. U.. Phyrun.. , Deputy General Director, Secretariat of State for Environment.. Cambodian Institute of Human Rights - National Assembly of Kingdom of Cambodia - State Secretariat for Environment.. Cameroon.. Mbarga.. , Chair, President, Cameroon Ozone Club Yaounde Cameroon.. Cameroon Ozone Club, Yaounde Cameroon - Voice of America Cameroon.. Canada.. Berraja.. , Department of Geography, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.. Castonguay.. Cebotarev.. Charest.. , Minister of the Environment.. Erath.. Hansen,.. Founder, Shuswap Bartrer Network Dr.. Levings.. , Research Scientist, West Vancouver Laboratory.. Owen.. Schell.. , Consultant, Department of External Affairs Ambassador.. Somerville.. Centre d' Ecologie Urbaine de Montreal - Centre de Recherche en Droit Public, Universite de Montreal - Department of Geography, Universite du Quebec a Montreal - Department of Mechanical Engineering, McMaster University - Department of Political Science, University of Toronto - Department of Public Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta - Department of Secondary Education, University of Alberta - Department of Sociology & Anthropology, University of Guelph - Department of the Environment - Fisheries and Oceans Canada, West Vancouver Laboratory - Foundation for International Training - Gnome Publications Ltd - Hellenic Canadian Congress - International Olympic Committee - IOGEN Corporation - Ministry of International Relations - National Library of Canada - Nuclear Waste Management Organization - School of Business, York University - School of Planning, University of British Columbia - Shuswap Barter Network - The Club of Rome, Canadian Association - The Royal Society of Canada - UNEP Convention on Biological Diversity - United Nations Association in Canada - University of Guelph - University of Montreal - WFUNA.. Cayman Islands.. Alio.. , Cayman Islands Department of Environment.. Chad.. , Secretary General, Chad UNESCO Commission.. Chad UNESCO Commission.. Chile.. Figueroa.. , University of Chile.. -.. Max-Neef.. , Economist, Centre for Development Alternatives.. Biblioteca Jose Maria Arguedas Center for Development Alternatives Direccion General de Planificacion, Universidad Tecnologica Metropolitana National Library of Chile Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Facultad de Medicina, Centro de Bioetica Universidad Austral de Chile Universidad de Desarrollo Universidad de los Andes University of Chile.. China.. Li.. , Asian Pacific Regional Research and Training Center for Integrated Fish Farming Dr.. X Liao.. , President, Global Village Beijing.. Liu.. , Deputy Director, Pollution Control Department Dr.. Soubassakis.. , Co-Founder, Eastern University of Science and Technology - Professor.. Y.. Tianjun.. , President, University of Science and Technology.. Wang.. , Deputy Mayor of Binzhou.. Yau.. X.. Yuan.. , Director, Beijing Jin Tai Museum.. Advisory Services China, Economist Corporate Network Asian Pacific Regional Research and Training Center for Integrated Fish Farming BAST Beijing Academy of Soft Technology Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing Municipal People's Government Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee Centre for Learning Enhancement and Research, Chinese University of Hong Kong China Association of Science and Technology Hong Kong (HKAAST) China National Radio (CNR) Civic Exchange Claire Public Relations Consultancy Ltd.. College of Environmental Sciences, Peking University College of Philosophy and Sociology, Beijing Normal University Economist Intelligence Unit Global Village of Beijing Green Earth Volunteers Institute of Architectural & Urban Studies, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University International Olympic Committee National Library of China Panjin DMSO Chemical Co.. , Ltd Pollution Control Department, National Environmental Protection Agency Research Center for Eco Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences School of Public Policy & Management, Tsinghua University The Chinese Academy of Science The Chinese National Committee for MAB United Nations Association of China University of Science and Technology.. Colombia.. Arenas Wightman.. , National Institute for Renewable Natural Resources and Environment.. Ariaw Garcia.. , Universidad de la Sabana Professor.. Barajas.. , Dean, Rosario University.. Betancur.. , President, Santillana Foundation for Latin America.. Betancur Mejia,.. Former Minister of Education, Foundator of ICETGX Ambassador.. Bonett.. Diaz Granados Tri,.. Executive Director, Foundation Pro-Sierra Nevada de Santa Martia Professor.. Garcia.. , Universidad de la Sabana.. Gomez Osorio.. , Director, Corporation Civica de Caldas.. Granados.. , Industrial Engineer, Franja Verde.. Lozano.. , President, Colombian Environmental Formation Network.. Mayr Maldonado.. Mejia.. , Executive Director, Corporacion Accion por Caldas Actuar Famiempresas Dr.. Patino.. , Director, Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Senora del Rosario Unviersidad.. Salazar Vega.. , Attorney, Legal Department, Texas Petroleum Co.. Suarez Melo.. , Rector, Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Senora del Rosario Universidad.. Uribe Botero.. , Agronomist, Department of National Planning.. Whitney,.. Director, Centro Colombo Americano.. Buen Ciudadano Centro Colombo Americano Centro Las Gaviotas Orinoquia Colombiana Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Senora del Rosario Colombian Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences Colombian Environmental Formation Network Corporacion Accion por Caldas Actuar Famiempresas Corporation Civica de Caldas Faculty of International Relations, Rosario University Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Faculty of Science & Institute of Bioethics, Potificia Universidad Javeriana Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia Franja Verde Fundacion Pro Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Fundacion Santillana para Iberoamerica Gobernacion de Risaralda ICETEX Instituto de Bioetica, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Instituto ZERI Para Latinoamerica "Zero Emissions Research Initiative" International Olympic Committee Manizales Chamber of Commerce Ministerio de Comercio Exterior Ministerio del Medio Ambiente National Library of Colombia Neuvos Medios EL PAIS Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Bogota Project Development Corporacion de integracion tecnologica para Colombia Universidad Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Senora del Rosario Universidad de la Sabana Universidad de la Sabana Universidad El Bosque Universidad Nacional Whales Heart Satellite Tracking Project.. Congo.. Nismou,.. Co-ordinator, Life-Link.. Association congolaise pour les Nations Unies Life Link Congo Medicus Mundi.. Costa Rica.. Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress Cellular and Molecular Biology Research Center, City University Rodrigo Facio Earth Council Costa Rica ILPEC Ministry of Energy and Environment Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mines National Library of Health and Social Security Omar Dengo Foundation University for Peace.. Cote d' Ivoire.. International Olympic Committee.. Croatia.. Balic.. , Acting Director, State Directorate of Waters Ambassador.. Bucan.. Dragojevic.. , Lecturer, University of Zagreb.. , Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights Dr.. Kutle.. , Director, State Directorate for Environmental Protection.. Risheg,.. Secretary of the Board, Development Support Agency Ambassador.. Stanko.. , Ministry of Foreign Affairs.. CBA Business School Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts Croatian Chamber of Economy - Zagreb Chamber Croatian Commission for UNESCO Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights Croatian National Parliament Department for Supradisciplinary Research, Institute of Economics, Zagreb Development Support Agency Europe House Zagreb Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb IGBS Zagreb - International Graduate Business School Zagreb Institute for International Relations International Academy of Perinatal Medicine, University of Zagreb Medical School International Olympic Committee IUC, The InterUniversity Centre Dubrovnik Kordun Library of the National Parliament of Croatia, Hrvatski drzavni sabor Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Ministry of Environmental Protection and Physical Planning Ministry of Foreign Affairs National and University Library State Directorate for Environmental Protection Udruzenje za Ujedinjene Narode Republike Hrvatske.. Cuba.. Ramon Cuevas, President, ProNaturaleza.. Academy of Sciences of Cuba Cuban Academy of Sciences Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment National Library of Science and Technology