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  • Title: 1024.gr | Customized information techonology services
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to Main Content Area.. 1024.. gr.. Customized information techonology services.. Home.. PSD2Drupal Theme.. Mobile Apps.. Crawlers.. Blog.. Contact.. XML Interface API.. Drupal module to publish Commerce products to the skroutz.. gr e-shop service.. Get More Info.. Lesvos.. Dialectal map of the island of Lesbos.. Payment method for Eurobank.. A module that implements  ...   that imports automatically books from bibli onet.. gr, as Drupal products.. 6th International Summer School.. 6th International Summer School on Emerging Technologies in Biomedicine, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Approaches for the Analysis of.. Teratech.. Online e-shop.. Afisorama.. Vkosta.. Small industry.. Ypefthini-dilwsi.. A free service.. Taxstop.. Αccountancy firm.. Questions? Feedback?.. powered by.. Olark live chat software..

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  • Title: Convert your PSD to Drupal Theme | 1024.gr
    Descriptive info: Convert your PSD to Drupal Theme.. Get your design sliced into a.. compliant Drupal theme.. !.. We are.. experienced Drupal development.. professionals.. So as to be good at what we are doing, Drupal is only first and last choice for CMS.. We meet W3C recommendations.. Our primary goal is to create W3C compliant themes.. This means that your theme will be the same in.. all browsers.. , in.. under any circumstances.. We offer a  ...   themes in many different ways.. Subtheme from ZEN, Fusion or standalone? Your desicion.. Smartphone compliant themes.. Theme can be compliant to smartphone devices, small screen size, and low-cost bandwith use.. 1.. You send you project information using the.. submit form.. or.. mail.. 2.. You get the description, time and budget of the development.. 3.. You approve the project and pay for it.. 4.. You get your Drupal theme.. Click NOW, and submit your PSD file..

    Original link path: /psd-to-drupal-theme
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  • Title: Mobile Apps | 1024.gr
    Descriptive info: Your app deserves a global audience.. Distribute apps in more than 120 countries.. Localize apps for more than 40 languages.. Do you already own an iPhone or iPod Touch and are planning on buying an.. iPad.. , too? Then you need to know about the new universal applications now available in the iTunes App Store.. These combo apps for Apple s line of mobile devices are basically buy one, get one free deals except for one small difference - both apps are bundled into one download.. When you run  ...   app on your iPad, you ll see the larger, iPad-only version.. And these won t just be blown up, oversized iPhone apps either - they ll be custom designed apps made specifically for the iPad.. The App Store and Mac App Store are available in over 120 countries, support 40 languages, and have the ability to handle international payment, currency conversion, taxation, and global distribution making it easy for you to expand your business by selling apps to millions of users around the world.. Some of our previous releases:.. Korais..

    Original link path: /mobile-apps
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  • Title: Custom web crawlers | 1024.gr
    Descriptive info: Custom web crawlers.. What s a crawler?.. A Web crawler is a computer program that browses the World Wide Web in a methodical, automated manner or in an orderly fashion.. Other terms for Web crawlers are ants, automatic indexers, bots, Web spiders, Web robots, or especially in the FOAF community Web scutters.. [.. Wiki Reference.. ].. Crawlers range in scale, from small ones that only fetch a couple hundred URLs, to web-scale beasts like the GoogleBot that indexes a sizable portion of the entire Internet.. Our crawler experience.. Building crawlers is our passion and expertise.. We have crawled and extracted data from websites ranging from the mundane to the insanely difficult - even through site with javascript navigation.. Crawler can be python-based and work autonomously or php-based and work by user/manual trigger.. We can also implement drupal-based crawlers that can work as a module that are triggered from cron.. Other programming languages can  ...   outsourced model, we develop and run the crawls, then extract the data and present it to you as a deliverable in a predescussed format.. Pros.. : No infrastructure costs required on your end, and no crawl or programming expertise required.. You need only MS Excel to read csv/tsv files or a MySQL database to read the data - local or remote.. Lower costs as you only for the deliverable.. Cons.. : No access to source-code.. Consulting model.. In the consulting model, we function as a consultant to your company and you own the intellectual property we create in the form of the crawler.. We develop the crawler and install it on your own servers.. : You own the source code and have total control over the crawls.. : More costly.. Some technical and/or programming expertise may be required to run crawls.. Don t hesitate to.. send us a message.. and discuss your needs..

