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  • Title: Amalia Group of Hotels | A group of 6 superior luxury hotels in Athens, Nafplio, Delphi, Kalambaka, Olympia, Preveza, Greece
    Descriptive info: .. A group of 6 superior luxury hotels in Athens, Naf.. About the group.. The Hotels.. Amalia Hotel Athens.. Amalia Hotel Nafplio.. Amalia Hotel Kalambaka.. Amalia Hotel Delphi.. Amalia Hotel Olympia.. Margarona Royal Hotel.. Seasonal Offers.. Hotels Location.. Destinations.. Athens.. Delphi.. Kalambaka.. Nafplio.. Olympia.. Preveza.. Contact.. ENGLISH.. Please choose a hotel from the list.. Margarona Royal.. ROOMS.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. ADULTS.. Close me.. Amalia Hotels.. is one of the oldest hotel  ...   to offer:.. history.. ,.. culture.. and.. amazing scenery.. along with an exceptional line of services.. Almost half a century since the opening of the first hotel, Amalia Hotels, has enjoyed a continuous growth and has become one of the primary choices of discerned travelers.. 275, Messoghion Ave, Halandri, 15 231, Greece, T: +30 210 6072000, F: +30 210 6072135-136.. Bookmark & share.. | .. Contact information.. RESERVATION E-MAIL.. reservations@amaliahotels.. com.. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED AMALIA HOTELS GROUP 2013.. WEBSITE BY.. X2INTERACTIVE..

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  • Title: Amalia Group of Hotels | A group of 6 superior luxury hotels in Athens, Nafplio, Delphi, Kalambaka, Olympia, Preveza, Greece
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  • Title: Amalia Group of Hotels | About the oldest and best Hotel Chain in Greece.
    Descriptive info: is one of the oldest hotel chains in.. Founded in 1958 the company's goal was to combine the best.. along with an.. exceptional line of services.. Almost half a century since the opening of the first hotel, Amalia Hotels, have enjoyed a continuous growth and have become one of the primary choices of discerned  ...   hotel, Amalia Hotels, are situated in premium locations in.. Nafplion.. Margarona Royal in Preveza.. and offer luxurious premises next to the best historical and cultural locations in Greece.. All that combined with top-of-the-line services that satisfy even the most demanding guest.. Welcome to Amalia Hotels.. Welcome to the place where history meets traditional hospitality..

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  • Title: Amalia Group of Hotels | Seasonal Hotel Offers with Special Deals and Discounts for Weekend Stays at the Athens, Nafplio, Delphi, Kalambaka, Olympia and Preveza hotels.
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  • Title: Amalia Group of Hotels | Map of locations and contact information of the Athens, Nafplio, Delphi, Kalambaka, Olympia and Preveza hotels.
    Descriptive info: Please click on the desired.. hotel icon.. or choose.. from the Amalia hotels list.. to view location and contact info..

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  • Title: Amalia Group of Hotels | Amalia Athens 4 Star Luxury Hotel is located next to Constitution Square, the Metro Station and Athenian historical landmarks.
    Descriptive info: is the perfect beginning for your.. exploration in Athens.. Due to its.. premium location in the historic district of Athens.. , next to Constitution Square (Syntagma), the main metro station and close to all historical sites of the city of Athens, it is a prime.. accommodation.. choice.. The.. National Gardens.. are across Amalia Hotel  ...   Museum, Acropolis and other cultural sites are only a few minutes walk.. Shopping areas like the famous.. Ermou street.. Kolonaki.. area known for high fashion and its famous.. cafés.. night life.. , and the picturesque old town of.. Plaka.. , are also very close within walking distance.. Visit Amalia Athens Hotel:.. www.. amaliahotelathens.. gr..