ProNaturaleza United Nations Association.. Cyprus.. Demetropoulos.. , Marine Pollution Programme, Mediterranean Action Plan -.. Efstratiou.. , Lawyer, President, Protoporia Women's Association -.. Evangelides.. , Executive Director, Hawaii Beach Hotel -.. Michailidou.. , Administrative Officer, Tax Tribunal - Dr.. Papastavros.. , Head, Econosia, Department of Environmental Studies - Dr.. Papavassiliou.. , f.. Inspector of Secondary Education -.. , Chairman, Cyprus-Israel Association, Chairman, SHOHAM Cyprus Ltd.. Petridou.. , President of the Cyprus National Bioethics Commission -.. Serghides.. , President, International Solar Energy Society -.. Triantafyllides.. , Attorney General of the Republic -.. Vassiliou.. , Vice-Chairman, Executive Committee WFUNA.. Civil Engineering Building Construction Land Development Congresswise Cyprus Israel Association Ecognosia Farmers Association of Famagusta Frederick Institute of Technology Department of Hospitality & Tourism, INTERCOLLEGE Unit of Environmental Studies Research and Development Center, INTERCOLLEGE, International Solar Energy Society Cyprus Isotech Ltd, Environmental Consultants Limassol Municipality LML CBA (Conquest Business Advisors) Ltd.. Ministry of Education and Culture, Cultural Services National Commission for UNESCO Rotsas & Co SHOHAM Cyprus Ltd.. Spin Communications Union of Cypriot Shipowners University of Cyprus Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs, University of Nicosia WFUNA Women's Association "Protoporia".. Czech Republic.. Adamcova.. , Head, Secretariat Academy of Sciences, Council of International Cooperation Dr.. Benda.. , Minister of the Environment Professor.. Blaskovic.. , Vice President, Czech Academy of Sciences Dr.. Branis.. , Director, Institute for Environmental Studies Ambassador.. Bulenova.. Cerovsky.. , Senior Scientist, Czech Institute for Nature Conservation Professor.. Jenik.. , Charles University, Department of Botany Dr.. Kucera.. , Faculty of Science, Charles University Dr.. Kurzvart.. , Minister of the Environment Dr.. Kvet.. , Plant Ecologist, Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences Ambassador.. Lajka.. Lapka.. , Institute of Landscape Ecology, Czech Academy of Sciences Dr.. Macek.. , Department of Medical Genetics, University Hospital Motol Ambassador.. Marvan.. Mejstrik.. , Director, Institute of Landscape Ecology, Czech Academy of Sciences Dr.. Moldan.. Minister of Environment, Centre for Environment, Charles University.. Pavlicek.. , Council Member, City of Prague Dr.. Pedal.. , Skoda Ltd.. Puncochar.. , Managing Director T.. Masaryk Water Research Institute Dr.. Rynda.. Chairman, Environmental Committee of the Federal Assembly Dr.. Stoklasa.. , Environmental Adviser,.. Member of the A.. cademy of Sciences Dr.. Zahradnik.. , President, Academy of Sciences.. Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Agency for Nature and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the CR Charles University Charles University Center for Environment Chateau Mcely Foundation Council of International Cooperation, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Czech Association of the Club of Rome Czech National Commission for UNESCO Czech Union for the Conservation of Nature Czech University of Agriculture Department for Culture and Czechs Living Abroad, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department of Botany, Charles University Department of Ecology, Palacky University Olomuc Department of Local and Regional Studies, Institute of Sociology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Department of Medical Genetics, University Hospital Motol Ecology and Democracy Organizing Committee, Institute of Landscape Ecology AS CR Economics Institute, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic EFER Faculty of Science, Charles University First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University House of Representatives, Parliament of the Czech Republic Institute for Environmental Studies, Charles University Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Institute of Landscape Ecology, Czech Academy of Sciences International Olympic Committee J.. Purkyne Library of the National Parliament of the Czech Republic Masaryk University Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Ministry of the Environment National Library of the Czech Republic Palacky University Physics Division, Nuclear Research Institute Prague Institute of Chemical Technology Purkyne University PF UJEP Section of Environmental Policy, Ministry of the Environment T.. Masaryk Water Research Institute TTC2 VSB Technical University of Ostrava Institute of Environmental Engineering.. Denmark.. Olsen.. , Chairman, Committee on Energy and Environment, Landscape and Roads, Storstroms AMT.. Confederation of Danish Industries Danish Academy of Technical Sciences Danish Polar Centre Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen European Environmental Agency Forskningsministeriet Health, Safety & Environment, Borealis A/S INFORSE Europe Leader Academy Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark National Commission for UNESCO National Parliament Library and Archive Royal Awards Foundation, European Environment Agency Royal Library of Denmark Technical University of Denmark The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters Vestas Wind Systems A/S WFUNA.. Dominican Republic.. Rojas Rodriguez.. , Representative, UN High Commissioner for Refugees.. National Library of the Dominican Republic.. Ecuador.. Arroyo,.. Member, International Olympic Committee Dr.. Chamorro Garces.. , Permanent Secretariat, National Commission for UNESCO.. International Olympic Committee Ministra de Medio Ambiente National Commission for UNESCO Parlamento Andino.. Egypt.. Ashour Ahmed.. , Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, Assiut University Dr.. Attia.. , Institute of National Planning Professor.. Ebied.. , Vice-President, Cairo University Dr.. El Ebiary.. , National Institute for Sea and Fishery Sciences.. El Gindy.. , Member of Parliament, Vice President, Euro-Arab Co-operation Center.. El Sayed.. , Journalist, Elsyasia News Ambassador.. O.. El Shafei.. , Vice President, United Nations Association of Egypt Ambassador.. El Zant.. Farag.. , Director, ProFamily/ProVita, St.. Joseph's Center Professor.. Ghabbour.. , Dept.. of Natural Resources, Inst.. of African Research and Studies, Cairo University Professor.. Hamad.. , President's Advisor for Environmental Affairs, Botany Department, Assiut University Professor.. Hillal Dessouki.. , Director, Centre for Political Research and Studies, Cairo University Dr.. Kamel Badwi.. , President, National Institute for Sea and Fishery Sciences Professor.. Kassas.. , Faculty of Science, Cairo University Ambassador.. Nabil El Salawy.. Salama.. , President, Cairo University Dr.. Shanin.. , Ambassador Professor.. Yoakim.. , Head, Department of Zoology, University of Assiut.. E Aim Center, Alexandria International Media Center Ain Shams University Al Ahram Alexandria University Arab Academy for Science and Technology Arab Network for Enviroment and Development Arab Union for Real Estate Development Assiut University Assiut University, Botany Department Banque Misr Biblioteca Alexandrina Binary Works Smart Learning Solutions Cairo Air Improvement Project Cairo University Cairo University, Faculty of Science Cairo University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cairo University, Orman Centre for Political and Strategic Studies, International Politics Unit Department of Architecture, Alexandria University Department of Botany, Faculty of Science, University of Alexandria Department of Marine Ecology, National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries Department of Pesticides, Faculty of Agriculture, Menoufiya University.. Shebin Le Kom Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture Drosos Foundation EEAA - Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency Cabinet of Ministers EFG - Hermes Holding SAE EGCC Egyptian German Consultancy Company Egyptian United Nations Association EHDA Ecosystems & Human Development Association Elsyasia Newspaper Environmental Affairs Agency Environmental Consultant for Petroleum Ministry Euro Arab Cooperation Center Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University Faculty of Engineering Port Said, Suez Canal University Faculty of Law, Alexandria University Faculty of Science, Alexandria University Faculty of Science, Cairo University Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Minia University Foreign Affairs Committee, Egyptian Parliament Global Edutainment Solutions Co.. Government of Egypt, Social Fund for Development Governorate of Alexandria Health & Science Zone, IslamOnline.. net Hydro Power Plants Executive Authority, Ministry of Electricity and