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  • Title: Blogs | 1024.gr
    Descriptive info: Blogs.. Efficient way to waste human resources while shipping.. Submitted by 1024gr on 31 May, 2012 - 13:15.. I bought 12 pairs of small T10 leds, for my car and for friends.. What I should have recieved is in the small bag.. Each pair was inside an envelope.. On the left there are 12 envelopes with 12 plastic thick papers for protection.. Somebody, in each shipping department had to identify 12 small bags and see where they are going.. Is this necessary?.. 1024gr s blog.. Read more.. Normalize audio in movies, using FFmpeg and Sox, in Windows.. Submitted by 1024gr on 22 February, 2012 - 12:38.. Evereybody has once in a while tried to  ...   the idea already posted.. here.. , from me.. Here, I will try to more explainative.. Ubercart catalog:.. Pros: Has very nice browsing features, thumbnail catalog pictures.. Also, it shows in a nice way catalog hierarchy above products.. Cons: The way products are shown, is really difficult to customze.. Views:.. Drupal CMS.. Ubercart 2.. 1 comment.. How to install CKEditor with CKFinder in Drupal, under Wysiwyg module.. Submitted by 1024gr on 10 June, 2011 - 17:02.. After trying many methods to have a stable WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) with a file manager / upload system, I finally made all necessary changes so as to have all the following advantages:.. WYSIWYG..

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  • Title: Contact | 1024.gr
    Descriptive info: You can leave a message using the contact form below.. Your name:.. *.. Your e-mail address:.. Subject:.. Message:..

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  • Title: Contributions | 1024.gr
    Descriptive info: Contributions.. Here are some of our contributions to the Drupal community:.. Eurobank redirect for Ubercart 2.. x, Drupal 6.. x.. More Info.. Greek banks module for Commerce, Drupal 7.. x, with Alphabank, Eurobank and Winbank..

    Original link path: /drupal-contribution-greek-banks-eurobank-alphabank-winbank-module
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  • Title: PSD2Drupal theme | 1024.gr
    Descriptive info: PSD2Drupal theme.. Contact Information.. Name:.. Please write your name.. E-Mail:.. Please write your email.. Theme details.. Subtheming:.. Indepedant theme.. Zen Subtheme.. Fusion Subtheme.. Other (please specify in details text box).. Number of regions:.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. Specify how many regions you want to have.. You will be asked to identify all regions inside  ...   a different URL you would like to have a similar theme.. Also you can specify a free web template, that you would like to convert it to a drupal theme.. PSD File:.. Please upload your psd file, if you have one.. Zip File:.. Please upload your zip file, if you have one.. Details:.. Please write any other details you may want to add..

    Original link path: /psd-to-drupal-theme/submit-form
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  • Title: Korais | 1024.gr
    Descriptive info: Release Date:.. 18 January, 2012.. Link:.. http://itunes.. apple.. com/us/app/korais/id488084633.. Korais, has been constructed from scrach for the.. Wire Communications Laboratory, UoP.. Every aspect of this app targets user usability per Apple Usability Guidelines and quick response for the end-user.. Also, it is universal for both iPod/iPhone and iPad.. Finally, it has internationalised features for both Greek users and non-Greek  ...   iPod and iPad, Korais derives from the printed and electronic format Greek-English dictionary KORAIS, which is available at select book stores throughout Greece.. Korais contains a wealth of language material of both common use and erudite Greek: 81,515 entries with detailed clarification of their meaning, 192,592 translations into English of all meanings, 50,106 usage examples with translation.. iPhone.. iPod..

    Original link path: /mobile-apps/korais/ipad-ipod-iphone
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  • Title: Efficient way to waste human resources while shipping | 1024.gr
    Descriptive info: »..

    Original link path: /blog/efficient-way-waste-human-resources-while-shipping
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  • Title: 1024gr's blog | 1024.gr
    Descriptive info: 1024gr's blog..

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