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  • Title: Amalia Group of Hotels | The Amalia Delphi 4 Star Luxury Hotel is located in Delphi in close proximity to Parnassos, Temple of Apollo, Nafpaktos, Arachova Ski Resorts, and more
    Descriptive info: ancient Greeks.. believed that.. was the centre of the earth.. Something abiding to this day, considering that UNESCO has proclaimed the Sacred Precinct part of the World Cultural Heritage.. The massive.. crags of Faedriádes.. rise above the verdant valley, where the largest olive grove in Greece is to be found.. One would do well to visit the.. Temple of Apollo.. and the surrounding memorials; the Stadium; the Theatre; the.. Marmaria.. ; the.. Castalian Spring.. Old Temple of Athena.. ; and the renovated.. Museum.. For.. ski lovers.. , there are two main skiing areas available on the northwest flank of.. Mount Parnassós.. Others can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while observing the snowy landscape.. Later on you might like to visit.. Aráhova.. , the last town east of.. (just 11km further), situated in.. Parnassós.. country, with its stone houses of vernacular architecture, and enjoy the marvellous view of the valley.. Aráhova is renowned for its  ...   mosaics, frescoes and icons in the country from the eleventh century.. Galaxídhi.. (17km southwest of Itéa) was once one of Greece s major harbours, with a fleet of over four hundred caiques and schooners.. Nineteenth-century shipowners mansions embellish the town.. Uphill from the main harbour is situated the Nautical and Historical Museum.. The eighteenth-century church of Áyios Nikólaos is also worthwhile visiting.. Náfpaktos.. (90km from Delphi) is a lively market town and resort.. Its well-kept Venetian castle towers above a plane-tree-shaded seafront, overlooking the Gulf of Pátra.. You can enjoy a stroll through the oval-shaped old harbour with its fortifications, and climb the ramparts.. Winter in this part of the country is indeed captivating, especially when Mount Parnassós is covered with snow.. Skiers and excursionists from all over Greece flock here.. Spring and summer also afford opportunities to sightseers and explorers, because of the ideal combination of sea and mountains.. Visit Amalia Delphi Hotel:.. amaliahoteldelphi..

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  • Title: Amalia Group of Hotels | The Amalia Kalambaka 4 Star Luxury Hotel is located in Kalambaka in close proximity to Meteora, Pinios River, Koziakes and Aspropotamos villages, Lake Plastira and more.
    Descriptive info: The town of.. Kalambáka.. lies in the shadow of the rocks of the.. Metéora.. , on the left bank of the.. River Piniós.. , 20 kilometres distant from the Thessalian metropolis.. Tríkala.. Built on the ruins of the ancient city of.. Aegínion.. , it is a town with a rich history, dating from Byzantine times.. The spectacular grandeur of this unique cluster of rocks leaves the visitor stunned, while lending an uncanny colour to this sacred spot.. Meteoran monasteries.. , perched on pinnacles of rock, were founded in the twelfth century.. Of the twenty-four monasteries, only six are open to visits, and in these can be found as in all the others rare relics, treasures and miniatures of great historical value.. Of the monasteries, the most significant are.. Megálou Metéorou.. (Grand Metéoron),.. Varlaam.. Ayías Triádhos.. Áyios Stéfanos.. The smallest and oldest monastery is.. Áyios Nikólaos.. Anapavsá.. UNESCO has proclaimed the.. Metéora a Monument of Cultural Heritage.. The cave of.. Theópetra.. (3km), one of the finest in Europe, dates from the.. Stone Age.. The findings outline.. Greek prehistoric times.. Kóziakas villages.. On leaving Tríkala, one may climb up.. Mount Kóziakas.. to  ...   is enriched with forests and widespread meadows, through which flow rivers with banks of luxuriant vegetation.. Worth visiting are the quaint villages of.. Kastaniá.. (40km),.. Dolianá.. (55km) and.. Kraniá.. (60km).. Prominent is the.. Monastery of the Holy Cross in Dolianá.. , built in 1770 but destroyed in 1943, save for the main church, a unique example of Greek monastic architecture.. You may round off your trip at.. Tría Potámia.. for.. trekking.. rafting.. canoeing.. mountain biking.. climbing.. Lake Plastíra.. (55km).. South of Kalambáka, past Tríkala and Kardítsa, is Lake Plastíra and the dam envisaged by the late.. Nikólaos Plastíras.. , general and prime minister.. It involves a magnificent setting, the creation of man and nature, surrounded by monasteries of the post-Byzantine period.. Métsovo.. (80km).. The small alpine town is built on two sides of a ravine of the Píndhos mountains, in the midst of beeches and firs.. It commands a wild scenery and a rich history.. The usual heavy winter is ideal for winter sports, whereas it is renowned for its folk tradition, architecture and cheese-making.. Via Egnatia expressway.. reduces well-nigh to nothing the distance to Métsovo.. Visit Amalia Kalambaka Hotel:.. amaliahotelkalambaka..