Energy Institute of African Research and Studies, Cairo University Institute of National Planning International Freight Group (IFG) International Olympic Committee IT Ventures League of Arab States Microbiology Department, National Center for Radiation Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs Misr Insurance Co.. National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries New Planet Association Orient Shipping Ltd.. Osman Ahmed Osman & Co RAED Regional Information Technology and Software Engineering Center Royal Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Alexandria Sabbour Associates SEKEM Laboratories for Biological Products Senghor University Smart Villages Company Spirit of Youth Swedish Institute Alexandria The American University of Cairo UN World Food Programme Unit of Environmental Studies and Development, Aswan University United Nations Association of Egypt WFUNA WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office World Council of Hellenes Abroad World Wind Energy Association Zoology Department, Assiut Univeristy.. Estonia.. Kiili.. , Tallinn Pedagogical Institute.. Loot.. , President, Estonian Children's Fund.. Estonian Academy of Sciences Estonian Business School Estonian Children's Fund Estonian Club of Rome Estonian National Commission for UNESCO Institute of Energy Research, Estonian Academy of Sciences Ministry of the Environment National Library of Estonia Parliament of Estonia.. Ethiopia.. Feleke.. Haribou.. , Project Analyst, FAO Commission for Africa.. African Union and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa Forum for the Environment Jimma University.. Faroe Islands.. The National Library of the Faroe Islands.. Fiji.. Finland.. Henttonen.. , Director, Central and East European Co-operation, Ministry of the Environment.. Kalela.. , Special Advisor.. Kokkonen.. , Member of Parliament Professor.. Paloheimo.. , Helsinki University of Technology Professor.. Malaska.. , Finland Futures Research Center.. Pietila.. , Vice President, WFUNA.. Voutilainen.. , Project Secretary, Central and East European Co-operation, Ministry of the Environment.. Academy of Finland Botanical Gardens Cambus Caritas r.. y.. Center for Continuing Education, Abo Akademi University Central and East European Cooperation, Ministry of the Environment Department of Human Molecular Genetics, National Public Health Institute Finland Finland Futures Research Center, Turku School of Economics Finnish Academy of Science and Letters Finnish Environment Institute Helsinki University of Technology International Affairs Unit, Ministry of the Environment of Finland International Olympic Committee IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas Kemira Oyj Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Unit For Coordination of Development Policy Ministry of Education Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department for International Development Cooperation Ministry of the Environment Renvall Institute for Area and Cultural Studies Suomen YK Liitto The Finnish Association of the Club of Rome The National Library of Finland The Theatre Academy of Finland Turku School of Economics University of Helsinki University of Jyvaskyla University of Tampere, Research Center for Vocational Education Waste Management Department WFUNA YTV Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council.. France.. Ayme.. , Inserm SC11.. Badran.. , Assistant Director General for Science, UNESCO.. Blades.. , Head, Division of Non-Member Countries, OECD.. Bouder.. , Journalist, MediaMonde.. Calame.. , General Director, Foundation for Human Progress Mons.. Charalambides.. , Greek Orthodox Church.. Chasseriaux.. , Delegate of International Affairs, Ministry of Research and Space Professor.. Creppy.. , University of Bordeaux II Professor.. Curien.. , Vice President, Academy of Sciences Professor.. Despax.. , Honorary President, University of Social Sciences.. Etezad.. , Director, Partenaires Marches Dr.. Goldet.. , Executive Committee Member, WFUNA.. Gudenkauf.. , Ecology Advisor.. Hartland.. , Counsellor and Special Advisor to the Secretary General of the Parliamentary Assembly, Council of Europe.. Jorge.. , Assistant Executive, Council of Europe.. Kazancigil.. , Director, Division of Social Sciences, Research and Development, UNESCO.. Lemaire.. , Technical Consultant, World Union of Professions Countess.. Magaloff d'Armagnac.. Martin.. , Agronomic Consultant.. Michaud.. , Honorary Counsellor.. Mzali P.. Piganiol.. , Co-Founder, Club of Rome Count.. Piper.. Plaisant.. Segolene.. , Inserm SC11 Dr.. Sergheraert.. , Director, Centre de Valorisation des Glucides.. GDF/SUEZ/Environment AFNOR Agence Francaise de Developpement Association des journalistes ecrivains nature et ecologie Association francaise pour les Nations Unies Avocat a la cour Mediateur / Docteur en Bioethique BioFocus Foundation Blue Plan Regional Activity Center for the Mediterranean BMFTV Borneo Tropical Rainforest Foundation Bouygues Batiment International Bureau for Coordination of Environmental Programmes C.. R.. CELTE Centre d' Economie de l' Environnement Centre Culturel Hellenique Centre d' Etudes et de Rechercesb sur le Developpement International Centre de Recherchee sur le Bresil Contemporain Centre d'Economie et d'Ethique pour l'Environnment et le Developpement, Universite de Versailles Centre International de Recherche sur l' Env.. et le Developpement Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation Coline Comite legislatif d' information ecologique College de France Committee on the Environment and Agriculture, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Committee on the Environment, Regional Planning and Local Authorities Communications and Research Directorate, Council of Europe Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, Council of Europe Council of Europe Council of Europe Publishing Council of Europe, Directorate of Communication and Research Council of Europe, NGOs Unit, Directorate General of Political Affairs Credit Agricole Cheuvreux S.. Dassault Aviation Del.. Regionale CNRS Ile de France sud Delegation of International Affairs, Ministry of Research and Space Delta, EHESS ENS Direction Commerciale C.. Division of Ecological Science, UNESCO Eco Plan International Eli Lilly Europe (formerly) Energy 21 ENESAD / CNERTA ENPC Environment Conservation and Management Division, Council of Europe Environment Directorate O.. European Science Foundation Expert International Technical Cooperation External Affairs Vice Presidency Europe, The World Bank F.. Factor 10 Institute Faculty of Law, Universite du Littoral Federation Francaise des Societes de protection de la Nature Fondation A.. Leventis Fondation Claude Nicolas Ledoux Fondation pour le Progres de l'Homme Fondation Robert Schuman French Chapter of the Club of Rome Friedrich Ebert Stiftung FUTURIBLES GIAT Industries Global Compact Network France (Forum des Amis su Pacte Mondial en France) ICCR FOUNDATION IESEG School of Management, Catholic University of Lille INRA Economie INSEAD Inserm SC11 Institut Francais de Recherche Scientifique pour le Developpement Institut Mediterraneen du Littoral Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale Intellact International Association Law, Ethics and Science International Chamber of Commerce International Olympic Committee International Social Science Council (ISSC) IPEMed Institut de Prospective Economique du Monde mediteraneen J.. Jean Pierre Heim & Associates Inc.. L' OEIL, Inst.. de' Urbanisme de Pari, Universite de Paris XII La documentation francaise Problemes Economiques Laboratoire d' Eco ethologie Humaine, Institut Marcel Riviere Laboratoire d' Econometrie, Ecole Polytechnique Laboratoire de Dynamique de la Matiere Condensee Laboratoire de Zoogeographie, Universite Paul Valery Laboratorie de Zoologie et d' Ecologie, Universite Paris Sud Le Laboratoire Du Futur L'Oratoire MediaMonde, Le Point Ministere del'Education Nationale de l'Enseignement Superieur et de la Recherche, MST DSPT2 Ministry of Foreign Affairs MoDo Paper Alisay Musee de la Marine National Library of France OECD Economics and Statistics Department OECD Environment Directorate OECD/DCD Economics and Environment Division Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie Delegation Aux Droits de l'homme et a la Democratie Partenaires & Marches Promethee Pro Natura International Regional Planning and Local Authorities, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Rhone Poulenc SA RNC Conseil Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Environment (SHE), L'Oreal North America & Worldwide Scientific and Technological Office Assessment of the European Parliament Sicence Eco Grenoble Site Francois Mitterrand / Tolbiac Societe des Eaux de Marseille Societe Francaise pour le droit de l' Environnement, Universite Paris III Soroptimist International, Europe The French Academy of Sciences The International Committee for Economic Reform and Cooperation The World Bank, Vice Presidency for Europe Trilateral Commission UNEP Industry and Environment Programme Activity Centre UNEP/Industry and Environment Programme Activity Center UNESCO Bureau of Strategic Planning UNESCO Conferences Division UNESCO Division of Ecological Sciences UNESCO Division of Social Sciences, Research and Policy UNESCO Division of Water Sciences UNESCO International Hydrological Programme UNESCO International Social Science Council UNESCO Office of Foresight UNESCO Section of International Non Governmental Organizations and Foundations UNESCO Section of Life Sciences UNESCO EOLSS Joint Committee Universite Claude Bernard Universite de Paris Nord, CEPREMAP Universite Paris IV Sorbonne University of Paris V University of Social Sciences UNU Office in Europe, c/o UNESCO WFUNA Executive Committee WMA The World Medical Association World Union of Professions.. FYROM.. Andonov.. , Agricultural Engineer, DEM.. Cvetanoski.. , DEM.. Dodovski.. Grozdanova.. , Ministry of Labour and Social Policy Ambassador.. Handziski.. Kazlevska-Nikolosko.. , Agriculture Engineer, DEM.. Kurcieva.. , Councillor to the Minister, Ministry of Urban Planning, Construction and Environment.. Mikuseva.. , President, DEM - Professor.. Nicolic.. , DEM.. Okuno.. , Adviser, Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning - Professor.. Ruzin.. , Member of Parliament.. Samardziev.. , Project Officer, SPP Kajmakcalan.. Stevanovska.. Stojanova.. Stojcevski.. , DEM - Professor.. Suzkova-Manaskova.. Velkovic.. , Textiles Engineer, Fashion Designer.. Vtevski.. Zarinski.. , Journalist.. Faculty of Economics, University "Cyril and Methodius" Faculty of Electrical Engineering - Skopje Technische Ministry of Culture Ministry of Urban Planning, Constr.. and Environment National Commission for UNESCO National Library of FYROM Presidency of the Republic of Macedonia Research Centre for Energy, Informatics and Materials, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts The Ecologist's Movement of Macedonia Union of Women's Organisation of the Republic of Macedonia Unit for Development of Gender Equality, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.. Gambia.. A Cham.. , Executive Director, National Environment Agency.. Sallah.. , Permanent Secretary, Office of the Secretary of State.. International Olympic Committee National Environment Agency (NEA) Office of the Secretary of State.. Georgia.. Professor.. Gachechiladze.. , Head, Department of Human Geography, Tblisi State University.. Department of Economy & Humanitarian Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Department of Human Geography, Tblisi State University Georgian Academy of Sciences Georgian Association of the Club of Rome Georgian Technical University Iberia Productions, Stage and Cinema Independent Board of Advisors, Parliament of Georgia International Center on Conflict & Negotiation Southern Caucasus Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty.. Germany.. Behrendt.. , Chairman, Committee on Environment and Agriculture, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Professor.. Duerr.. , max Plank Institute for Physics Dr.. Fegeler.. , Meteorology Institute, University of Berlin.. Finkbeiner.. , Global Contact Foundation Professor.. Gottstein.. , Director, Max Planck Gesellschaft Professor.. Grohmann.. , Institute for Water, Soil and Air Hygiene, Berlin Professor.. Gunkel.. Director, Biological Centre of Helgoland Dr.. Hann.. , City Planner, Science Centre Berlin - Professor.. Hansen.. , Director, FB-7 Institute of Ecology Professor.. Huefner.. , Free University of Berlin.. Kalos.. , General Manager and Co-Founder, WasteWater Biotechnologies GmbH Professor.. Kruse.. , Fern University Hagen, Institute for Psychology Dr.. Leipert.. , Ecological Economist, Institute for Social Ecology Dr.. Luthje.. , President, University of Hamburg Professor.. Malberg.. , Free University Berlin.. Niesslbeck.. , President, BioConsult Dr.. Oesterreich.. , Member of the Board, TRIALOG Professor.. Opielka.. , Director, Institute for Social Ecology.. Puech.. , Managing Director, Corporation for European Communication Professor.. Rest.. , Senior Academic Counsellor, Institute for International Public Law and Comparative Public Law, University of Cologne.. Richter.. , UNA.. Schaefer.. , General Manager and Co-Founder, WasteWater Biotechnologies GmbH.. Schleicher.. , Member of the European Parliament Professor.. Simonis.. , Director, International Institute for the Environment and Society, Science Centre of Berlin.. Stankovic.. , Secretary General, International Basketball Federation (FIBA) Professor.. Taubert.. , University of Weimar Professor.. Vester.. von Dobschutz.. , School for Science and Technology Dr.. Westmeier.. , SMU Corporation.. Willmes Pastor.. , General Manager, Mischka Russland Kinderhilfe.. Winter.. , Chairman, B.. Academy of Information and Communication Adelphi Research gGmbH ARPLAS GmbH Plasma Technologies Atlantik Brucke E.. Auswartiges Amt Bauhaus University Bayerische Forschungsallianz Enterprise Europe Network Bayerischer Landtag Bellagio Forum for Sustainable Development Beratung Chemotechnik Berufbildung Umwelt Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities Bickmann & Collegen BioConsult Bren School of Environmental Science Management Center for European Integration Studies Chemische Fabrik Stockhausen GmbH Clausthaler Umwelttechnik Institut GmbH Corporate Technology Transfer & Education, DuPont Deutschland CUTEC Institut GmbH Dag Hammarskjold Haus Detecon International GmbH Deutsche Bibliothek Deutsche Gesellschaft fur die Vereinten Nationen Development and Peace Foundation DIE ZEIT Pressehaus Earth3000 g GmbH Eco Ethics International Union, International Ecology Institute ECOLOGIC Institute for International and European Environmental Policy Ernst Moritz Arndt University EULER HERMES Kreditversicherung Euro Arab Cooperation Centre European Business Council for Sustainable Energy European Communities Biologists Association Export Club Bayern e.. Faculty of Law, University of Cologne FAW Ulm FB 7 Institut fur Okologie Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour Foreign Affairs Association Munich Forum ZDF Fraunhofer Institut Chemische Technologie Freie Universitat Berlin GCERM Foundation (Global Center for Efficiency of Resources and Materials) Gerling Konzern GmbH German Association of the Club of Rome German Development Institute German Marshall Fund German National Committee for UNSECO MAB German Technical Cooperation Gesellschaft fur Europaische Kommunikation mbH Global Contact Foundation Globe, EcoEurope, Unifem Hamburg Chamber of Commerce Hamburger Umweltinstitut Haus Rissen Internationales Institut fur Politik und Wirtschaft Hochschule Der Medien Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft INDIO Hilfe e.. Institut fur Bildungs Beratung & Bildungs Okonomie Institut fur Elektrische Anlagen und Energiewirtschaft der RWTH Institut fur Landschaftsbau und Abfallwirtschaft, Univeristy of Rostock Institute for Hydraulic Structures and Agricultural Engineering, University of Karlsruhe Institute for Psychology, Fern University Hagen Institute for Social Ecology Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe Institute of Biogeography, University of Saarland Institute of Pharmaceutical and Medical Law, University of Gottingen Institutt fur Humangenetik, Medizinishe Hochschule Intel GmbH International Association of Plant Breeders International Olympic Committee International Relations Division, European and International Networks and Programmes, Fern Universitat in Hagen IUCN Environmental Law Centre Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe Gmbh Lahmeyer International GmbH LEAD Europe Lincas Electro Vertriebs Gesellschaft m.. Literatur Service Leipzig GmbH Ludwig Maximilians Universitaet Muenchen Max Planck Institut fur Physik, Werner Heisenberg Institut Messe Munchen International Michael Succow Foundation for the Protection of Nature, Botanical Institute of Ernst Moritz Arndt University Greifswald National Commission for UNESCO Nixdorf Consultants NRW Medien GmbH Oko Institute Institute for Applied Ecology, Nuclear Engineering & Facility Safety Division Peter Hesse Foundation Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research PROSPERITY Trust & Foundation Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing, Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Ulm Research Institute for Environmental Technologies and Water Waste Management RIK RISHI Value Marketing SAP AG Schiller Institute SchmidtConsult, Heidelberg Science Center Berlin SMU Gesellschaft fur Umwelttechnik mbH Sporenberg GmbH Stora SA Stuttgart Region European Office The Epoch Times The European Institute for the Media The Global Exchange for Social Investment TMR Kontaktstelle Transparency International T Systems Nova GmbH Tuchel & Sohn GmbH Universitaet Mannheim Schloss Universitat Gesamthochschule Kassel University of Hamburg University of Karlsruhe University of Munster University of Rostock University of Ulm University of Weimar Veranstaltungen und Konzerte Schloss Burg Namedy Verwaltung Vitra Design Museum WasteWater Biotechnologies GmbH Weichlein Tours & Incentives WFUNA WHO European Centre for Environment and Health.. Ghana.. Awua-Asamoa.. , Secretary General, WFUNA -.. Kwami Kuma.. , Honorary President, WFUNA.. Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Earth Service ISMUN Ministry of Environment, Science & Technology Starhold Ghana Startech Starmed Scientific Ltd.. Startrade Ltd.. WFUNA Africa.. Greenland.. 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Romanenko.. , Director, Institute of Hydrobiology, Academy of Sciences.. , Director, Ukrinterenergo Professor.. , Director, Institute of Hydrobiology, National Academy of Sciences.. Roudakov.. , President, Association of Advertising, Enterprises of the Ukraine.. Sappa.. , Kharkiv State University Ambassador.. Sergeyev.. , Secretary of State.. Sharikova.. , Provision and Freedom of Speech and Mass Media, Supreme Parliament of Ukraine.. Sitnir.. , Academician, Institute of Botanics, National Academy of Sciences.. Slinko.. , Director, EMIR Private Medical Firm Dr.. Sokolenko.. , Chairman, Ukrimpex.. Soloviov.. , Writer.. Storizhko.. , Chairman, Commission on Science and Public Education, Supreme Rada.. Sviato.. , Deputy Chairman, Commission on Nuclear Policy, Supreme Rada Professor.. Tkach.. , Chairman, Organisational Committee of the Biopolitics Association of the Ukraine.. Tolstoukova.. , Alternate Minister of Youth and Family, President, Ecological Assosiation, Kiev.. 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Rappaport.. , Civil and Environmental Engineering, Tufts University -.. Rossidis.. , President, American Hellenic Institute Foundation - Dr.. Schwarzkopf.. Seaborg.. , President, U Turn Society - Dr.. , Media Specialist -.. Shaw.. , Counsellor at Law, Healy and Baillie LLP, New York - Dr.. Shearer.. , Research Forester, Forestry Sciences Laboratory, US Forest Service -.. Shelley.. , Radio Correspondent, Associated Press Special Assignment -.. Siderakis.. , Architect and Civil Engineer, RET City Planning Commission of New York - Dr.. Simon.. , President, MathPower - Professor.. Sinnott-Armstrong.. , Chair, Department of Philosophy, Dartmouth College -.. Slater.. , President, The Hill Slater Group Inc.. Slater-Parker.. Smith.. , Dean, Huxley College of Environmental Studies, Western Washington University - Professor.. Theodore.. , Manhattan College -.. Thomlison.. , Director of Public Affairs and Environmental Management, Church Dwight Co.. Inc.. 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Uruguay.. Herrera.. , President, Oriental Republic of Uruguay.. Associacion de la Prensa Uruguaya - Department of Geography Faculty of Sciences, Universidad de la Republica - International Olympic Committee - Universidad de la Republica.. Uzbekistan.. Shadimetov.. , President, ECOSAN International Fund of Ecology and Health Dr.. Sherimbetov.. , Chairman State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan Ambassador.. Tursunov.. Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan - Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan - ECOSAN International Ecology and Health Fund - Kazakh National Information Agency - Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan - Ministry of Finance - NATCOM of Uzbekistan - Republic of Uzbekistan Cabinet Council of the Republic of Karakalpakistan - SJSK Uzpahtamash - State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan - The Republican Specilaized Scientifically Practical Center of Pediatric Medicine.. Vanuatu:.. Namel.. , Acting Principal Agriculture Officer, Vanuatu University.. Vanuatu University.. Vatican.. Department of State Section of International Affairs - Pontifical Academy for Life - Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace - Pontifical Council for Social Communications.. Venezuela.. Balliache.. Carmona A.. Garcia Maldonado,.. President, Latin-American Federation of Lawyers.. Ibanez G.. Parentelli.. , European Communities.. AVEPALMAS - Centro de Estudios Religiosos, Universidad Catolica Andres Bello - La Mujer y el Quinto Centenario - National Library of Venezuela - Universidad de los Andes.. Western Samoa.. School of Agriculture, University of the South Pacific.. Yemen.. Republic of Yemen Sana'a University, Gender Development Research & Studies Center.. Zambia.. Africa 2000 Network - Africa University - Communications Authority Zambia - Geography Department, University of Zambia - Green Times - International Olympic Committee - Konkola Copper Mines PLC - The Weekly Angel - UTC Zambia - Zimbabwe Newspapers (1980) Ltd.. Zimbabwe.. Moyo-Mhlanga.. , National Co-ordinator, Africa 2000 Network.. Trustees.. Authors.. Greek Committee.. President Prof.. Vlavianos-Arvanitis.. General Secretary.. Arvanitakis.. Treasurer.. Grafakos.. Board Members.. Vardynoyiannis.. ;.. Kritikos.. USA Foundation.. President Dr.. Board Members H.. Methodios.. of Boston;.. , Esq.. ; Professor.. Pontecorvo.. ; Dean.. Krogh.. ; Professor.. Ashford.. ;.. Gyftopoulos.. Papas.. Arvanitis..

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    Descriptive info: e-Library.. an electronic cross reference library on the environment..

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  • Title: Projects
    Descriptive info: Projects - Events - Education - Publications - Media.. Black Sea Business Forum.. President participates as a speaker at the Black Sea Business Forum on “The New Era of Green Entrepreneurship”.. November 26, 2010, Thessaloniki, Greece.. Abstract.. Programme.. Fifth International Centre for Black Sea Studies (ICBSS).. Annual Lecture.. President attends the 5th Annual Lecture of the International Centre for Black Sea Studies, delivered by Mr.. Achim Steiner, United Nations Under- Secretary General and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme.. November 24, 2010, Athens, Greece.. Institute of Energy for South East Europe (IENE).. President attends the 15th National Conference for Energy “Energy Development 2010”.. November 22-23, 2010, Athens, Greece.. The Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan.. President participates as an honorary guest and speaker at the International conference on “Transboundary Environmental Problems of Central Asia: Application of International Legal Mechanisms for Their Solution,” organised by the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan.. November 16-17, 2010, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.. The 7th Vienna Economic Forum.. President participates as a speaker at the 7th Vienna Economic Forum on “Stable Economy – Challenge and Responsibility” with the presence of leading figures from the financial and political world.. November 7-9, 2010, Vienna, Austria.. Paper.. Photo.. Memorandum of Cooperation.. World Society for Ekistics – WSE.. President contributes paper with Prof.. Rusen Keles at the World Society for Ekistics conference.. November 7-13, 2010, Mumbai, India.. Joint paper with Professor Rusen Keles.. “Securing prosperity for All”.. President attends a joint meeting by the Konstantinos Karamanlis Institute for Democracy and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.. November 4-5, 2010, Athens, Greece.. The Club of Rome Annual Assembly.. President participates as a panel moderator at the Club of Rome Annual Assembly on Local Commitments to a Globalised World.. October 27 – 30, 2010, Winterthur, Switzerland.. List of Attendants.. Economist Conference - the Second Sustainability Summit: the green agenda after Copenhagen.. O President attends an international conference organised by the Economist.. October 20, 2010, Athens, Greece.. Vasilis Markezinis at the Grande Bretagne Hotel.. President attends a lecture by Academician Sir Vasilis Markezinis.. October 19, 2010, Athens, Greece.. “Greek-Turkish Relations: current status, future prospects”.. President attends a discussion organised by ELIAMEP.. October 8, 2010, Athens, Greece.. Jacques Diouf at the Megaron.. Β.. Ι.. Ο.. President attends a lecture by Jacques Diouf, Director-General at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.. October 6, 2010, Athens, Greece.. The American University of Rome.. O President to participate as a speaker at the Board of Trustees Meeting of the American University of Rome.. September 29 – October 01, 2010, Rome, Italy.. XV Youth Bios Olympiad and International Youth Conference on the Bio- Environment.. September 17-21, 2010, St.. Petersburg, Russia.. Programme.. Children