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  • Title: Amalia Group of Hotels | The Amalia Nafplio 4 Star Luxury Hotel is located in Nafplio close to Mycenae, Argos and Tiryns. Landmarks are Palamidi, Bourtzi, Ayios Spyridon, Akronafplia and more.
    Descriptive info: The historic, beautifully sited town of.. Náfplio.. takes its name from.. Náfplios.. , son of Poseidon, and was the first capital of.. modern Greece.. A powerful naval state during the.. Mycenaean age.. , it was conquered in turn by.. Byzantines.. Venetians.. Franks.. Turks.. Náfplio expands between the twin fortresses of.. Palamídhi and Akronafplía.. on the headland.. There is ample pleasure in wandering along the cobbled narrow streets lined with Neoclassical buildings.. The Palamídhi.. , Náfplio s principal fort,.. Boúrtzi.. , the third fort occupying the.. Ayíou Theodórou.. islet offshore from the harbour, and the church of.. Áyios Spyrídon.. , where the first prime minister,.. Ioánnis Kapodhístrias.. was assassinated.. , are of special interest.. Platía Syndágmatos.. (Constitution Square), the main square of the old town, is the focus of most interest.. Then there is the.. Archaeological Museum.. that occupies a Venetian mansion.. Tiryns.. (Tírynthos) (80km).. The undeniably impressive fortress is over three thousand years old, and the site itself has  ...   an odeion and Roman baths.. Above the site looms the ancient acropolis, on the conical hill of.. Lárissa.. capped by the Frankish medieval castle.. In nearby.. Kefalári.. is the convent of.. Zoödhóhou Piyís.. hewn from rock.. Mycenae.. (22km).. The region is one of the longest occupied in Greece, with evidence of.. Neolithic settlements from 3000 BC.. But it is during the period from 1550 to 1200 BC that the citadel of Mycenae and its legend belong.. Make sure you visit the famous.. Lion Gate.. , the.. Treasury of Atreus.. or (as officially called).. Tomb of Agamemnon.. , with its startling tholos.. The archaeological remains unearthed by Schliemann were impelled by his belief that there was a factual basis to Homer s epics.. Epidaurus.. (30km).. Visited for its grandiose ancient theatre with a seating capacity of 13,000, built around 330-320 BC.. Its extraordinary acoustics have contributed to holding the annual.. Athens Festival productions.. of Classical drama.. Visit Amalia Nafplio Hotel:.. amaliahotelnafplio..

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  • Title: Amalia Group of Hotels | The Amalia Olympia 4 Star Luxury Hotel is located in Olympia close to Alfios and Kladhios rivers, Lake Kaiafas and Andhritsena. Landmarks are the Temples of Zeus, Hera and Apollo Epikourios and more.
    Descriptive info: Olympia, situated in northwest Pelopponesus.. , is the jewel of a luxuriant valley of wild olive and plane trees, spread beside the rivers of.. Alfiós.. Kládhios.. From its beginnings the site was a sanctuary.. The origins of the.. Olympic games.. are rooted in legends related first to the god.. Pelops.. , then to.. Zeus.. , and later to.. Hercules.. The contests began around the eleventh century BC, and over the next two centuries from a local festival it grew to a quadrennial celebration attended by states from throughout the Greek world.. The main focus of the precinct in provided by the.. Temple of Zeus.. The most complete building on the site is the smaller.. Temple of Hera.. Other places of interest include the.. gymnasium.. and the.. palaestra.. hippodrome.. Bouleuterion.. (Council Chamber), the.. Prytaneion.. , the administrators residence, and the.. Leonídaion.. (hostel).. houses the famous sculpture of Hermes of Praxiteles and that of.. Nike of Paionios.. Also exhibited are statuary and sculpture finds reassembled from the Temple of Zeus, as well as smaller objects as a Persian  ...   With.. Olympia as a base.. , you have a choice to visit the spa of.. Loutrá Kyllínis.. (45km).. It has a long beach which gives way to sand dunes.. Andhrítsena.. (64km) is a traditional mountain town with a rich history from Frankish times to the first century of independent Greece.. Luckily, it remains in its primeval state of condition, with wooden houses, paved streets and central square with.. Traní Vrýssi fountain.. , the oldest in Peloponnesus, built in 1724, and set within a plane tree.. The town s library, founded in 1840, is famous for its collection of rare manuscripts dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, select Greek and foreign language books, documents from the War of Independence of 1821, and rich folk material.. A visit to the.. Temple of Apollo Epikourios at Bassae.. (78km) up in the flanks of.. Mount Lýkeo.. is a must.. After the.. Thiseion.. in Athens it is the best-preserved Classical monument in the country, said to have been designed by.. Iktinos.. , architect of the Parthenon.. Visit Amalia Olympia Hotel:.. amaliahotelolympia..