and young adults from Russia and other countries came together in St.. Petersburg in celebration of bios and nature.. Science projects, cultural events, music, song, dance, and athletics comprised the programme of this year’s Youth Bios Olympiad.. Press Release (EN).. Press Release (GR).. Environment, Development Security: New Ideas, Fast Action.. President participates in a conference at the European Parliament.. September 1, 2010, Brussels, Belgium.. List of Participants.. Koroni - History and legend through prose and music.. President participates in a special event celebrating the cultural heritage of the region of Koroni in southern Greece, sponsored by the Maniatakeion Foundation.. August 27, 2010.. Memorandum for cooperation signed between B.. and Citizen in Deed.. cooperates with Citizen in Deed, a state supported organisation encouraging volunteerism, international partnerships, and strengthening international civil society.. http://www.. ergopoliton.. gr//index.. php?option=com_content task=view lang=el id=8764.. Biopolicy – Βuilding a Green Society.. International e-learning programme on sustainable development.. A series of e-learning courses with an aim to enrich all human activity with environmental dimensions.. The program was scheduled from February 5th, 2010 to May 28th, 2010 and concluded with great success.. Comments from students.. BioNeers Global Conference.. O President speaks on “Biopolicy: Economic and Environmental Crises – the Opportunity to Build a Green Society”.. May 30th – June 1st,.. Driebergen, Netherlands.. O President is interviewed by.. IM MAGAZINE Portugal.. http://videos.. immagazine.. sapo.. pt/en/home/d/590/.. International Court of the Environment Foundation.. President speaks on “Biopolicy: International Court of the Environment: A Pre-Requisite for Building a Green Society”.. 19-22 May 2010.. Rome, Italy.. Programme,.. Speech.. Marmara Foundation support for Nobel nomination of the B.. President.. Professor Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis - Media response.. Article.. : Biopolitics is the key to a better world.. Daily News - Hurriyet.. Marmara Foundation.. Article:.. Turklerden Nobel'e Yunanli aday.. Aksam Gazetesi,.. English.. Atina’ya Nobel jesti.. Star.. Albert Schweitzer Gold Medal.. awarded to Prof.. Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis.. Yildiz Technical University.. O President speaks on “Biopolicy: Economic and Environmental Crises, the Opportunity to Build a Green Society”.. 10 May 2010.. Istanbul, Turkey.. Honorary Plaque to B.. President by the Rector of Yildiz Technical University.. 13th Eurasian Economic Summit.. President speaks on “Biopolicy - A tool to overcome the crisis in values and build a society of hope”.. 5-7 May 2010.. 14th Roundtable with the Government of Greece.. President attends the Economist Conference on ‘What is Shaping the Global Agenda?”.. 28-30 April 2010.. Athens, Greece.. Vienna Economic Forum – Sofia Meeting.. President speaks on “Biopolicy: Building a Green Society - A Needed Model for Southeastern Europe”.. 25-26 April 2010.. Sofia, Bulgaria.. Programme,.. Hellenic Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.. President participated as a speaker on “Biopolitics – Biotourism: Building a Green Society”.. 20-21 April, 2010.. Environmental Protection is a Must.. President speaks on “Biopolicy – Overcoming the Crisis in Values and Building a Green Society”.. 16-18 April 2010.. Alexandria, Egypt.. Photos.. iForce Communications S.. President speaks on “Aviation and Environmental Strategies”.. 15 April 2010.. Athens.. Press Release.. Pontifical Academy for Life - General Assembly.. President participates in the XVIth General Assembly of the Members of the Pontifical Academy for Life.. 11-13 February 2010.. The Vatican.. 2010 International Peace Prize Award.. by the American Biographical Institute.. International Peace Prize.. represents the attainment of excellence for the benefit of society, in the face of obstacle and circumstance, on the local or international level.. The Prize is meant to celebrate individuals who are achieving results across political, religious, business and ethnic divisions.. Results that contribute to the worldwide goal of harmony between people and nations.. Sustainable Development and Reinforcement of the Role of Youth.. in Building a Green Society.. 3500 participants in the greek e-learning educational programme.. supported by the General Secretariat for Youth.. e-learning B.. Green Salary:.. Comments by students (in Greek).. Climate Change:.. Βiopolis –.. Sustainable Urban Management:.. Comments by students (in Greek).. Protection of Forests:.. Biopolicy - Building a Green Society.. Climate Change Strategy after Copenhagen.. Athens Money Show.. Hilton Hotel.. Saturday, December 19, 2009.. Programme gr.. –.. Press release gr.. Press release en.. Ecocity World Summit.. President as a speaker at the Ecocity World Summit.. December 13-15, 2009.. Speakers.. Climate Change and Impact on Agriculture.. Planning the Common Agricultural Policy in view of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Farm Forward project.. Hellenic American Union.. November 26th, 2009.. Πρόγραμμα.. Press release.. Δελτίο τύπου.. www.. farmforward.. eu.. The Lebanon 2020 National Summit.. President as a main speaker and moderator.. November 18-20, 2009 Beirut, Lebanon.. Panel Moderator.. The 6th Vienna Economic Forum.. President as a speaker at the 6th Vienna Economic Forum with the presence of leading figures from the financial and political world.. November 8-11, 2009.. Vienna, Austria.. The Club of Rome Global Assembly.. President as a speaker at the Club of Rome Global Assembly – Climate, Energy and Economic Recovery.. October 24-27, 2009.. Amsterdam, the Netherlands.. World Society for EKISTICS – WSE.. President as an opening speaker at the World Society for Ekistics.. October 20 – 27, 2009.. Antalya, Turkey.. Biopolitics International Organisation Hellenic Chapter of the Club of Rome.. Symposium on.. “Expectations for Copenhagen”.. Office of the European Parliament in Greece.. October 12, 2009.. Δελτίο Τύπου.. Balkan Political Club.. President as a speaker at the Balkan Political Club meeting with the presence of former heads of states and businessmen from Balkan countries.. October 09-11, 2009.. XIV Youth Bios Olympiad and International Youth Conference.. on the Bio- Environment.. September 26 -29, 2009, St.. Dia Mundial da Paz.. Ceremony for the publication of No to Arms book under the auspices of.. Maria de Jesus Barroso Soares.. September 21st, 2009.. Lisbon, Portugal.. Contents.. Financing and Investing in Climate Change- Renewable Energy, Environmental Resources Management and Energy Efficiency.. September 23, 2009.. Copenhagen, Denmark.. President as a speaker.. Πρόγραμμα Ηλεκτρονικής Μάθησης.. Βιώσιμη Ανάπτυξη και Ενίσχυση του Ρόλου των Νέων στην Οικοδόμηση μιας Πράσινης Κοινωνίας.. Κλιματικές Αλλαγές.. Πράσινος Μισθός.. Με την υποστήριξη της Γενικής Γραμματείας Νέας Γενιάς.. Educational program for the Millennium Development Goals,.. Sustainable Development and Reduction of Poverty.. President's meeting with Turkish partners.. Univercity of Ankara, 15 June, 2009.. Ankara, Turkey.. Values in Decision on Risk.. President as a speaker at the Valdor 2009 Symposium.. June 8-11, 2009,.. Stockholm, Sweden.. VI World Conference on Bioethics.. President attended the conference,.. May 18-21, 2009,.. Gijon, Spain.. The Athens Summit 2009 - The Road to Copenhagen: Managing Climate Change & Energy Security in SE Europe and Beyond.. President attended the summit.. May 12-13, 2009,.. 12th Eurasian Economic Summit.. President as a speaker at the Marmara Foundation Summit.. May 5-8, 2009,.. 2009 Woman of the Year Award from the American Biographical Institute.. “To reach great heights, one must possess great depth”.. The American Biographical Institute has recognized women around the world since 1967 for their extraordinary deeds and selfless dedication to the betterment of all.. Those selected for the Woman of the Year designation demonstrate bold will and initiative, and intense community, cultural and humanitarian foresight.. The honoree’s achievements have shown vision and impact on others’ lives, substantiating the receipt of such a distinguished honor as Woman of the Year.. European Commission - “Biodiversity Protection- Beyond 2010”.. President invited to attend a summit on organised by the European Commission,.. April 26- 28, 2009, Athens, Greece.. Biopolitics International Organisation Hellenic Chapter of the Club of Rome,.. “Economic and Environmental Crises, an Opportunity to Build a Green Society”.. Office of the European Parliament in Greece, April 14, 2009.. Athens, Greece.. Press Release.. Transparency International Greece.. President attended a meeting  ...   of Bioethics.. May 21-25, 2007, Gijon, Spain.. 17th International Conference on.. Environmental Protection is a Must,.. May 12-14, Alexandria, Egypt.. International Congress on Justice and Human Values in Europe.. May 9-11, 2007, Karlsruhe, Germany.. Farewell Slava.. Today, we are all poorer.. Humanity has lost Slava, the leader in music and in the struggle for freedom.. The waves of harmony he created radiated from our planet towards the universe.. Our world was fortunate to have been endowed with his presence.. I feel really grateful that Slava honoured me with his friendship.. We cooperated in the Sakharov Festival in Athens, and in the Bios Prize award to Jacques Cousteau in Paris, a cooperation culminating in a Bios Prize to Slava himself, in.. Petersburg.. , in 1999.. All the friends of B.. believe his enlightened personality is our valued legacy.. We admired and loved him.. He was at the top, yet he never hesitated to share his experiences with humour.. Slava, you are always with us.. April 27, 2007.. Bio-culture as a vehicle for peace.. Soroptimist Society meeting.. April 20, 2007, Athens.. World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS).. Conference sponsored by the Academy s South-eastern Europe Division (SEED) in Zagreb, Croatia.. Official dinner with the President of Croatia, Mr.. Stjepan Mesic, in the framework of the conference.. April 17-19, 2007, Zagreb.. ECONOMIST CONFERENCES.. 2nd International Energy Summit.. Tilting the Global Balance.. President delivers keynote address on.. Biopolicy: The Future of Alrernative Energy.. at the Economist's 2nd International Energy Summit, held in Athens.. February 27-28, 2007.. Astir Palace Hotel, Vouliagmeni, Athens.. Click for programme.. Biopolicy - In Search of Enlightened Leadership for Sustainable Development.. Athens Hilton, Terpsichore Hall C.. Sunday, 21 January 2007, 17:00 to 20:00.. Click for programme.. Click for proceedings.. Click for Contents.. Towards a World in Balance.. A Virtual Congress for a Better Balanced World.. President, Dr.. , joins Chancellor of Germany.. Angela Merkel.. Kofi Annan.. Mikhail Gorbachev.. , HRH Prince.. El Hassen bin Talal.. of Jordan,.. Vandana Shiva.. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsaecker.. , and other leaders in formulating proposals for a better world.. Her contribution.. “Biopolicy for a World in Balance: Economy – Culture – Peace”.. is published in Towards a World in Balance, a publication of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative.. Other authors include:.. Hafsat Abiola.. Franz Alt, Ulrich Bartosch.. Johannes D.. Dahm, Subhoranjan Dasgupta, Hans Peter Durr, Johan Galtung, Klaudius Gansczyk, Jonathan Granoff, Hassan Hanafi, Hazel Henderson, Peter Hesse, Vittorio Hosle, Lorenz Jarass, Horst Kohler, Hans Kung, George Lakoff, Rudolf Prinz zur Lippe, Wangari Maathai, Ram Adhar Mall, Rogate Mshana, Franz Josef Radermacher, Wolfgang Sachs, Peter Spiegel, Klaus Topfer, William F.. Vendley,.. and.. James B.. Quilligan.. Mythos - Mountains Rivers of Greece.. CD English, Greek.. Sponsored by.. XXIth European Generation Forum.. Bucharest, 14-15 October 2006.. Opening session intervention and chairing of roundtable on “Agriculture and the Environment” at the XXIth European Generation Forum in Bucharest.. President is a Member of the.. International Board.. of the European Generation Foundation, an initiative lead by Dr.. Emil Constantinescu.. President of Romania.. Members of the International Board include f.. UN Secretary General.. Boutros Boutros Ghalli.. President of Bulgaria Dr.. Zhelyu Zhelev.. , and other leaders.. Click here for Forum programme.. Biopolicy – Setting Bioethical Priorities – the Interactive Role of the Media.. Rome, 4-7 October 2006.. Roundtable presentation and discussion at the IVth International Media Forum on the Protection of Nature organised by Greenaccord under the high patronage of the President of the Italian Republic.. Click here for programme.. Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis, joins Heads of State, Foreign Ministers, and other civic leaders at Balkan Political Club Conference in Sofia, September 2-3, 2006.. Click for details.. Biopolitics is granted special consultative status with the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).. un.. org/News/Press/docs/2006/ecosoc6188.. doc.. htm.. The United Nations’ Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) serves as the central forum for discussing international economic and social issues, and for formulating policy recommendations addressed to Member States and the United Nations system.. It is responsible for promoting higher standards of living, full employment, and economic and social progress; identifying solutions to international economic, social and health problems; facilitating international cultural and educational cooperation; and encouraging universal respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.. It has the power to make or initiate studies and reports on these issues.. It also has the power to assist the preparations and organization of major international conferences in the economic and social and related fields and to facilitate a coordinated follow-up to these conferences.. With its broad mandate, ECOSOC’s purview extends to over 70% of the human and financial resources of the entire UN system.. Biopolicy - Setting Bioethical Priorities: Keynote address at the international conference of the International Society of Bioethics, Gijon.. European Generation Foundation – Bucharest.. At the invitation of.. , former President of Romania and President of the European Generation Foundation, the B.. President is appointed Member of the Foundations’.. , along with f.. Boutros Boutros Ghali.. President of Bulgaria.. Zhelyu Zhelev.. and other leaders.. She will also took part in the formal launch of the XXI European Generation Forum on June 14, 2006, in Bucharest.. expressed that he is impressed and convinced by Dr.. approach, which he considers very interesting and useful for the Romanian people.. Voting to Save the Environment and Bios.. A New Vision for World Environment Day.. Germany the Middle East: Change Opportunities – World Bank Forum.. The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce is hosting the 8th German World Bank Forum on June 1-2, 2006, in cooperation with the World Bank Group and the Hamburg Senate.. President has been invited to participate in this high-calibre event, which will convene top representatives from politics, business and academia to discuss key issues of world economic development.. The focus of the Forum will be on the countries of the Near and Middle East, where long-term prosperity and more intensive integration in the international division of labour are dependent above all on security, political stability and the will for economic and political reforms.. Themes to be addressed include: main requirements for better quality of life; strengthening of the private sector; better educational opportunities; a stable health care system; modern media policy; securing of infrastructure and water supply; and, battling against corruption and terrorism.. Among the Forum’s speakers are:.. Paul Wolfowitz.. , President of the World Bank;.. Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul.. , Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development;.. Sheikha Lubna.. , Minister of Economics of the United Arab Emirates; Dr.. Matthias Mitscherlich.. , Chairman of the Management Board of MAN–Ferrostaal AG; Dr.. Karl-Joachim Dreye.. , President of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce; Dr.. Theo Sommer.. , Die Zeit Editor-at-large; Dr.. Mahmood Mohieldin.. , Minister of Investments, Egypt; and.. Ole von Beust.. , Mayor of Hamburg.. Environmental Protection a Must – Alexandria.. The 16th International Conference on “Environmental Protection is a Must” took place with great success in Alexandria, Egypt, on May 13-15, 2006.. The conference convened civic leaders, academics, scientists and business professionals from many countries to discuss issues of environmental management, the protection of fresh water and marine resources, soil decontamination technology and other important environmental matters.. President delivered a keynote address themed “Biopolicy – A Vision for the Millennium” and was honoured for her achievements by Ain Shams University with its prestigious Environment Award.. The New Ethics for Survival.. Bioethics in every profession and in every field is the B.. vision for the millennium.. The biggest ethical responsibility of humanity is to save the continuity of bios for future generations.. These views are presented by the B.. President in “Biopolitics – the Bio-Environment: The New Ethics for Survival,” the concluding chapter in a collection of works in honour of Professor.. Yaman Ors.. , published by the Turkish Society of Bioethics.. Ethics in Business - Value of Life.. Monday, 19 December 2005, Hilton Park, Cyprus.. Aurelio Peccei Lecture.. Club of Rome meeting.. at the Royal Academy of Belgium.. The Future of Knowledge: Evolutionary Challenges of the 21st Century.. World Academy of Art and Science, General Assembly - Zagreb, Croatia.. Profit and the Environment.. Building a Society of Hope.. Athens Hilton, 3 December 2005.. English programme.. Greek programme.. Microtourism.. A trip to the most beautiful state.. Xth Youth Bios Olympiad.. Petersburg,.. 