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  • Title: Amalia Group of Hotels | The Margarona Royal 3 Star Hotel is located in Preveza close to Amvrakikos, Nikopolis, Ancient Kassopi, Zalongo, Parga, Nekromanteion of Ephyra, Aherondas, Glyki, Vonitsa, Arta, Paxos, Antipaxos, Antousa and more.
    Descriptive info: Prefecture of Préveza.. is of remarkable beauty: profuse greenery, sandy beaches, crystal-clear blue seas.. The modern town, at the mouth of the.. Amvrakikós Gulf.. , is a successor to the.. Victory City.. of.. Nikópolis.. In the past it was invaded by the.. Romans.. At the delta formed by the rivers.. Loúros.. Árachthos.. , a flora and fauna was developed, where over two hundred and fifty species of birds find shelter.. This i.. mportant ecological environment.. is a pole of attraction for scientists and naturalists the world over.. (8km) was founded by the Roman emperor Octavian on the site where his army had camped prior to the.. Battle of Actium in 31 BC.. when he defeated the combined fleets of.. Antony.. Cleopatra.. Over an area of 9,000 acres the visitor can see among the ruins, remnants of the baths, sixth-century Byzantine fortified walls, the theatre, the sunken outline of the stadium, and the well-kept Roman odeion, where cultural events take place.. Ancient Kassópi.. (22km) is memorable for its superb location some 600m above sea level with a magnificent view of the Ionian Sea and the Amvrakikós Gulf.. The site s ruins date mainly from the fourth century BC.. Rebuilding took place  ...   the edge of the precipice.. This act is commemorated by a sculpture, the work of the famous sculptor.. Yórgos Zagolópoulos.. Lefkádha.. The island, accessible by ferries and boat trips from the mainland, is famous for its blue-green seas and much-advertised shores.. Not far from.. Nydhrí.. , the island s biggest resort, is.. Aristotle Onassis.. renowned islet of.. Skorpiós.. Nekromanteion of Ephyra - Ahérondas Gorge.. (48km).. Above the village of.. Mesopótamo.. (ancient Ephyra) stands the sanctuary of.. Persephone and Hades.. According to mythology, this was the spot from where Charon rowed departed souls across the lake of.. Acherousia.. to.. the gates of Hades.. Párga.. (65km) is a photogenic seaside town with fine beaches lining several successive bays.. Its arc of tiered houses is set below the Venetian kástro.. The ruined ramparts offer excellent views of the town, its waterfront, and the Ionian islands of.. Páxos.. Antípaxos.. More elaborate, intact and arguably more interesting is the castle above Anthoússa, rebuilt in 1814 by.. Ali Pasha.. The town is ideally situated for excursions to Páxos and Antípaxos, the Nekromanteion of Ephyra, and the Ahérondas gorge at Glykí.. Other convenient choices are the towns of Árta, Vónitsa and Ioánnina.. Visit Margarona Royal Hotel:.. margaronaroyal..

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