20 - 24.. September 2005.. International Media Coverage.. Radio 2GB News Commentary - Australia.. A Tireless Worker For The Environment.. The Bio-Syllabus in Australia.. Praise for B.. 's work.. Dag Hammarskjold.. A visionary of peace.. Athens, 16 June 2005.. Press release:.. espanol.. programme:.. greek.. International Congress and Exhibition on Energy Efficiency.. and Renewable Energy Sources.. in Industry Sectors and Construction.. April 13 - 15 2005, Bulgaria.. click for details.. Click for Highlights.. Hellenic-Turkish Cooperation in Biopolicy.. Friday 28 and Saturday 29 January 2005.. Union of Foreign Press Correspondents.. Previous Activities.. Click for Programme.. Building a Culture of Social Responsibility.. Saturday, 11 December 2004, 13:00 to 15:00.. 2004 Biopolicy Award.. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.. and the.. BioFocus Foundation.. honour the B.. President with their prestigious.. Biopolicy Award.. , in Stockholm on.. October 27, 2004.. The award ceremony was held at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in the presence of eminent scholars and decision-makers of international acclaim.. Professor Carl Goran Heden.. was the Chairman of the Organising Committee for the event.. Bio-Syllabus for European Environmental Education is sent to scholars and leaders worldwide thanks to the support of.. Click for details.. branch launched in Portugal.. 2 October 2004.. Members of the Board: Dr.. Maria Barroso, President; Professor Daniel Serrao, Professor Cristina Nunes, Professor Rui Nunes, Dr.. Jose Belmiro Costa, and Dr.. Sandra Aparicio.. People with a Disability.. in Modern Society.. September 17, 2004.. What's.. NEW.. in Bio-Education.. Bio-Syllabus.. for European Environmental Education.. Click for details and comments.. Olympics and the Environment.. Recognition of B.. 's contribution.. to the greening of the Olympic Games.. International Media Coverage.. EuroHorizon.. click pages.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. Bio-Tourism.. Explore the Bio-Environment.. and Bio-Culture of the beautiful Greek island of Patmos.. View cd-rom on web!.. Bio-education at your fingertips.. 's educational CD-Rom.. Events for Youth.. Bios Olympiads.. Petersburg, Russi.. a..

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  • Title: Progress by year
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  • Title: Progress by country
    Descriptive info: PROGRESS BY COUNTRY.. Somalia.. Anguilla.. Nauru.. Suriname.. Palestine.. Kyrgyzstan.. Trinidad and Tobago.. Holy See.. Vanuatu.. Sierra Leone.. Vietnam.. Iraq..

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  • Title: Bios Prizes
    Descriptive info: A new order of priorities.. to save the gift of bios.. and ensure the harmonious coexistence.. of all forms of life.. Jacques-Yves Cousteau.. , Paris, October 1996.. To actively promote incentives for environmental protection, the Biopolitics International Organisation (B.. ) has launched the.. Bios Prizes (video).. to be awarded to those who have contributed to the re-evaluation of priorities in society and the development of new models and thinking for the future.. The first Bios Prize recipient was Commander Jacques-Yves Cousteau, in recognition of his invaluable contribution to the increased understanding and appreciation of the bio-environment.. Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis awarding the first Bios Prize to Jacques Cousteau.. The world-famous musician and humanitarian Mstislav Rostropovich delivered an opening address at the ceremony.. Click here for more  ...   mountains of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia, for safeguarding Mother Nature by preserving their native culture.. More information.. Ted Turner.. , Atlanta, March 2000.. On March 13, 2000, at the CNN Centre in Atlanta, the Bios Prize for the New Millennium was conferred to.. , in recognition of his contribution to international co-operation, environmental awareness and action.. Ruud Lubbers, Athens, March 2003.. The Bios Prize for environmental stewardship and millennium vision.. Ruud Lubbers.. , an enlightened statesman, has recognised the urgent need to turn despair into hope and to open new pathways for responsible leadership.. His was honoured for his contribution to the environment, viewing it not just as an isolated topic, but as an issue of global concern, vital to the well-being of humanity..

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  • Title: World Referendum
    Descriptive info: World Referendum for Saving Bios - Life - on our Planet.. How do we engage everyone in the race to save the environment?.. World Referendum, first.. launched in 1992.. , urges every citizen.. on the planet to cast a vote in defence of life and the environment.. Express your support now.. World Referendum.. I would like to support  ...   participation.. Media.. Sponsorship.. Other.. Name:.. Surname:.. Title:.. Occupation:.. Organisation.. :.. Address:.. City:.. Postal Code:.. Country:.. Tel.. :.. Fax.. e-mail:.. website:.. Comments for a preliminary draft of the World Referendum Ballot:.. You may also.. visit.. biopolitics.. or contact us at:.. 10 Tim.. Vassou St.. , 115 21 Athens, Greece.. Tel: (+30210) 64 32 419, Fax (+30210) 64 34 093.. bios@otenet..

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  • Title: Environmental Olympics
    Descriptive info: PIONEER DIMENSIONS FOR THE OLYMPIC GAMES.. Click here for video.. International Campaign for Environmental Olympics and Bios Prizes.. To overcome the crisis in values in modern society, a new order of priorities is essential.. Due to serious threats to the environment, the gift of bios,.. life.. , is endangered.. Everyone has to take action if we are to reverse negative trends and ensure the harmonious coexistence of all forms of life.. Humanity is wasting time.. Solving environmental problems requires a dynamic approach, combining past experience and present opportunities to establish new, enriched models for the future.. In 1992, as an effort to raise the necessary awareness of the urgent need for environmental action, the Biopolitics International Organisation (B.. ) proposed the enrichment of the Olympic Games with new biocentric values.. Global cease-fire during the Olympics.. In antiquity, the Olympic Games were.. a period of cease-fire.. The hope is that the bio-environment can act as a unifying force and lead to international co-operation and understanding, so that the Olympic Games can once again promote a spirit of friendship and reconciliation among nations.. proposal for cease-fire during the Olympic Games was adopted as a United Nations Resolution in 1993.. Presently, the Olympic Games, a beacon for world peace  ...   or institutions that have promoted the environment in their activities.. For example, legislators could be awarded for having developed new environmental legislation, architects for having worked in the construction of biopolis models and business executives for having espoused environmentally-compatible economic policy.. Efforts should focus on including as many fields as possible, in order to involve every individual on the planet in the race to save the environment.. Example: Bio-Legislation.. Global legislative community to nominate candidates.. Court justices and law professors to review nominations and propose up to 150 candidates for award.. Elected 30 member International Committee to select 15 nominations.. 3 member International Committee to award 3 Bios Prizes.. International Support for the B.. Environmental Olympics Campaign.. In 1991, B.. launched an international campaign for the enrichment of the Olympic Games with life-supporting values.. As part of this campaign B.. also proposed the revival of the ancient ideal of cease-fire during the Olympics.. In addition to B.. ’s Founding Members, Trustees, Sponsors, International Representatives, Friends and Colleagues in 137 countries, the.. following personalities.. (leading politicians, diplomats, scholars, representatives of UN Associations, UNESCO officials, Olympic Committee associates, and members of the Club of Rome and other prestigious international organisations) have responded with great enthusiasm to the B..

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